If A Watch Doesn’t Fit You, Can It Be Resized?

A lot of watches come with leather or plastic bands that make the watch fit a great range of wrist sizes.

But there are a lot of watches that are equipped with a metal band, that may look amazing but they also seem that they have a fixed size.

However, that isn’t the case and these watches can be resized by removing some of the metal links to size the watch down.

And while you can bring the watch to a jeweler to have it resized, you can actually do it pretty easily at home without needing to spend money!

Origin of the Watch

To resize your watch by yourself, all you would need is a couple of pushpins and a need nosed pair of pliers.

Also, make sure that you do this with proper lighting as you would need to keep all the pins you push out of the metal band.

Measure The Watch

Before anything, you have to know how many of the links you would need to take out, to do this simply try on your watch and pinch the band to see how many links you need to remove.

It’s important to remember that you need to take out the same amount of links on each side to keep the watch centered.

Resizing The Watch

Once you’ve determined the number of links you need to remove, look at the side of the band and find the pin that holds the last link in place, and use the sharp end of your pushpin to push the pin that holds the link.

Once that keeps the links in place have been pushed out, use the pliers to pull out the pin and the link should get disconnected and come off.

Do this until you’ve removed the right amount of links for the watch to fit.

Afterward, detach the clasp using the same process you did on the other links.

Reattaching The Clasp

Once you have removed all the links that needed to be removed, the only thing left to do is to reattach the clasp.

To do this, align the clasp with the last link, and you should see a hole on the side (where the pins used to be).

Then get one of the pins you removed and put it back in the hole (it should be easy to put in, but if there’s some trouble you can use a jeweler’s hammer).

Once that is done, all you have to do is try on the watch!

Resizing your watch is a fairly easy task, and would take you around 10 minutes to do.

However, there is also no problem with taking your watch to a jeweler to have it resized if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

It probably won’t cost you much, as the process is really simple.

Whether you do it yourself or have a jeweler do it, resizing your watch is a really simple process that will make sure your watch fits you just right!