Can Automatic Watch Be Manually Wound?

An automatic watch requires better treat and care than other watches on the market. Thus, we receive a ton of questions about how to take care of an expensive automatic watch. And one of the most common confusions of automatic watch owners is: Can an automatic watch be manually wound? 

In this article, we will address the above question and show how you can do it right!

Keep reading and untangle your concern now!!

Firstly, we confirm that an automatic watch can be manually wound!

One of the most popular misconceptions about the automatic watch is it can not be manually wound. The truth is that manually wounding helps your automatic watch function well and keeps it stay in good shape throughout a long period.

How To Manually Wound Your Automatic Watch In The Right Way.

Manually wounding your automatic watch may be one of the most enjoyable processes. It helps to build a connection between you and your watch. So you need to do it right!

Step 1
Origin of the Watch
: You need to take the watch off your wrist and put it on a soft surface.

Step 2: Winding the crown over 20 to 30 times.

If you watch is equipped with a screw-down crown to ensure water resistance, you should start by screwing down on the crown in an anti-clockwise fashion three or four times until the crown pops out.

Tips For Manually Wound Automatic Watches

– Don’t wait until your automatic watch stopped.

– Manually wound your automatic watch every day is unnecessary.

– You need to wound your automatic watch when it lacks power reserve due to not being used for a while.

– Never overwind your automatic watch.

– Do not wind your watch when it is still on your wrist.

Final Thoughts

Because of the sophisticated craftsmanship and intricate engineering, automatic watches become a fine gadget that helps to show your style and personality. So nowadays, more and more people choose to be an automatic watch owner. 

If you are new to the world of automatic watches world, we hope our article can help you answer the question: Can an automatic watch be manually wound? And don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences! We thank for any distributing ideas!