Casio GA-800 Review – G-Shock Mens Analog-Digital Black Watch

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G-Shock is among the popular watch brands from Casio. It appeals to both the old and young and has over the years been becoming more sophisticated.

This comes in a period where consumers want something that is high quality, reliable, effective, durable and classy. And in this Casio GA-800 review, I will briefly mention some of its key selling points.

Bulky Fixed Bezel

Casio GA-800 on wrist

Casio has been known for keeping things simple.

This is clearly seen in this watch which comes with a fixed bezel bearing 4 inscriptions (Reset, Start, Mode, and Adjust).

You, therefore, shouldn’t worry about adjusting it from time to time. Additionally, it’s much larger and thicker than other options, and this should help to protect the dial from scratches, knocks, impacts and other things.

And like the rest of the watch, it’s also black in color.

Creative Display

One striking feature of the G-shock watch is the display. It blends analog and digital functionalities in an ingenious way.

The 2 hands (minute & hour) are analog and move in a seamless motion courtesy of the Quartz movement. This also applies to the countdown timer and stopwatch. The second, minute, hour, date, month, day, pm, 1/100-second are all digital.

The digital options are placed at the bottom section and work in unison with the analog functions.

The Watch Dial

The dial looks practical for everyday wear.

Firstly, it comes in a round shape that seems to appeal to many people.

Secondly, it’s made of mineral which is strong and should be able to put up with abrasions, vibrations, and bangs.

Thirdly, it looks nice in the black background and custom illumination. According to a number of consumers, the dial maintains its clarity for a considerable period even after long wearing and extended exposure to the elements.

Water Resistance

Casio GA-800 colors

Able to still function properly to a water depth of up to 200 meters, this model will come handy in most wet environments.

These include swimming, snorkeling, taking a shower, walking in the rain, fishing and more. A closer look shows it features water-tight sealing that prevents entries of moisture or water.

Additionally, the face doesn’t suffer from “mist” which would otherwise affect visibility.

Highly Accurate Movement

The Casio watch comes with the typical Japanese Quartz movement. The hands move in a uniform manner to ensure you keep time.

The custom illumination and LED light work well with the easy-to-see hands and the black background. And since the timepiece is also shock-resistant, the possibility of it getting out of tune due to impact, vibration, or shock is unlikely.

Practical Case

Many people concur that the G-Shock watch has a practical case.

With a diameter of 5.5 centimeters and a thickness of 17 millimeters, it doesn’t seem to be too big on the wrist. The interior surface feels nice on the skin in any weather (cold and hot). The lightweight contributes to the watch’s overall light weight of about 7 ounces.

Adorning it all day or night long should, therefore, be less daunting.

Final Thoughts

From the above features, the watch scores well in regards to simplicity, reliability, durability, and functionality. It’s made of a tough resin material, features mineral dial, and is also shock resistant.

It will still function in water as deep as 200 meters, looks trendy courtesy of the black color and illuminated background and the combination of digital and analog functionalities.

And despite its high quality, it comes with a competitive price. Simply put, the Casio G-shock watch is worth the time, money, and effort.

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