Citizen BM7170-53L Review – Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

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Whenever I browse and look for a new watch, comfort is always on the top of my list of requirements because no matter how beautiful the design may be, if a watch is too heavy or uncomfortable, I’d immediately write it off.

But Citizen has brought us a watch that performs all the basic tasks I need in a watch while feeling incredibly natural and comfortable on the wrist, and we’ll take a close look in this Citizen BM7170-53L review.

Not Your Usual Japanese Quartz

When stripped down to its core, this watch technically uses the ever-accurate Japanese Quartz movement.

While I love the accuracy of the movement as they only lose a couple of seconds every month, my biggest problem with most quartz watches is the need to constantly replace the battery.

But the BM7170-53L completely removes the need for a battery change. The watch uses Citizen’s famous Eco-Drive technology which converts light energy into electrical energy to keep the watch ticking.

The watch uses a solar panel on the dial to absorb light energy (from either the sun or even from artificial light) and converts it to electrical energy that’s stored in tiny rechargeable power cell in the watch.

At a full charge, the power cell would last a couple of months while charging requires a couple of hours in the light. Without going into the very technical details, this basically means you never have to worry about the watch stopping in the middle of the day.

Dial & Crystal

Citizen BM7170-53L close up

To put things simply, this a beautiful watch, and a lot of the credit goes to the elegantly designed dial.

The deep blue of the face is something I just can’t stop staring that, especially with the subtle honeycomb pattern, a classy detail from Citizen. The dial also has white hands and markers, and a small date window at the 3’oclock mark, which makes the watch very easy to read.

However, the dial does appear very dark when there isn’t light, but that isn’t much of a problem because of the very bright full luminosity that the watch has.

Protecting this beautiful dial is an incredibly strong sapphire crystal, scoring a 9/10 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, meaning that only diamond can scratch the surface.

Case & Crown

The case of this watch is 100% titanium, which is harder than steel and half the weight, which is the reason that this watch feels incredibly comfortable on the wrist.

The watch measures 42mm in diameter, which is a standard large men’s watch so it will look natural and not too bulky on an average wrist, and the material is also hypoallergenic, which is a huge plus as it will not have any reaction to the skin.

The crown of the watch is nothing special, but that isn’t a bad thing as setting the time and date is all you would need to do on this watch, and with the Eco-Drive technology, you will only have to do this once.

Strap & Buckle

Citizen BM7170-53L angled

Just like the case, the strap is also made of titanium so it barely adds any weight, and all in all, it makes the watch even more comfortable on the wrist.

The watch has a lug width of 26mm which is to be expected considering the watch’s size and looks incredibly good on the wrist.

The buckle is a standard fold over clasp with safety, assuring that the watch won’t slip off the wrist come undone at any point, adding to this watch’s practicality.

Water Resistance

This watch is not a diving watch, so don’t expect it to perform that well with prolonged exposure to water.

However, this watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, so it can handle regular water sports and maybe a swim every now and then, but it was not designed to withstand high water pressure for long periods of time.

A Simple, Practical Watch

This watch doesn’t have that many complications and features aside from incredibly accurate time and the solar panel.

The only extra features present in this watch are the date window, which is perfectly placed, adding to the balanced design of the dial, and the full luminosity which makes reading the time in the dark as easy if not easier than it is to do in the light.

Citizen kept things simple with this watch, and the result was a classy, elegant watch that does its job and well and blends with a variety of styles.

In Conclusion

The flexible design of the watch allows you to wear to a black-tie event, to lunch with friends, or even for a relaxing day of golf.

This watch is definitely for those in an older demographic, as it lacks the loudness and brightness that the younger people love in the watch. But if you appreciate simple, elegant, and classy watches this work of art by CItizen will no doubt have to be considered!

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