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Citizen AT8010-58E Review: Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Dress Watch

Over the years, Citizen has put itself in the top spot of leading timepieces across the globe with its professionally-inspired models.

Citizen AT8010-58E is one of the watches that has solidified the brand’s reputation due to its excellent functionality and unrivaled performance.

And in this short review, I will show you why this is a money-worthy investment you should consider.

Citizen Men's AT8010-58E Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Dress...
  • Stainless steel watch with textured scallop design on dial and three-link bracelet
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display
  • Eco-drive is fueled by light so it never needs a battery

Eco-Drive Movement

The developers at Citizen developed a unique technology that harnesses the energy of light to power an eco-drive movement.

This Japanese Quartz movement negates the need for having to use disposable batteries in the AT8010-58E model.

The movement is popular for its fluidity, resilient performance and reliability as the energy harnessed is stored in a permanent power cell.

Watches that run on Japanese Quartz Movement have a common similarity in that the time and date data they display is accurate and precise.

This implies that when using the model, you will always get the correct time in any of the Radio-controlled time-zones that the gadget runs on.

Unique Case Design

The Citizen AT8010-58E model comes with a decorative silver-tone stainless steel casing.

The steel used in the casing gives the watch a nice luster while at the same time offering additional benefits including genuine hardness, resistance to wear and tear, anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant properties.

What is more unique about the casing is that in the event that it gets scratched, the scratches can be buffed out quite easily.

The case comes with a provision for customization as it can be plated according to your desire and preferences.

For instance, you can coat the casing with gold plating to give the watch a more personalized look.

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Eye-Catching Dial

This fine-looking dial in the Citizen AT8010-58E features a patterned black shade that creates an eye-catching illusion.

It goes without saying that the dial is one of the most captivating and attractive aspects of the models since it doubles as its face.

All the details in the dial are neatly arranged and stipulated to allow for easy reading even with a quick glance.

There are three sub-dials that rest on the main black dial.

The sub-dials complement each other and the main dial in appearance thereby making it easy to grasp every detail on the dial.

The hour markers are indexed silver-tone markers that are bold enough to see even at a distance.

The minute and hour hands feature a classy design with a silver-tone finish while the seconds’ hands is a plain stick.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

The bracelet in the Citizen AT8010-58E just like the casing is made from stainless steel.

The material is a top preference for leading watch manufacturers due to its durability, uniqueness, ease of decoration and its neutral appeal.

Additionally, the material is easy to clean and hence wiping off dirt and dust from the bracelet is done with great ease.

The three-link bracelet features a double-push button on the fold-over clasp for fastening and releasing the bracelet.

You can also decorate the bracelet by plating it with gold or any other decorative metal of preference.

What is worth noting about this bracelet it is resistant to corrosion as well as scratches and dents.

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Water Resistance

If you are in constant contact with water and are looking for an exceptional watch that will serve you diligently even in water, the Citizen AT8010-58E is the best bet for you.

This is because, with its 200 meters (20 bar/660 feet) water resistance, the timepiece does not get damaged by water.

This is arguably one of the best water resistance capabilities in the industry presently.

The accessory’s water resistance allows you to wear the watch when undertaking water activities such as water surface sports like rafting, swimming, showering, snorkeling and even washing utensils.

It is not recommendable to use the model when scuba diving.

Extra Features

Like other models in its league, the Citizen AT8010-58E comes with a ton of features that are designed to make the timepiece exciting and user-friendly.

For starters, the model has an atomic time-keeping feature that is radio-controlled in 5 time zones.

This saves you the inconvenience of having to manually reset the timepiece when you move from one time zone to the other.

The model also prides itself on a Perpetual Calendar and a date window positioned at 3 o’clock.

The window is impossible to miss due to its bold white numeric display.

The minute and hour hands are luminous for superb visibility in darkness.

Customer Reviews

It goes without saying that the Citizen AT8010-58E model is a favorite option for most men across the globe.

This is with respect to the detailed and informative reviews that owners have on the watch and its performance.

Most owners highlight that the scalloped designed dial is attractive and has a luxurious appeal.

A section of other owners notes that the bracelets are quite comfortable to wear even in water.

The radio-controlled time feature is yet another notable feature that most owners like based on customer reviews.

This feature combined with the Japanese Quartz Movement notably makes owners rely on the watch due to its accuracy and precision.

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Citizen has cemented its position as the leading timepiece manufacturer in the present times.

This Citizen AT8010-58E is one of the latest developments from the manufacturer.

The gadget is the perfect choice for the modern man who does not wish to spend money on buying replaceable batteries every now and then.

The Eco-Drive technology in the timepiece ensures that maintaining the model will not cost you a penny.

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