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Can Quartz Watches Be Adjusted? A Brief Answer

Having a quartz watch but one day it suddenly runs slower or faster than usual. You ask yourself: “Can quartz watches be adjusted?” and don’t know how to do it at home. The answer is yes. It is essential to ensure the accuracy of watches’ time, right? But first, let’s get to know the cause of quartz watches adjustment.

What Cause Quartz Watches To Be Adjusted?

There are various reasons why quartz watches run slower or faster than usual. Most of them come from external factors that we didn’t expect like temperature, electromagnetism, or IC error,…


For quartz watches, high temperatures cause the batteries to drain quickly.  Other electronic components, monitors, printed circuits, etc only operate at the threshold of 0 – 70 degrees C. Quartz watches will be wholly damaged if exposed to high temperatures. By contrast, the lower the temperature, the faster the battery runs out, which causes errors in the watch function. Low temperatures damage the device and the LCD screen.


The magnetic field is the watch’s enemy. If we place the watch near devices with strong electromagnetic waves such as televisions or radio stations, the magnet-locked bags will cause the watch to be magnetized. The part most affected by the magnetic field is probably the filament. The filament, when exposed to a magnetic field, can twist close together, causing the watch to run abnormally fast.

IC error

IC is considered to be the brain of a quartz watch. IC error is the cause of changes in watches’ time. There are many causes of IC errors, but the most common are:

  • Due to a watery battery.
  • IC error due to non-standard battery usage.

So how to adjust a quartz watch by yourself? Stay tuned and you will see the unexpected simplicity.

How To Adjust Quartz Watches?

Can quartz watches be adjusted? If you find your quartz watch run slower or faster, make sure you know how to adjust it properly.

First, keep the watch in a vertical position with the crown facing down. Turn the watch left and then right to take the rate and compare between two statistics. If your watch is running a little fast, you can tilt your watch to the bottom of the knob and it will slow down a little.

And if it is running faster, you can tilt the clock knob upward, your clock will run a little more slowly. If your watch is running smoothly, you should face the watch down to reduce the impact of gravity on the components. Don’t forget to put soft pads underneath to avoid scratching the watch’s face. You can also dismantle, clean the watch to check operability inside the watch.


Yes, they are totally adjusted. Follow the instructions and you can adjust your watch at home. I hope you will accumulate the information about Quartz watches adjustment for prolonged use.