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Casio F91W-1 – Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch

The Casio F91W-1 series has been available for quite a long time! Introduced in 1989, it is based on an even older model from 1984.

Casio really made a winner with the F91W-1. The look is apparently timeless, as Casio still sells millions of these watches every year, even after more than 30 years!

Besides the classic, and still futuristic, appearance of the Casio F91W-1, the price is excellent. You can see for yourself here:

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The F91W-1 is not a feature overloaded product. This is by design. It only has what Casio believes are the mission critical features for an affordable watch. These include:

Clear Digital Display

The screen is uncluttered and the numerals are large, making this a very easy to read watch.

Built In Light

An internal side light is easy to activate and illuminates the entire watch face very well.


A daily alarm can be set for wake ups or meetings.


Set the month and date once and the automatic calendar function will keep it correct from then on.


The Casio F912W-1 Sport Watch really shines with the timer function. It is accurate to 1/100th of a second, and can display elapsed time, split time, and final time.

Water Resistance

While the watch is not intended for aquatic sports or swimming, it is water resistant to DIN 8310 / ANSI 22810 standards. You won’t need to be worried about washing your hands or incidental water contact.

Comfortable Band

The band length is 20.5 Centimeters to fit most people comfortably. Also, the resin band material is pliant and comfortable against the skin.


The watch is available in a variety of colors; one can be found to match the style and sensibilities for anyone.


In addition to the water resistance referenced above, the watch is also dust and impact resistant. Many Casio F-91W watches provide excellent service for 10 years with no need for maintenance or repair.


The Casio F-91W is accurate to within +/- 30 seconds per month, making it one of the most accurate watches available for anywhere near this price point

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Casio F91W-1 digital sports watch
Casio F91W 1


The Casio F91W 1 Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch is legendary, a “timeless” classic in the world or timekeeping.

The combination of price + accuracy + features + fashion is unbeatable. See more here.