Citizen AT4010-50E Review – Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chrono Atomic Watch

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Whenever I’m looking for a new watch, I pay close attention to its overall design, the extra features, and the comfort on my wrist. However, I pay even closer attention to one thing: accuracy. No matter how beautiful the design, an inaccurate watch is a useless one.

But Citizen has blessed us with one of the most accurate watches on the planet, one that has radio controlled atomic timekeeping and we will take a close look at the watch in this Citizen AT4010-50E review.

No More Yearly Battery Changes

Modern watches need modern technology, and that’s exactly what this watch has.

While it is technically a quartz watch, the AT4010-50E uses Citizen’s lauded Eco-Drive movement, which converts light energy into electrical energy to power the watch. The watch contains a solar panel which converts energy which is then stored in a power cell.

The watch takes the incredible accuracy of quartz watches (accurate to a few seconds per month) but uses renewable energy. The power cell of the watch can store enough energy to keep the watch going 9 months and would require around 35 hours of sunlight to give it a full charge.

But you can also use artificial light and put it under a table lamp.

Luckily, there is an indicator for the power reserve on the top right subdial, and if you see it go below 50% putting the watch under a table lamp or going out in the sun for a couple of hours should do the trick.

Impressive Dial & Crystal

Citizen AT4010-50E dial

Citizen did something truly amazing with the dial on this watch because despite how many subdials are on it, the dial itself doesn’t look cluttered and retains an incredible balance.

There are three subdials on the face of the watch, and they all serve different functions (but we’ll get to these functions later).

Pair the intelligently designed dial with a Sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, and reading the time and date is a breeze.

Bulky Case & Crown

There’s a lot going in this 42mm in diameter watch, but the titanium case allows it to be very light on the wrist, and actually very comfortable.

The watch is also 13mm thick, which is on the thicker side but again, the material allows for it not to feel that way.

Titanium is famous for having the same strength as steel while being half the weight, which is why it’s used to construct aerospace materials. Another plus with titanium is that it is resistant to corrosion from liquids like sea water and regular body sweat.

Since the watch has so many features, the crown is large enough to easily pull out to tinker with the watch’s features, but it doesn’t look feel unnecessarily large.

Bracelet Band Size & Buckle

Citizen AT4010-50E close up

Like the case of the watch, the strap and buckle are made of titanium, giving it a beautiful matte finish which is not present in stainless steel watches.

While the lug width is a bit on the wider side at 24mm, the watch still looks very natural on a man’s wrist, while the push button fold over clasp makes it very easy to put on and take off.

A Bunch Of Different Functions and Complications

This watch brings a lot to the table. For starters, there’s a beautiful tachymeter on the watch’s black bezel.

However, using this function is not as easy as with other watches as it requires using the crown to change the mode of the watch and then using the two buttons at the 2’oclock and 3’oclock positions.

The watch is also equipped with a perpetual calendar, a day and date display, an alarm, and 12 and 24-hour displays. All that, plus water resistance up to 200m really make this watch a powerhouse.

Atomic Timekeeping On Your Wrist

Probably the biggest selling point of this watch is that it has radio controlled atomic timekeeping.

There is a radio tower in Denver, Colorado that sends out radio signals with the atomic time and this watch receives that signal and automatically adjusts the time, giving you the most accurate time on earth.

However, atomic timekeeping only works in 5 time zones. Which basically means if you don’t live in the Continental US or in London, this feature won’t work and you have to set the time manually.

In Conclusion

This watch is packed with features and presents all those features in a beautifully balanced and down to earth design.

The matte titanium case, paired with the perfectly balanced dial design make this watch a perfect compliment to a three-piece suit, and if you live in the Continental US and London, then you have the most accurate time in the world.

I don’t see any reason not to consider getting this watch!

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