Can Automatic Watches Be Fixed?

Automatic watches are an intricate masterpiece of craftsmanship that brings a lot of joyfulness to its owners. It is a great combination of many sophisticated machine details requiring expert level skills of engineering. Thus, if anything goes wrong with the watch’s normal operation, you may wonder: Can Automatic Watches Be Fixed?

The answer to the above question comes with both Yes and No. Why it can be possible?

Read our article to find out the reason behind this controversial answer!

Firstly, we will dig into some of the most common problems that can be the reason for your automatic watch stop running. Let’s see and try to prevent those things!

Common Problems With Automatic Watches

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch
– Your automatic watch stops running while you wearing it

This problem happens when the watch might not receive enough power reserve. Due to the lack of wrist movement, the mainspring which cannot wind properly result in the watch shutdown.

– Power Reserve Problem

You do not put your watch on for a while, then when you wear it again. If it is your case, you watch may stop working. This can happen because of the lack of power reserve – the same reason with the first problem.

– Your automatic watch stops working after dropping

After dropping, your watch may suffer from some internal damages because of the sudden impact on mechanical parts. Thus, some of the internal parts may be broken or out of place, leading to the damage in the balance wheel.

Can Automatic Watches Be Fixed?

The answer is both Yes and No!


Some problems that do not relate to internal impacts can be fixed! For example: If you watch stops working due to not having enough power reserve, all you need to do is make more wrist movement to help the mainspring wind fully.

Some of the automatic watch problems can be easily fixed such as running low or fast, display not changing date and time, not winding or fogging inside watch. Of course, you cannot fix it at home, yet those problems are easy for any watch fixers.

It is recommended that if your watch has any problem, you should bring it to a professional watch fixer to check and receive better care. Do not try to fix your watch on your own as you may cause more severe damages.

If there are some internal injuries happen to your automatic watch, do not despair! It can be fixed! If you are lucky enough to find the replacement for your missing or broken parts, your watch still has a chance to be repaired.


An automatic watch is a sophisticated timepiece, a dedicated work of engineering. Therefore, it is hard to make and hard to repair. With those luxury and expensive automatic watches, it is difficult to find a replacement for missing or broken parts. That is one of the most popular reasons for an automatic watch to be dead permanently.

Plus, if your automatic watch suffers from physical damages, the change of successful recovery is very little. Because this kind of impact often breaks the wheel balance or important parts of the watch, leading to unrestored damages.

End Thoughts

Hopefully, our article can help you answer the question “Can automatic watches be fixed?” And don’t forget to note that an automatic watch is a fine piece of engineering, yet it requires to be treated properly. So try to prevent any unwanted problems that can happen to your expensive watch.