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Citizen BL5470-06A Review: Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch with Perpetual Calendar and Date

There is a fact.

Citizen is widely considered to be a leading brand as far as advanced watch technology is concerned.

If you are searching for a timepiece with extraordinary features and boasts of a sporty look, then the Citizen BL5470-06A is the ideal watch for you.

With a creative design characterized by an excellent color combination, the accessory will ultimately look impressive and appealing to your wrist.

Here are a few basics of the timepiece you should know about.

Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Chronograph Mens Watch, Stainless...
  • Round watch in stainless steel with contrasting chronograph subdials featuring date window at 4 o'clock and semi-covered hour...
  • 44 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display

Citizen Watch Movement

The BL5470-06A Eco-Drive timepiece runs on solar technology, a reliable Japanese Quartz movement.

As far as the eco-drive movement is concerned, it goes without saying that the movement uses solar charging technology to power the movement.

As such, with this model, you do not need a battery.

This saves the expenses you will incur during the ownership of the timepiece.

If you are the kind of men who prefer owning watch models that are reliable and dependable for daily use due to a functional movement, this eco-drive model is your ideal choice.

The accuracy and precision of this model are the best for any watch as it has a monthly error margin of +/- 15 seconds.

Stylishly Designed Casing

The Citizen BL5470-06A model features an extraordinary design for its steel casing that you will definitely love.

The round 44mm stainless steel casing is solidly built for unique hardness and unmatched durability.

The casing is built uniquely in a way that it does not rust/corrode even with continuous exposure to water/moisture.

What is more amazing about this stainless steel case is that it comes with scratch-resistant properties.

As such, the watch will retain its decorative appearance throughout its life.

The case is massive in size thereby making the model have a bold masculine appeal on the wrists of its users.

The bezel and buttons on the casing are made from stainless steel and hence their durability is guaranteed.

Decorative Dial

citizen BL5470-06A dial

The most intriguing aspect about the Citizen BL5470-06A is that despite the gadget not having a modern-like dial, the model has a fancy and neatly organized dial.

The silver-tone dial comes with 3 black sub-dials that enhance the décor of the watch’s face.

The legendary Citizen logo is at the usual place in other Citizen models; below the 12 o’clock position.

There is a white ring that bounders the silver-tone dial.

The second, minute and hour hands feature a white shade that is encompassed in silver boundaries for a more appealing look.

The hour markers on the dial are bold numeric that is easy to read from any angle and in different light conditions.

The minute markers are black numeric and indexed on the casing.

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Comfortable Leather Straps

The Citizen BL5470-06A prides itself in a 22 mm Croco-embossed leather strap that features a brown iconic color.

Leather straps are popular for their comfort, luxury, and durability.

These straps come with the capability of lasting a lifetime when accorded the right care and maintenance.

It is worth noting that the straps require a few days to break-in but they feel gentle on the wrist once they have broken-in.

The brown color of the straps rhymes perfectly with the silver-tone of the steel casing.

The straps are water-resistant and hence are not affected by moisture or humid conditions in any way.

This makes it favorable to wear the model in water like when showering.

Water Resistance

Citizen watches have some of the best water resistance properties in the timepiece industry.

However, the water resistance in the Citizen BL5470-06A is not as high as most people would prefer but it is still ideal.

The 330 feet (100m) resistance in the gadget is favorable for swimming, showering, and light water activities.

It is not recommended to use the model for scuba diving as it is not designed to withstand the pressure generated during diving.

As such, the device will most likely get damaged.

The casing, crowns and back lids are all designed to prevent water and moisture from getting into the timepiece.

Therefore, when wearing the timepiece, you need not concern yourself about walking in water or even snorkeling as the accessory will not get damaged.

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Classic Features

citizen BL5470-06A close up

The Citizen BL5470-06A timepiece has a unique solar charging technology that comes with a permanent (rechargeable) power cell.

The gadget recharges continuously using any light thereby making it possible for the timepiece to run forever without any downtime.

Consequently, the model always displays accurate time even when on the move.

The numeric date window is at the 4 o’clock position and has a white dial for excellent visibility.

The start/stopwatch feature of the model has a great chronograph which measures 1/20th second.

The numeric marks and hands illuminate decoratively in darkness to ensure that you are able to read time in any lighting.

Customer Reviews

Most owners of the watch cite that this model has a solid and heavy construction that is equally beautiful and pleasant.

The perpetual calendar in the gadget is yet another aspect that most people seem to like a lot about the model.

Most reviews suggest that this device is an all-round gadget that can be worn for any event; casual and official events included.

Users of the watch note that it is easy to set up and does not require any specialized skills to operate.

As such, it is a device that anyone can use and get the best service from the accessory.

The watch is loaded with amazing features including an alarm function.

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The amazing style and impeccable technology of the Citizen BL5470-06A are some of the top reasons why you should consider investing in the model.

With this watch, you can be sure to enjoy amazing benefits that include accurate time display, unmatched functionality, and reliable performance.

The watch will ultimately give you real value for your hard-earned cash.

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