Citizen AT4010-50E Review – Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chrono Atomic Watch

I wasn’t an instant fan of watches with a bunch of sub-dials.

The face on these watches always seemed cluttered and complicated to read.

That all changed though the first time I saw the Citizen AT4010-50E.

This is a watch with a plethora of different functions and modes that for some reason, are simple and easy to read and manipulate.

This was the reason I decided to dive deep into its specifications and features, which only made me fall in love with the watch more!

And in this short Citizen AT4010-50E review, I’ll share with you some of its greatest features.

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Timekeeping At Its Finest

Citizen AT4010-50E dial

The “AT” in this model’s name stands for atomic timekeeping.

This is as accurate as it gets when it comes to timekeeping.

The watch stays in sync with NASA’s atomic clock via radio signals, making sure the time on your watch is accurate down to the second.

The watch also receives signals for different timezones, meaning that at the press of a button, you can change your watch’s time with unrivaled accuracy.

While all those features are enough to make any enthusiast drool, Citizen made sure to add a couple more neat timekeeping features.

These include a chronograph that measures up to an hour, a 24-hour time display, a power reserve display, including a date and day window.

That means that all you can ever ask for when it comes to timekeeping are all available on your wrist.

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A Complex, Yet Organized Design

You’d think that with all those features, the face of this timepiece would be a hassle to read.

That’s far from the case, though.

At first glance, I was slightly intimidated by all the sub-dials.

But after learning what each of the dials means, learning to read the face was a breeze.

The chronograph sub-dials are perfectly placed to allow easy reading while not distracting from the main dial.

The same goes for all the other sub-dials.

The dial with multiple timezones placed above the 6 o’clock doesn’t impose or take too much of your attention.

While the date and day window are placed close enough together that reading it doesn’t take too much effort.

But Citizen made sure to leave enough space so that the dial doesn’t feel too cluttered.

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Features and Specifications

  • Case and bracelet are made of durable and light titanium
  • Water-resistant up to 600 feet (200 m)
  • 42mm in case diameter and 13mm in width
  • Strong anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Run by a solar-powered Japanese Quartz movement

Customer Scores And Reviews

After diving into the Amazon reviews, I learned that there isn’t that much to complain about with this watch.

The review section was full of praises of the watch.

Some customers even going as far as saying there isn’t another timepiece that comes close in this price range.

Another satisfied buyer claimed that the watch had enough “pizzaz” to catch attention, but not too much that it seems superfluous.

While most of the reviews were positive, there was one customer who complained about the clasp coming off every now and then.

Even if that problem comes up, fixing it isn’t that expensive, and if you’re experienced enough you can even do it yourself.

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This piece is without a doubt a premium item.

From the materials used, all the way to the technology involved in the timekeeping process.

Without a doubt, without seeing this model, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with complex watches such as this.

Citizen did a great job of producing a stylish and classy piece with exquisite timekeeping capabilities.

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