Can Quartz Watches Run Fast? The Secret Behind

Sometimes when using a quartz watch, we may feel like it runs faster than usual. Why can that happen? Why can quartz watches run fast? If those questions still keep casting a damper on you, then our useful information below is what you need.

Why Can Quartz Watches Run Fast?

Because of temperature

If your watch is faster than normal but not that much, it might be due to the impact of the temperature on your watch.

High temperature

For quartz watches, high temperatures can cause the batteries to drain quickly. Like other electronic components, the components of a quartz watch only operate well at the threshold of 0 – 70 degrees C. 

if the temperature exceeds this level, a function error of the watch may appear. Quartz watches will be completely damaged if exposed to high temperatures.

Low temperature

For quartz watches. The lower the temperature, the faster the battery runs out, leading to the malfunction of the watch. Low temperatures damage the device and damage the LCD screen.

Because of magnetic field infection

The magnetic field is the enemy of watches. Don’t you know that the Earth itself is also a giant magnet with a magnetic field radiating around, strong or weak depending on the position? Therefore, we can only limit the effect of the magnetic field, but not completely eliminate it. 

However, the natural magnetic field of the Earth will not affect the watch much. But if we place the watch near devices with strong electromagnetic waves such as televisions, refrigerators, radio stations, or fridge doors, the magnet-locked bags will cause the watch to be magnetized.

Most of the components in the watch movement contain iron and filament. The filament, when exposed to a magnetic field, can twist close together, causing the watch to run abnormally fast.


Why can quartz watches run fast? For the above reasons, we can easily detect the basic errors of quartz watches and understand why they happen. 

Thank you for reading!