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Citizen AT4004-52E Review: Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono A-T Men’s Watch

You know what?

If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful radio controlled watch, then you should look no further than at the Citizen AT4004-52E timepiece.

This wristwatch comes loaded with tons of features that are common in high-end models.

The product’s atomic timekeeping guarantees the accuracy and precision of the time displayed by the model.

Some of the things you need to know about this classic time accessory are included below.

Citizen Men's AT4004-52E Perpetual Chrono A-T Two-Tone Eco...
  • Imported, Color: Silver, Dial Color: Black
  • Citizen introduces its latest Eco-Drive timepiece, the Perpetual Chrono A-T, which is synchronized to the Atomic Clock and boasts...
  • Japanese Quartz movement with Eco-Drive, which charges in natural or indoor light

Fluid Movement

Since the AT4004-52E model comes from the Eco-drive series by Citizen, the model runs on the legendary Japanese Quartz movement with Eco-Drive technology.

This technology makes it possible for the device to run without a battery by charging through indoor and natural light.

This movement is popularly known for its reliability and efficiency that provide for the watch’s precision and accuracy.

The electronic movement in the timepiece is developed in Japan and utilizes vibrations of quartz crystals for purposes of regulating the model’s operation.

The product prides itself on having the most precise time-telling technology in modern times.

It is worth noting that the timepiece charges continuously in any light to provide consistent power.

Masculine Casing

citizen AT4004-52E close up

For people looking for a watch with a masculine designed casing, the AT4004-52E by Citizen is the ideal model to invest in.

The 42mm diameter casing with a 13mm thickness stainless steel casing highlights a bold masculine appeal.

This makes the accessory a perfect choice for men especially for those keen on refining their appearance and style.

This lightweight casing is also corrosion-resistant; an attribute that makes it possible to use the device in different environments including moist and humid conditions.

There are a gold-tone bezel and two buttons on the casing as well as professionally designed crowns.

All these additions have a positive impact on the overall outlook of the timepiece.

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Dual Tone Dial

The dual-tone dial of this model looks exceedingly beautiful and ultra-decorative.

The Gold-silver color combination rhymes perfectly with each other.

The black-colored dial features a beautiful golden detailing done on the hands and subdials.

The large analog display features bold gold indexed hour markers numeric tachymeter markers on the entire top surface of the casing.

There is a day bar on the top right corner that runs from Sunday all through to Saturday.

The Citizen logo is positioned beneath the 12 o’clock mark with other word markers on the dial being the Perpetual Calendar and Radio Controlled markers.

The dial is protected by a (non-reflective) sapphire crystal window.

Stainless Steel Bracelet

The two-tone stainless steel bracelet in this Citizen AT4004-52E model is not only scratch-resistant but also corrosion-free.

With a 20 mm width, the bracelet comes with a fold-over clasp that has push-button deployment.

It is worth noting that the bracelet is adjustable so as to provide the best and most comfortable fit on the wrist.

The gold-silver tone combination on the bracelet adds to the decorativeness of the watch.

The bracelet is comfortable and does not have any reactions to the skin.

Therefore, you can wear the watch for long durations without any discomfort in your hands.

The five chain pattern in the bracelet enhances its design.

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Water Resistance

A watch’s reliability and efficiency are determined by the limitations that the device has.

In line with this, the Citizen AT4004-52E timepiece comes with no limitations whatsoever with respect to its water-resistance properties.

The model comes with a 20 bar/ 200 meters (660 feet) water resistance.

This resistance makes it practical to wear the accessory when swimming, snorkeling, showering, and recreational scuba diving.

The design of the timepiece is solid thereby guaranteeing that there is no water or moisture that can get into the device’s interior.

If you are into water activities such as water sports, then this is the ideal time accessory to purchase.

Additional Features

citizen AT4004-52E on wrist

The watch has a date window at the 4 o’clock position.

The white numeric date display is bordered by a gold-tone boundary for clear visibility in all light conditions.

The device also has a perpetual calendar, a power reserve indicator, 12 & 24 hour formats, and synchronized time in 5 time zones.

As such, when using the accessory, you need not worry about manually setting the gadget to your desired time zone.

The luminous hands in the timepiece illuminate a blue light in darkness hence making it possible to read time displayed in poorly lit conditions.

The watch has a one-second chronograph that has a measuring capability of 60 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Owners of this high-end model cite its stunning looks and appearance as the factor that drew them to buying the timepiece.

The dark dial with contrasting gold-tone pointers and a dual-tone bracelet make the accessory stand out from the crowd.

Other users highlight that the gadget is easy to use as it does not require any complex setting and adjustments when new.

Ideally, the reviews of this first-class accessory show that the model has all the features that any modern man would wish to have in a watch.

What is more, about the watch is that the extra features it comes with are enjoyable and make the watch fun to use at all times.

Other users laud the device’s impressive water resistance properties as a key marketing factor.

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Citizen brand is popular for making high-end watches that are reliable and functional by all standards.

True to this, Citizen AT4004-52E is a model that promises to give you reliable performance throughout its life.

The gadget feels solid and is definitely an all-round accessory that you can wear to any occasion or event.

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