17 Jewels Watch

17 Jewels Watch

While there are different things used as bearings in a watch, some of the higher end products make use of gems and jewels.

Watch Indices Explained

Watch Indices Explained

There is a huge array of watch indices but probably the most common type is the Arabic numeral.

Do Rolex Watches Tick?

Rolex Logo

Traditional, loud, noticeable ticking as the second hand moves is a feature of quartz watches. All current Rolex watches are mechanical watches, not quartz, so the loud tick is not present.

How To Pick Out A Watch

how to pick out a watch

Choosing a watch seems like a simple task.  Once you start shopping for a watch, however, you quickly realize that there are some big differences between watches.  Also, the industry has a unique vocabulary which can be quite confusing.

How Tight Should A Watch Be?

Tightening brown leather watchband. How Tight Should A Watch Be? How Loose Should a Watch Be?

If you have been wondering how loose should a watch be or asking yourself how should a watch fit? Then you’re in the right place.