Is It Possible To Track A Watch When It Gets Stolen?

Getting a watch stolen and losing a precious timepiece is a nightmare none of us ever want to live.

However, it’s very likely that some of us have experienced it.

Modern smartwatch wearers have a little bit of luck on their side, as there are numerous ways to track the watch’s location because of modern technology.

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

But all is not lost for old-school watch collectors!

With the help of Watch Register, having your watch stolen does not mean it is gone!

Watches have always been a shiny target for thieves because of the high value that a lot of watches have, which leads to countless cases of watch theft every year.

But in 2014, the Watch Register was set up to help police, retailers, auction houses, and victims of theft to track the stolen watch.

Respected retailers such as Watch Finder regularly have their stock checked by the Watch Register to assure buyers that they aren’t buying stolen watches.

In doing this, stolen watches that go up for sale can be recovered and returned to the owner, or at the very least help the investigation.

The Watch Register has also helped in bringing down the number of watch thefts by making it much harder for stolen watches to be resold.

When it comes to the big watch manufacturers assisting their customers in tracking and recovering stolen items, there is no standard procedure.

Some companies actively assist the victims, while some don’t really do much.

The Watch Register exists to track stolen watches, but as the saying goes, “prevention is better than a cure” so it wouldn’t hurt to give yourself some extra cushion by getting a safe to protect your watch and other valuables from being stolen.

Unless you carry a smartwatch or actually put a GPS tracker on your analog watch.

The Watch Register is your best bet when it comes to tracking your watch.

Watches serve a great practical purpose, but we all know that a watch’s greatness extends beyond their timekeeping capabilities.

And while there are services such as the Watch Register to help keep track of a watch if it gets stolen or lost, taking extra caution to prevent theft will be a task you will never regret doing.