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Bulova Rubaiyat Watch Review: Model 96P184 Silver Tone Womens Watch

The Bulova Rubaiyat is a classy timepiece with an empowering design.

The watch features a stainless steel case with a bright stainless steel case that protects the watch as much as it aids in forming a cohesive design.

The model is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement, giving it the great accuracy associates with these movements.

The incredibly classy dial of this watch is highlighted and complemented by the blue Cabochon crown, placed on the 12 o’clock position.

All of these features make this a great watch that’s perfect for formal settings.

And we get into the details of the watch in this Bulova Rubaiyat review.

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Bulova Ladies' Rubaiyat Diamond Dial Stainless Steel 2-Hand...
  • Legendary style a century in the making, Rubaiyat is a name of poetic significance originally chosen by Bulova in 1917 to...
  • 2 Hand
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel


  • The sleek and classy design is great for formal settings
  • High-quality movement keeps accurate time
  • The unorthodox crown placement gives the watch a unique look
  • The sapphire crystal protects the watch


  • Only 30m of water resistance

A Classic Design

The Rubaiyat follows suit with a lot of the women’s watches on the market.

With a 35mm stainless steel case and light colors for the dial.

But that’s far from a negative.

Bringing these classic influences into a modern watch is one of the things Bulova does best.

The classic white and silver dial is a color combination that’s been tried and tested.

It looks great, especially with the Bulova tuning fork logo at the 12 o’clock marker and the diamond-accented markers, but it also allows for a very easy read of the time.

The Rubaiyat brings in classy elements from the designs of the past and the result is a very classy timepiece that will stun at any formal event.


Accurate Movement

bulova 96P184 on wrist

Whenever I’m shopping for watches, I always make sure it has an accurate movement.

That’s why it was music to my ears when I heard that this watch uses a Japanese Quartz movement.

Unlike mechanical movements that use a manual mechanism to power the watch, quartz movements use batteries.

This, combined with the quartz crystal that vibrates at a specific frequency allows the watch to tick and accurate intervals.

In fact, even the lower-quality quartz movements only lose a couple of seconds a month.

This is already much more accurate and convenient than mechanical movements and allows you to be on time constantly without having to manually rewind the watch or reset the time.

Carrying A Legacy

Over a century ago, Bulova released its first women’s watch.

That watch was the Rubaiyat.

Not only was it very popular, but the watch was also praised for its incredibly high quality and outstanding design.

Bulova remembered that, and that’s why this re-issue of the Rubaiyat takes all the best features of its predecessor and builds on it.

The unique crown placement above the 12 o’clock position instead of the 3 o’clock.

This looks especially unique on this model as the blue Cabochon crown contrasts the silver tones of the case and brightly colored dial very well.

This crown placement has been a staple for the Rubaiyat, and it’s given an even more unique look on this model.

Features & Specifications:

Customer Scores And Reviews

bulova rubiayat close up

I went to the review section of Amazon to check out what other customers had to think of this watch.

And to my delight, a lot of people were pleased.

A good chunk of the reviews came from women who were very pleased with their purchase, as they described the watch as stylish, practical, and easy to read and set.

There were also other reviews from spouses who bought this model for their wives or partners.

They were filled with joy to discover that their partners were as blown away by the watch as they were.

However, there was one complaint coming from a person who wished that the watch had more than 30m for water resistance.

While that would’ve been a cool feature, I don’t really see the point in it as this is primarily a dress watch, so you won’t be taking it on a swim or snorkeling trip anytime soon.


Overall, this watch delivers on all levels.

When it comes to style, this model knocks it right out of the park, and when it comes to functionality, the Japanese quartz movement has got that covered.

Aside from that, all of the materials used in making the watch are of very high quality.

So if you’re on the hunt for a watch for yourself or one for your partner, this is a piece I highly recommend checking out.