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Casio MQ24-1E Review – Black Resin Analog Watch

There is a fact.

It’s that this MQ24-1E watch targets people looking for simplicity, reliability, and efficiency.

It’s been around for some time and is considered as among the best from Casio.

But is it as good as many people claim?

In the Casio MQ24-1E review, we will look at the features that stand out most and then give our honest opinion.

Let’s get started.

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Casio Men's MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch
  • Water resistant
  • 3-Hand analog
  • Battery SR621SW

Simple Beautiful Resin Case

The case is made of resin, which is common in many Casio watches. It may be lighter than steel but does seem to have the strength. It doesn’t break, warp, crack, chip, or fade easily.

The case measures 37.5 x 35.0 x 7.5mm and is among the slimmest in its class. And together with an overall weight of 19 grams, wearing it should not be a challenge.

The case comes in matte black to match the dial as well as the strap. It’s also smooth but still maintains a nice hold on the hand.

Resin, as a material, is more pliable than leather and is less affected by odor or tackiness.

Plain Black Dial

Casio MQ24-1E close up

The watch does look very simple. In fact, some users say it’s a little plain. You get a matte black dial with gold-tone hour hands and markers.

The other things are the brand name (Casio) and Quartz, just below the 12-hour marker and “Water Resistant” above the 6 O’clock.

The timepiece doesn’t have a calendar/ date window or Cyclops or any other inscriptions/ texts.

Reading time appears relatively easy due to the less cluttered face. However, since the numbers are in stick form, it may be a bit harder in comparison to watches with Arabic numerals.

Reliable Quartz Movement

The watch runs via the renowned Japanese Quartz movement. It’s loved for being very simple and also has fewer moving parts.

This reduces the possibility of a breakdown and also reduces the watches overall weight. According to the manufacturer, the watch will have an accuracy of +/-20 seconds.

This is no doubt decent. It runs effortlessly and doesn’t emit any audible ticking sound.

It doesn’t require regular maintenance, winding, or shaking. And if handled as recommended, the built-in SR621SW battery should last for as long as 2 years.

Flexible and Smooth Resin Band

Casio MQ24-1E on wrist

A good number of consumes praise the resin band for its flexibility. This makes wearing and removing the watch easy. It also feels lighter In comparison to its alternatives.

Moreover, the unit has a smooth finish and edges which dint scratch, dig into the skin, or leave marks.

It also seems less affected by factory or chemical smells and doesn’t have the sticky feel especially after wearing for a long time or when it’s hot out there.

It, however, isn’t a strong as steel and may get scratched or cut by sharp objects, or ragged edges. It nevertheless, is much easier to clean and take care of.

Our Verdict

We like MQ24-1E for a number of reasons. One, it’s very lightweight and easy to put on/remove. Two, it’s very simple and has a clean dial.

This makes reading time easy. Three, the quartz movement is smooth and accurate. Four, it’s easy it clean and requires minimal maintenance. The only downside is that it’s a little plain and not as tough as steel.

Would I buy this watch? Yes, I would.