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Citizen AW1150-07E Review: Eco-Drive AR 2.0 Stainless Steel Watch

Did you know?

Citizen Eco-Drive timepieces have become widely popular due to their ability to use ambient light for powering their movements.

The creativity and professionalism that goes into the production of these watches are unmatchable by any other brands.

True to this, the Citizen AW1150-07E is a high-end men’s watch that prides itself on excellent craftsmanship and precise time display.

Some of the aspects to note about this timepiece are included below.

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Japanese Quartz Movement

The Eco-Drive J810 that powers the AW1150-07E watch by Citizen is not only fluid but also powerful.

The movement runs on light energy through solar charging for both natural and artificial light.

This Japanese Movement is future proof and designed for millennials who are keen on using these timepieces for long.

The movement is edgy, accurate, and boasts of high precision for correct time display.

A full charge for the movement requires up to 30 hours of direct light exposure.

When fully charged, the movement has a 240 days power reserve.

This saves you the inconvenience of recharging the movement every now and then.

Sleek Casing

Citizen AW1150-07E on wrist

The 44 mm diameter sleek casing in the AW1150-07E model is made using stainless steel thereby making it resistant to corrosion and rust.

What is more about the casing is that its surface is scratch-resistant and as such, you can wear the watch in any working environment.

The crown is styled uniquely on the case such that it does not protrude extensively on the surface of the case.

The best thing about this 12mm thick case is that it only weighs 12 ounces thereby making it light on the wrist.

It is worth noting that since the case is not too big, it rests perfectly on all wrist sizes thereby making the model a perfect choice for youthful men.

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One thing that stands out in this AW1150-07E is its uniquely styled dial.

The dial features a simplistic but well-articulated design.

The dial is black with the hour markers being bold silver rectangular markers.

Unlike other Citizen watches that feature numeric minute markers, the AW1150-07E only has indexed minute markers but no numeric ones.

The second, minute and hour hands feature a black shade with a silver-tone finish at the tip.

This allows for easy reading, especially when in darkness or in water such as when swimming and showering.

There is a Citizen logo beneath the 12 o’clock position as well as a WR100 logo above the 6 o’clock position.

The dial is enclosed by a hard mineral dial window.

Polyurethane Band

Citizen AW1150-07E angled

The AW1150-07E accessory boasts of a perforated polyurethane band that is popular for its comfort and gentle feel on the skin.

In addition to this, the 23mm band does not cause any allergic reactions on the skin thereby making it a perfect choice for people with skin reactions to stainless steel.

The band has a perfect and secure fit on the hand.

The band has a buckle closure for fastening the band to your desired length depending on your wrist size.

The perforations on the band allow for air flow into the band thereby preventing the likelihood of sweating even when exposed to direct heat.

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Water Resistance

Despite the water-resistance properties of the AW1150-07E timepiece being not as refined as those in other high-end Citizen watches, they are still practical.

With a 100 meters (330ft) water resistance rating, this model is suitable for showering, snorkeling, and swimming.

However, this resistance cannot hold against the pressure impacts of scuba diving.

The crown on the product’s casing provides added protection against water damage when in water.

This is because the crown prevents water from getting into the interior of the watch.

What is more, to note about the water resistance properties of the watch is that the mineral dial window provides added protection from water.

Extra Features

The AW1150-07E is packed with extra features that are designed to enhance the experience of using the timepiece.

For starters, the model comes with a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

The numeric date window has a white display for clear visibility on the black metal dial.

The hands and hour markers are luminous thereby providing a lighted display at night or in dark environments.

Ideally, this product features a functional design that is simple and complemented by the latest technology.

Therefore, with this time accessory, you get an easy-to-use gadget that is accurate and precise in its time display.

Customer Reviews

One of the things that most owners of the watch like about it is that it has a simple display that is not cluttered like in other timepieces.

The face highlights great details with a simple glance thereby making it easy to use the product even when in a busy working environment.

The rubber band resonates well with most users due to its comfort and gentle feel.

The attractiveness of the model is yet another favorite feature for most users.

The simplistic design makes the item ideal for both casual wear and official outfits.

What is more, about the accessory is that it doubles as a sports watch that you can wear to the pitch.

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Whether you are into modern Citizen watch models or millennial-centric timepieces, you will find the Citizen AW1150-07E to be a worthy purchase.

Investing in this product also gives you an opportunity to conserve the environment since it is powered by the sun which is a renewable energy source.

You can wear the accessory to any event; whether business, social or casual even without compromising on your fashion statement.

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