If Your Quartz Watch Is Broken, Can It Be Repaired?

Quartz watches are lauded for their incredible accuracy, but at the end of the day, they are just like any other watch and will eventually run into some trouble.

However, Quartz movements are far easier to repair than their mechanical counterparts, and if all else fails the entire movement can also be easily replaced.

Head to your local watch store and you’ll discover that repairing Quartz watches isn’t only possible but is also pretty common and can be done by a watchmaker easily.

While it is recommended to only let professionals repair your watch, there are a couple of things you’d need to know about quartz watches before heading to the watchmaker.

Origin of the Watch

Reasons For Failure With Quartz Watches

Understanding the intricacies and science behind quartz movements is a long and arduous task, but learning why quartz movements fail is actually fairly easy as there are five general reasons why a quartz movement would fail.

These are mechanical, electronic, oxidation around the battery, a defect coil, or a defect tuning fork quartz crystal.

All of these problems have their own relatively easy solutions and it won’t hurt to know what these solutions are so you know what is being done to your watch when it is being repaired.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures happen when a certain amount of “dirt” accumulates within the movement that can set the watch’s accuracy off.

To fix this a watchmaker will simply disassemble the watch and clean the movement carefully and the watch should be back to normal.

This is one of the most common reasons why a quartz watch would need to be repaired.

Electrical Failure

Electrical failures don’t happen that often but when it does, it usually required the whole circuit board to be replaced.

Defect Coil

The coil in question with this kind of problem is the coil that is used to power the step motor.

This coil is incredibly delicate, in part because it is thinner than a human hair.

The coil can be damaged by a screwdriver or even just a fingernail hitting it, so this usually happens when an inexperienced person tries to replace the battery.

The coil usually can’t be repaired so it will just be replaced completely.

Oxidation Around The Battery

This is another natural occurrence with Quartz and is actually very simple to fix.

All one would have to do is take out the affected parts of the watch and clean them, usually, corroded metals will be cleaned and polished with polishing paste to get the watch working again.

Defect Tuning Fork Crystal

This is the rarest reason for a malfunctioning quartz watch, but it can be caused by extreme changes in temperature or by extreme shock.

The tuning fork usually doesn’t get repaired but will just be completely replaced.

All the reasons for a malfunctioning quartz watch mentioned above are the general reasons as to why a quartz watch would stop working.

But by far the most common reason a watch isn’t working is a drained battery so make sure to check the battery of the watch to make sure you aren’t doing unnecessary repairs.

Repairing watches is a delicate task, and doing it wrong can result in even more problems with the watch.

So make sure that it is done by a professional or that you have the appropriate training to do it on your own and avoid messing the watch up even more.