Can A Quartz Watch Be Automatic? Why And Why Not?

There are many types of timepieces on the market today, but the common point is that they are in two basic categories: quartz and automatic watches.

Have you ever wondered whether there is a mixture between two of them? Can a quartz watch be automatic? Stay tuned and find the answer down below.

Can A Quartz Watch Be Automatic?

Quartz watches are basically small movements that run on a “U-shaped quartz crystal”  batteries.

The crystal oscillates when placed in an electric field, thanks to the battery that powers the watch. In short, it runs on batteries that power the electromagnet.

The energy generated makes the gear system move in a particular cycle controlled by an IC.

With digital, time is represented by numbers on the LCD screen.

Meanwhile, motor motions are not battery operated.

The mechanism action of an automatic mechanical watch relies on kinetic energy applied by the wearer on the movement. To have enough power for the device to work stably, one must wear the watch for about 8 hours a day.

Usually, quartz watches are more compact and accurate than mechanical watches. Mechanical watches have a complicated structure and have much higher errors, which is inevitable.


Because the movement is based on different principles, so the answer to the question “Can a quartz watch be automatic?” is NO.

Distinguishing the difference in the movement of the two types of watches is relatively easy. We hope you will find the perfect choice for yourself. Good luck!