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Citizen BM8475-00F Review: Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch with Day/Date

Did you know?

Citizen is a popular brand that has over the years made functional and stylish watches.

The BM8475-00F is one of the latest releases from the brand.

The timepiece features an all-black look and is powered by solar technology.

There has been no better time to own this model than now especially since its technology contributes immensely towards conserving the environment.

Some of the must-know facts about this watch will be discussed below.

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Solar Technology Movement

The BM8475-00F model comes with the powerful Japanese Quartz Movement with Eco-Drive technology.

This movement does not use a battery but instead, it is powered by light (both natural and artificial light) through solar charging.

This, in turn, ensures that the timepiece runs efficiently and reliably at all times as there is no likelihood of power drains.

As it is common with other Citizen timepieces, the BM8475-00F model boasts of excellent accuracy and precision in the time it displays.

This is because the movement only has a +/- 15 seconds margin of error in a monthly duration.

Therefore, when using the timepiece, you can be guaranteed that the device will always display real-time.

Solid Stainless Steel Casing

citizen BM8475-00F on wrist

The 42mm diameter casing of the model is strong, solid and made using premium grade stainless steel.

What is important to note about this casing is that it does not in any way corrode or rust even when used in moist and humid conditions.

This goes a long way in ensuring that the watch remains in pristine conditions throughout its life.

The casing is also scratch-resistant and hence you should not worry about scratches on the watch surface like you would for substandard accessories.

Unlike other watches, the casing is not too massive thereby making it comfortable to wear the accessory with official outfits.

Women who prefer having a masculine fashion statement especially with casual wear will most likely find the medium-sized model to be a great accessory.

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Black-on-Black Dial

Despite having an analog display that does not feature fancy modern features, the khaki dial in the BM8475-00F model by Citizen features a simplistic and easily readable design.

The dial of the timepiece has a military stealth design and accomplishes its primary function of displaying the time.

The timepiece has numeric hour markers for both 12 and 24-hour formats and indexed markers for minutes.

The second, minute and hour hands feature a bold black shade and are boarded by light khaki shade boundary.

There is a WR 100 (water resistance) logo above the 6 o’clock position while the iconic Citizen logo is on the 12 o’clock position.

Canvas Straps

citizen BM8475-00F close up

There is no feeling that beats owing a functional watch with stylish canvas straps.

The black straps are comfortable and overly gentle on the wrist.

When you invest in the accessory, you can be assured that sweating on the wrist will never be an issue.

This is because the straps allow air to flow between the wrist and straps thereby bringing about a cooling effect.

The canvas straps come with a buckle for fastening the straps to your desired length.

The most fascinating aspect about the straps is that they make the timepiece to be a functional everyday accessory.

This is a device that you can wear to work, to the gym, to social events and any other place you wish.

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Water Resistance

While the water-resistance properties in this Citizen BM8475-00F timepiece are not as impressive as that in high-end Citizen models, it is equally functional.

The accessory has 330 feet (100 meters) that makes the model functional and reliable for showering and swimming.

The gadget should not be used for scuba diving as it is not designed to withstand the pressure generated while diving.

The mineral crystal window that protects the dial also doubles the water-resistance capabilities of the accessory.

It prevents water from getting into the dial while the back stainless lid prevents water from getting into the ‘engine’ of the watch.

Special Features

The rugged military design of the Citizen BM8475-00F model cannot go unnoticed.

This is because the watch is specially designed to display the accurate time while at the same time retaining its uniqueness and class.

The gadget features a day-date window that is white in color for unhindered visibility in all light conditions including darkness.

The gadget is usually ready to use right from the box as it does not require any complicated setting.

You only need to set it to your current time and expose it to light to recharge.

Generally, the accessory has a solid design that enhances its durability.

This is a watch that will give you the best service that meets your needs throughout its life.

Customer Reviews

Users of this model praise it for being a functional daily watch.

Most people love the fact that the timepiece has a day and date window; a combination that is mostly limited to high-end models only.

The exceptional all-black edition of the model makes the model uniquely stylish and matches perfectly with any outfit.

Other users appreciate the fact that the timepiece is easy to read in darkness due to the luminous hands and dial that glows in the darkness.

What is more, about the gadget is that the comfortable canvas straps are a favorite feature for every user.

Ideally, the Citizen BM8475-00F has all that you can desire to get from a superb quality timepiece.

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If you are looking for an all-occasion timepiece from a reputable brand, the Citizen BM8475-00F model is your best bet.

This superb accessory will provide you with the best value for your money and ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience.

The date and time setting of the model is intuitive and easy.

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