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Citizen AT4008-51E Review: Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch

Did you know?

Established back in 1918, Citizen has over the years revolutionized itself by ensuring that it produces superior quality watches.

The AT4008-51E is one of the most sought after models from the company.

The item has won the heart of millions of people across the globe due to its outstanding design, refined quality, incredible strength, and reliability.

The Eco-drive timepiece also contributes greatly towards conserving the environment.

Overall, the accessory features a classic look with a unique finish.

Here’s what you need to know about the item.

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono Atomic Timekeeping...
  • Light-powered Eco-Drive watch featuring three subdials, four o'clock date window, and power reserve indicator
  • 42 mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective sapphire dial window ; E650, Synchronized to Atomic Time Clock for Superior...
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display. Case Material:Silver-Tone Stainless Steel. Chronograph function that can measure...

Japanese Quartz Movement

Ever imagined how convenient it would be if you never have to worry about when to wind the watch or even checking if the battery is still functional?

This is the luxury and convenience you enjoy when you invest in the Citizen AT4008-51E.

The model comes with an accurate Japanese quartz movement.

This eco-drive movement is popular for its reliability, fluidity, and unmatched accuracy.

The eco-drive movement in this premium quality model is powered by light since the timepiece does not feature a battery.

Just like the movement in other Citizen Eco-Drive watches, the AT4008-51E has a monthly error margin of +/- 15 seconds monthly.

42mm Stainless Steel Casing

Citizen AT4008-51E unboxed

The AT4008-51E truly comes from a superb collection of timepieces.

In line with this, the accessory boasts of a superiorly designed stainless steel casing.

The craftsmanship employed in making the 42mm thick casing is on a whole new level.

The casing is scratch-resistant and hence you need not worry about the accessory getting damaged when going about your business.

Since the casing is not too massive or extremely bold, the watch can also be worn by women looking to complement their outfits with a classic addition.

The silver-tone casing shines bright even in darkness and hence the model does not go unnoticed.

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Great Dial

This Citizen men’s model has a magnified dial.

There are three different chronographs that resemble the speed dials in sports cars.

What is more, about the item is that there is a perpetual calendar chronograph that is radio controlled for up to 5 time zones.

There is a second chronograph with a measuring capability of 60 minutes.

The second, minute and hour hands are white in color and bordered by a silver line boundary for enhancing their visibility.

The dial window is made using an anti-reflective sapphire crystal window.

The dial window is not only hard and durable but also provides excellent clarity from any angle.

The Citizen logo is below the 12 o’clock position with the hour markers being bold white rectangular shaped with silver outlines.

Strong Steel Bracelet

The stainless steel bracelet in the AT4008-51E timepiece is strong and highly durable.

As such, with this bracelet, you get the best service while at the same time ensuring that the bracelet is comfortable and gentle on the wrists.

Additionally, the bracelet is ideal for use in all weathers including wet and moist weather.

This is because it is corrosion resistant and hence not affected by moisture in any way.

The subtle chain pattern in the bracelet creates a classic look while the silver color complements the crowns and casing.

This goes a long way in enhancing the overall beautiful and decorative appearance of the model.

The bracelet has a fold-over clasp with a concealed double-push button closure.

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Water Resistance

Citizen AT4008-51E close up

Featuring 200 meters (660ft) water resistance, the AT4008-51E watch by Citizen is definitely one of the watches with an impressive water resistance currently in the market.

This water resistance qualities make the model ideal for professional marine activities with the exclusion of scuba diving.

Therefore, you can use the timepiece for showering, snorkeling, and surface water sports.

When swimming or diving with the watch, you should lock the crown and button.

This prevents the accidental-operation of the watch when in the water.

The accessory is water-tight and hence there is no water that can enter the interiors of the timepiece thereby causing any damage whatsoever.

Unique Features

The date column in the AT4008-51E is at the 4 o’clock position and is bordered by a silver line for purposes of enhancing its visibility.

The numeric date display is easy to read even in rooms that are not sufficiently lit.

The timepiece uses a solar charging technology that charges using both natural and artificial lights.

The design of the watch looks great and smart with the silver and black (for the dial) color combination producing a contemporary and expensive look.

The red details on the dial give the accessory a sports appeal and feel.

Therefore, you can wear the accessory with any outfit including casual wear.

Customer Reviews

Based on the reviews that have been left on the Citizen AT4008-51E timepiece by its users, the model is a worthy purchase.

The atomic sync function is one of the aspects that users like most about the model.

Additionally, the timepiece’s accuracy is yet another strong point that makes most users of the item love it unconditionally.

Since the watch is designed and specially made for outgoing users, the spot on technology in the device allows you to monitor the power reserve.

Users of the watch note that it is quite easy to set up and operate.

What is more, is that the lightweight of the gadget makes it comfortable and easy to wear even for long durations.

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Ideally, the Citizen AT4008-51E timepiece offers unmatched style, accuracy, and strength to its users.

This is arguably a watch you can wear to make a fashion statement, especially with its bossy and sporty dial.

The atomic timekeeping, solar charging, perpetual calendar, quartz movement, and different chronographs are some of the benefits you enjoy from the model.

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