Citizen BJ7000-52E Review – Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch

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Watches with an aggressive design have a special charm. The way they grab your attention is just unmatched. However, there are so many instances where a watch was just way too aggressive for me.

But Citizen has given us a great watch that can catch your attention and has subtleties that blow you away. And in this Citizen BJ7000-52E review, we’ll take a look at all the intricacies of this beautiful and complicated watch.

Precise Watch Movement

At this point, Citizen watches and the Eco-Drive movement are inseparable, and that is not a bad thing by any means.

The Eco-Drive movement that is present in this watch has the incredible accuracy that Japanese Quartz movements are famous for while completely letting go of the need to replace the battery, which is probably the biggest let down with Quartz watches.

This can be done by placing a solar panel on the face of the watch to convert light energy (either from the sun or even from a regular desk lamp) into electrical energy and storing it in a tiny rechargeable power cell.

At a full charge, it can keep ticking for up to 180 days, and only needs a couple of hours of sunlight to charge it.

This means that as long as you get a couple of hours of sunlight every couple of months, you will never have to change the battery!

Impressive Dial & Crystal

Citizen BJ7000-52E on wrist

At first glance, the dial of this watch may seem a bit too complicated for some.

But after a bit of getting used to, you’d see that reading the time isn’t that complicated. With all the different indices and markers on the dial, one would assume that the face of the watch would be messy, but Citizen kept everything balanced and cohesive on the dial.

On the dial, you’d see an internal slide rule bezel, a logarithmic scale that corresponds to the slide rule, then you get to the white markers and hands that are all coated with lumination, there is also a date window at the 3’oclock marker.

The way the markers are laid out gives this model a retro, down to earth feel which perfectly balance all the other things on the dial.

At the center of the dial is a very neat feature: a GMT dial. The watch’s crystal is a mineral crystal, so it doesn’t have the same scratch resistance of a sapphire crystal but is less prone to shattering.

Strong Case & Crown

This watch’s case measures around 41mm in diameter, around the standard for a large men’s watch and is made of stainless steel, giving it a very classic shine.

The true beauty of this case comes from the strong shapes and harsh angles, that give this timepiece a very aggressive look, but it isn’t imposing either, which is the type of balance one would expect from Citizen.

This watch has two crowns, one at the 8’oclock and 3’oclock marks to control the internal bezel and the basic timekeeping functions.

The crowns are a bit too large for me, but they aren’t too large that it would stop me from wearing the watch, however, this won’t be my first choice for a watch if I was to go to the gym.

The whole piece is very clearly aviation inspired, and Citizen took the inspiration and made a watch that comes of very strong and very classy at the same time.

Reliable Strap & Buckle

Citizen BJ7000-52E close up

The watch’s strap is made of stainless steel, with the typical 3-link design, but also sports a tear-shaped profile, which allows the watch to reflect light in very distinct ways.

It isn’t too flashy at all but is certainly a very nice detail by Citizen.

On the wrist, it does not feel too heavy, considering it is stainless steel and can be worn throughout the whole day without any complaints, although expect your wrist to feel the large crown from time to time.

The buckle uses the regular fold-over-lock and two button deployment, so this watch will be very secure and won’t fall off at any point throughout the day.

The Watch Bezel

As I mentioned before, the watch has an internal slide rule bezel.

The slide rule has slowly been phased out due to the power of computers nowadays, but it provides a really nice aesthetic and has great uses if you actually know how to use it.

Slide rules are not uncommon on aviation watches such as this one, so there are really no complaints with this bezel, although admittedly it takes some getting used to.

Nice Collection of Complications

This is an aviation-inspired watch, so the complications are very functional.

For starters, the date window is very easy to read, the GMT dial would need some practice to read as Citizen took a pretty unorthodox approach to their GMT dial, but the usefulness of this dial when traveling is undeniable.

Aside from that, this watch is water resistant up to 200m.

But it is not a diving watch, so while it may be able to handle basic water sports and skin diving, it is not designed for prolonged exposure to high water pressures.

In Conclusion

All in all, this wristwatch will take some getting used to, but the most important thing to keep in my mind is to not get intimidated by the watch.

All the features and extra numbers on the dial may take you back at first, but will easily become a very practical, stylish and classic looking watch.

Citizen truly delivered with this one, and if practicality and aggressive designs are what you look for in a watch, the BJ700-52E needs to go to the top of your list.

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