Casio GA-800 Review – G-Shock Mens Analog-Digital Black Watch

One day, I couldn’t help but noticed that my friend had acquired a new watch.

And it was the Casio GA-800, one of my favorites!

To me, it did look like a solid piece.

The size seemed pretty decent and according to him, it was worth the price.

So after that, I went home and decided to do some researches on that timepiece.

And what I found out was very exciting!

In this short Casio GA-800 review, I’ll show you the most interesting things about this model.

Tough but Lightweight Resin Case

Casio GA-800 on wrist

One thing that Casio G-shock watches are known for is their rugged and tough-looking nature.

The GA-800 doesn’t disappoint.

It comes with a resin case which has good strength and should last for a long time if handled properly.

It can tolerate the bangs, abrasion, exposure to the elements, extreme temperatures quite well.

The surface doesn’t get scratches, chips, or dents easily.

Moreover, it is resistant to stains and fading.

And unlike the likes of steel or titanium, it’s very lightweight and adorning it for long sessions shouldn’t be a problem.

This particular piece has a case diameter of about 54 mm and it’s slightly smaller than most in its range.

It does fit nicely on the wrist but may look a little large for smaller wrists such as those of women.

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Flexible Silicone Band

Another thing that caught my eye was the silicone band.

The material is known for its lightweight and flexibility.

It wraps around the wrist nicely and doesn’t feel too tight even when tied tight.

I also noticed that the surface seems smoother and stronger than most other watches.

What this means is that it won’t scratch, irritate or leave marks on the skin.

The edges are well-rounded to prevent the band from digging into the skin and leaving marks or making you uncomfortable.

Just like my friend, I like silicone because it’s hygienic.

It doesn’t contain toxic or harmful compounds which may cause allergic reactions or side effects.

It’s also easy to clean especially this one because of the smooth and sleek finish.

The width of 26 millimeters and black color seems okay with most people.

Good Water Resistance

Casio GA-800 colors

My friend is an avid swimmer and diver.

And so far, he has taken the watch with him several times.

From what he says, the face doesn’t get misty or cloudy after the experience.

It also remains clear in the water and reading time is not hampered in any way.

Resin, silicone, and mineral are materials that handle water and moisture well.

They don’t disintegrate, fade, or become yellow.

What’s more, the timepiece has airtight and watertight sealing.

The large digits and face do contribute to the easy reading while in water.

It also illuminates in the dark for better viewing.

And while he is yet to take the watch to its limit of 200 meters, he gives it thumbs up for good water resistance.

This sentiment is also shared by other people.

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Notable Features & Specifications

  • Mineral watch crystal for extra protection
  • Analog & digital hybrid display
  • Solid 54 mm case diameter
  • Durable silicone band
  • Can resist water pressure up to 660 feet (200 meters) deep

What Consumers Are Saying

Other than my friend, I’ve also read what other owners of the timepiece had to say about it.

Most of them agree that it’s solidly built and durable.

Others love how lightweight and flexible it is.

And just as the manufacturer claims, this watch has very good water resistance.

However, some customers were of the opinion that it would have been better if it came with solar power.

This is because watches in its caliber do have this feature.

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The Casio GA-800 is among the watches I would recommend to people looking for a practical, functional, reliable and durable piece.

It is a solid piece that can take the beating, the water resistance is impressive, and it is lightweight and flexible.

It does keep time well and features a long-lasting battery.

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