Can a Quartz Watch Be a Chronometer?

The world of Swiss watches is extremely large. Each Swiss watch carries with it many wonders of the sophisticated time design technology.

Switzerland owns many rules to estimate how much precision a watch will achieve and how many percentages of error.

In this article, we will enlighten you with in-depth knowledge about a chronometer-certified watch and how can a quartz watch be a chronometer through the COSC quality test.

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How Can A Quartz Watch Be A Chronometer?

COSC – the Swiss Chronometer testing institute founded in 1973 – is a Swiss non-profit organization that specializes in Swiss-made chronographs.

COSC standards are expressed in the form of ISO and DIN. A standard Chronometer timepiece goes with ISO 3159 for Automatic and ISO 10553: 2003 for Quartz.

A Chronometer electronic watch has 10 times more accuracy than regular quartz watches.

Moreover, it is an exclusive product produced on a small scale. Each watch will be tested for 11 consecutive days in 1 position and 3 different heat levels.

In addition, during a day, it must rotate in all three dimensions in space to ensure the function in reality

In the end, it suffered 200 shocks equivalent to 100G (100 times stronger than gravity).

Chronometer-certified watches have the words Chronometer on the dial, on the case or on the movement, or with COSC certification.

Another thing that you have to remember is that there are many cases of the same watch design and movement, but one model is a Chronometer and the other is not.


When you need to buy a certain model of Chronometer, carefully asking the seller and finding information on the homepage of the brand is highly recommended. The price of the Chronometer version will be different from the regular version but not that much.

That is how can a quartz watch be a chronometer. Hopefully, this article has provided you with in-depth knowledge to open your mind

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