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Casio GA100-1A1 Review – Black G-Shock Military Watch

Many people turn to this Casio GA100-1A1 when looking for a rugged, tough, and durable timepiece.

It comes in a military-style and aims at putting up with the rough terrains.

To take the experience and notch higher, it features both analog & digital displays.

And it looks like you’re thinking about getting this one for yourself?

Then in this Casio GA100-1A1 review, we’ll seek to shed more light on the timepiece for you.

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Casio Mens G-Shock Ana-Digi GA100-1A1 3-Eye Wristwatch
  • Water Resistance Depth: 200.00
  • Case Diameter: 51 Millimeters
  • Band Size: Mens-Standard

Oversized but Still Lightweight

The first impression you get when looking at the timepiece is that it’s heavy. Well, with a diameter of 51mm, what do you expect?

However, it’s not as heavy as it looks. In fact, it’s among the lightest in its range, weighing just 70 grams. You can’t compare this to other smaller metal watches that usually weigh around 200gram.

It looks rugged and bulky to bring out the military effect. And true to this, it does seem to handle the outdoors, rugged terrains, abuse, the elements, and other things well.

The large size may however not appeal to individuals looking for slim and small timepieces.

Matte Black Resin Case and Straps

Casio GA100-1A1 on wrist

Both the case and straps are made of resin. This material is lighter than steel but stronger than plastic. However, it’s quite sturdy and should putout with falls, bangs, impact and the elements.

It also gets thumbs up for good shock and impact absorption, maintaining its elegance for a longer time, and also feeling smoother to the skin.

The straps are more flexible than leather options. They also don’t have the heavy feel of steel. This should make wearing the timepiece, even for long periods, more convenient.

It is less prone to smell, getting dusty, cracking, or losing its flexibility. Also, cleaning the case and straps should be convenient.

Mineral Glass Protected by Urethane Bezel

The glass is among the exposed parts in a watch. It will have to deal with the strong sunshine, rain, abrasion, impact, glare, bangs and other things.

Casio has opted for mineral crystal, which is relatively tough. It outscores the likes of acrylic and is also more affordable than sapphire.

The glass is clear enough and doesn’t fade or become crashed or stained easily. It also has good antiglare properties to makes viewing time, even in a bright surrounding, easier.

To further safeguard the face, it comes with raised urethane bezel. They will take the beating instead of the glass and should, therefore, help to extend its effectiveness and durability

Functional Analog and Digital Display

Casio GA100-1A1 dial

The GA 100 has the best of both worlds in mind. The primary time is shown in analog and you get 2 silver-toned hands.

One for the hour and the other for minutes. The date and calendar are displayed in digital form. You can opt for the 12 or 24-hour format. It supports 29 time zones and switching from one to another is relatively simple. For improved viewing, the timepiece also features an orange Led light.

While the Ana-Dig style looks okay, the bold hour and minute markers may obstruct the view in some instances.

Our Verdict

The timepiece looks solid and tough and shouldn’t have problems handling the rough outdoors, falls, knocks, bangs, and the elements. It’s weatherproof, waterproof, and shockproof and also built tough.

The only concern may be its relatively bulky nature, which may not appeal to women or users preferring a small timepiece. All-in-all, the Casio GA100-1A1 is certainly a watch worth buying.