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Citizen AR3015-53E Review: Eco-Drive Stiletto Black Dress Watch

If you are looking for a timeless watch model that has features from the future, the Citizen AR3015-53E is the definite choice for you.

Featuring the official Citizen guarantee, this is a timepiece that is bound to give you the best service for as long as you wish.

Its solid construction ensures that the model is able to withstand daily wear and tear.

Here is what you need to learn about this model.

Citizen Men's AR3015-53E Eco-Drive Stiletto Black Dress...
  • Round watch with Eco-Drive light-powered design featuring undecorated black dial with subtle raised markers
  • 36 mm stainless steel case with scratch-resistant sapphire dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display. G870, 2 Hand functions

Eco-Drive Movement

With the recent climate changes, conserving and protecting the environment is one of the best ways of promoting your quality of life.

The Citizen AR3015-53E model helps you conserve the environment since on an Eco-Drive movement.

This Japanese Quartz technology provides for the accessory to charge in any light, thereby removing the requirement of a battery.

The solar charging movement in this model is a top preference for watch enthusiasts since it is usually reliable hence displaying an accurate and precise time.

The margin of error in the timepiece has a range of +/- 15 seconds on a 1-month cycle.

Black Decorated Round Casing

If you are not into watches with massive cases, the Citizen AR3015-53E is the best choice for you.

This is because the timepiece has a 36mm casing made from stainless steel.

While other watches in the AR3015-53E class come with bold masculine casings, this model has a more neutral appeal in its black-tone case.

As such, the watch can be worn by different classes of people including teenagers.

The 5mm thick black ion plated casing weighs an impressive 91 grams.

As such, the watch feels light for anyone and hence you can wear it all day long.

Like other Citizen models, the casing is cushioned against scratches and rust.

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Black-Tone Dial

Citizen AR3015-53E close up

There is a lot of simplicity employed in the design and consequent development of the dial in the Citizen AR3015-53E model.

There are no fancy features or additions on the dial as it an undecorated black dial with three different shades of black.

The dial has subtle raised hour markers that have a lighter black shade than the dial.

The watch has two hands; the hour and minute hands, both of which have a black shade.

There are no special decors on the hands like in most other Citizen models that come with bordered hands.

There is a Citizen logo inscribed below the 12 o’clock dial on the inner dial.

Brushed Black-Tone Bracelet

Despite featuring a black- tone just like the casing, the stainless steel bracelet boasts of a beautiful and exceptional appeal like the rest of the accessory.

The bracelet has a unique and classy design that enhances its solidness thereby making it durable.

The design of the crowns on which the bracelet is attached has a positive impact on the overall appearance of the model.

The bracelet has a unique deployment clasp that features a double push-button for closure.

It is worth noting that the bracelet can be adjusted depending on the wrist size of the user.

This provides for a secure and comfortable fit.

Water Resistance

The water resistance in the Citizen AR3015-53E is not as functional and reliable as the rest of the features in the gadget.

The 99 feet (30 meters) water resistance limits the use of the model in water.

As such, the accessory can only withstand brief immersion or splashes of water such as when showering or walking in rain.

You should not wear this timepiece when engaging in water sports like snorkeling or scuba diving.

Similarly, the manufacturer cautions users against swimming with the watch strapped onto the wrist.

For purposes of excellent reliability and maximum performance throughout its life, the use of the model in water should only be done within the manufacturer’s guidelines and provisions.

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Extra Features

Citizen AR3015-53E on wrist

The Citizen AR3015-53E has an overcharging prevention function that prevents the permanent power cell in the accessory from damage due to overcharging.

Additionally, the product also has an insufficient charge warning that alerts the user when the power reserve is low.

When fully charged, the watch has a 6-month power reserve and thus it can run consistently for this period without requiring a recharge.

The hands and dial of the model are luminous and hence easy to read in darkness.

Unlike other timepieces in its league, the AR3015-53E lacks a date window.

The black-ion plating on the model is permanent and does not peel off even when scratched.

Customer Reviews

Owners of this watch seem to adore it based on the reviews they have left for the model.

For starters, most people love the timepiece for its all-black look with matte blackface.

According to them, this appearance enables the accessory to stand out from other brands and Citizen models.

Additionally, the sturdy lightweight and thin design seem to be a favorite combination for most people.

The smoothness of the band coupled with the neutral look and appeal seem to be yet other strong points of the model.

The nice little touch jeweling on the casing and strap allows the watch to have a flawless appeal as evident in customer reviews.

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For watch lovers who are into high-end watches with amazing features and simplistic design, the Citizen AR3015-53E is the best bet.

This is an accessory that matches anyone’s style and tastes while ensuring that it is easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

The accuracy and unlimited functionalities of the model are unmatchable by any standards.

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