Can Nurses Wear Smartwatches at Work? Here is the Answer

“Can nurses wear smartwatches?”

This is a question that is often asked by aspiring nurses, nursing student, and other people as well.

Some hospitals still apply the “bare below the elbows” rule which discourages medical practitioners including nurses from wearing anything below the elbow.

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch

This means that it should be free of jeweler, watches and anything else.

However, this practice is no longer practiced in many places.

It’s been proven that a watch is a vital accessory to a nurse.

It helps to monitor the pulse rate, blood pressure, keep time, ensure patients are given medication on time, and also comes handy in managing the shift.

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Advantages of using a smartwatch

A smartwatch is more functional and reliable than a normal watch in the following ways:

– Accuracy record keeping: The watch can keep records and also linked to the phone systems. The timepiece will alert the nurse via a text, SMS, or call from any location.

– Schedule management: It provides an overview of the schedules tasks, responsibilities at hand and completed tasks. The nurse doesn’t need to keep referring to the physical records. It also saves time and effort.

– Effective for time-sensitive tasks: The unit will send alerts and reminders in a better manner than the normal type of watches. It’s also good for documentation and charting.

– Self-monitoring: The running up & down can have a toll on the caregiver. With a smartwatch, he/she is also able to keep a check on self.

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Some tips on choosing the right watch for you

– Ensure it doesn’t hang or dangle

– Go for one with a leather, rubber or resin strap

– Make sure it’s waterproof


Nurses in most regions are allowed to wear smartwatches.

Not only are they functional but they also offer more beneficial features.

You nevertheless need to go for a high-quality piece, which is reliable, lightweight, accurate, durable, and simple.