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Citizen AT9010-52E Review: Silvertone and Black World Time A-T Watch

If you’re looking for an everyday watch with a strong design, anti-scratch surface, and exceptional timekeeping abilities, then you may want to consider checking out the Citizen AT9010-52E.

This model is synchronized to the Atomic Clock for unparalleled accuracy while being powered by the solar-powered Eco-Drive movement.

Battery changes and inaccurate time are things you don’t have to worry about with this piece.

On top of all of that is a strong and manly design that would be great for those looking to beef up their style.

There are a lot of cool features in this watch, and I’ll share them with you in this Citizen AT9010-52E review.

Citizen Eco-Drive World Time A-T Mens Watch, Stainless...
  • Stainless steel watch with orange contrasts featuring alternating numeral and baguette-shape markers, date window at 3 o'clock,...
  • 43 mm stainless steel case with antireflective-sapphire dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display. Care: Wipe any dirt or moisture such as perspiration from the case and crystal with...


  • Atomic Timekeeping available in 26 timezones
  • The 43mm dial is very neatly laid out for very easy reading
  • 200m water resistance means it can be worn for marine activities such as skin diving
  • Eco-Drive movement means there’s no need for a battery change
  • Sapphire crystal is very durable and will keep the dial safe


  • Setting up the watch may take some time

Expert Timekeeping

The “AT” in this watch’s name stands for Atomic Timekeeping.

For those who are new to watches, this means that this timepiece is synchronized to the Atomic Clock, the most accurate timer in the world.

It does this by receiving radio signals with accurate time and the watch will automatically adjust.

I really like being on time, and because of this I always need my watch to be accurate.

Citizen AT9010-52E close up

My biggest complaint with a lot of watches is how often you have to adjust the time.

This won’t be a problem with this piece.

To add to that, the watch also has a perpetual calendar that automatically adjusts the date depending on the month and year, including leap years.

A Modern Movement For A Modern Watch

This watch has a lot of functions.

On top of the radio-controlled timekeeping and perpetual calendar, the watch also has a chronograph and luminous hands.

With all of these complications, it’d be easy to think that battery changes would be a bit more frequent with this piece.

That isn’t the case, however, as this watch is powered by light.

A solar panel placed on the dial collects light from the sun and from artificial light and converts it into energy, constantly recharging the battery and powering the watch.

Because of this, as long as the watch gets regular exposure to light, which just means wearing the watch a lot, then it will just keep ticking.

Customer Scores And Reviews

Citizen AT9010-52E on hands

The Amazon review section was filled with positivity.

This is because most of the customers were happy with the watch.

Which is all I needed to finalize my thoughts on the watch.

Those who bought the model loved all the features and also praised the well thought out design.

One reviewer pointed out how the Citizen brand was able to fit all the features on the dial without making it look too cluttered.

However, there was one buyer who didn’t really enjoy setting the watch up.

Saying that it was tedious and complicated.

This is a valid complaint, as all these functions can be confusing sometimes.

But once you get past the set-up, the solar-powered movement and radio-controlled timekeeping will make sure you won’t have to do it again.


I didn’t really that many negatives with this watch.

Aside from the complicated set-up, there really isn’t anything bad to say about it.

It’s a great everyday watch, and it may even work in some formal settings.

So if you’re looking for something with that kind of flexibility and excellent function, I highly recommend that you check this model out.