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Citizen AT4007-54E Review: Perpetual Chrono A-T Black Ion Plated Stainless Steel Watch

Did you know?

The Citizen AT4007-54E is one of the watches from the A-T collection by Citizen.

And it has great looks and comes with a sapphire crystal glass which never scratches.

The model has a simple but revolutionary concept of solar technology that powers its eco-drive movement.

The timepiece in its unmatchable performance has reaffirmed itself as a leading model across the globe.

And you can check out some of the most notable things about this timepiece below.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's AT4007-54E Perpetual Chrono A-T...
  • Eco-Drive timepiece featuring Atomic Clock synchronization, one-second chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes, perpetual calendar,...
  • 42 mm stainless steel case with antireflective sapphire dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display. Band- Black Stainless Steel Bracelet, fold-over clasp with double push-button

Excellent Eco-Drive Movement

The Citizen AT4007-54E timepiece runs on a self-winding eco-drive movement that relies on quartz crystals for keeping time.

This Japanese Quartz movement does not have any negative impact on the environment as it is not battery operated.

Instead, it relies on solar technology to convert any light (natural and artificial lights) to the energy that in turn powers the movement.

The permanent power cell in this model has a power reserve capability of up to six months once fully charged.

As such, this saves you the inconvenience and trouble of having to charge the gadget frequently.

There is also a power reserve indicator that lets you know how much power is remaining in the power cell.

Solid and Durable Black-ion Plated Casing

Measuring 42mm in diameter and 14mm thickness, the stainless steel casing of the Citizen AT4007-54E is solidly constructed.

The casing is creatively designed using professional craftsmanship thereby making its black-shaded casing exceptionally durable.

The crowns, bezel, and buttons on the casing are also made from stainless steel thereby enhancing the décor of the case.

The best thing about the size of this casing is that it is not too massive like in other watches in its class.

This makes it possible for different groups of people including the youth and women who wish to complement their dress-codes with a masculine touch.

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Black-tone Dial

citizen AT4007-54E on wrist

The analog display dial of the Citizen AT4007-54E resembles the speedometer of a fancy car.

What is more amazing about this dial is that it does not have an entirely complex sports appeal and feel.

Therefore, it is possible to wear the model with formal and official suits.

There are three sub-dials in this model that are neatly arranged on the main dial on a complementary arrangement.

The hour markers are bold indexed silver markers while the minute markers are smaller silver indexes that are impossible to miss.

There is a numeric tachymeter scale on the top surface of the casing.

The second, minute and hour hands have a white shade that is bordered by silver boundaries to enhance the décor of the dial.

Black-tone Stainless Steel Bracelet

The all-black tone décor of the Citizen AT4007-54E covers even the stainless steel bracelet.

This uniformity brings about a luxurious and expensive feel.

The bracelet is not only solid but also has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-scratch properties.

Therefore, it retains its uniqueness throughout the life of the watch.

Additionally, you need not worry about the bracelet rusting or even scratching since it is factory pre-conditioned against these effects.

The bracelet has a classy look with its chain-link pattern and matte black decoration.

There is a fold-over clasp button in the bracelet.

The clasp has a double-push button for releasing the clasp.

You can adjust the bracelet to the desired length that will fit your wrist.

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Water Resistance

citizen AT4007-54E angled

With a 200 meters (660ft) water resistance, the model is a perfect choice for professional marine activity especially among divers and other marine professionals.

You can also use the timepiece when engaging in surface water sports like rafting and snorkeling.

It goes without saying that with the model’s impressive water resistance, you can comfortably shower and swim with it.

When in water, the crowns, sapphire dial window, and the tight back lid guarantee that there is no water that can get into the watch.

What is more amazing about the AT4007-54E model is that its unique design ensures that there is no likelihood of accidentally operating the watch underwater.

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Classic Features

The date window in the Citizen AT4007-54E is strategically positioned on the 4 o’clock position.

For purposes of making it readily visible, the window has a white shade and black numeric.

In addition to this, the timepiece also features a perpetual calendar that is radio-controlled for up to 5 time zones.

There is also a day functionality that sets the watch apart from other models.

The model comes with two-time formats; 12 and 24-hour formats.

There is also a power-reserve indicator, alarm feature and luminosity; all designed to make it fun and exciting to use the watch.

The 1-second Chrono feature in the model has a measuring capability of 60 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Owners who have had the Citizen AT4007-54E for a long time have it that the model is a reliable timepiece that always displays the correct time.

The owners note that the gadget is quite affordable to maintain since it does not require any battery to run.

Additionally, the casing and bracelet are durable and do not scratch even when used in harsh environments and working conditions.

Most users of the timepiece highlight its atomic timekeeping feature as a key highlight of the accessory.

What is more about the device is that its all-black shade color coordination makes the model look classy and sporty.

With this model, you will definitely enjoy using the watch as your daily use timekeeping gadget.

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While there are many watch brands to buy in the market, there is none that comes close to Citizen watches especially the AT4007-54E timepiece.

The model is loaded with lots of features that guarantee that you get the best value for your hard-earned cash.

Ideally, with this time accessory, you will never have to second-guess the time.

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