Bulova Moon Watch Review: The Lunar Pilot 96B251 Special Edition Watch

Did you know?

Pilot’s watches, or aviation watches, whatever you want to call them, have always been a favorite of mine.

Their relatively laid back design always compliments the watch’s plethora of complications perfectly.

Bulova has taken that simplicity in design that I love while also keeping the air of complexity that comes with pilot’s watches.

Seeing this black Bulova Moon watch 96B251 made me very happy that I was in the market for a new timepiece.

Seeing the watch for the first time instantly forced me to do my research on it.

And after a fair amount of scrutiny, I decided this watch was going to be my next buy, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

The watch covers all my time needs, while also adding a touch of style to whatever outfit I wear.

Plus, it’s a product inspired by the famous Apollo 15 mission on Moon back in 1971.

And with this round of remake, Bulova really took this special edition Lunar Pilot watch to a whole new level!

Still wondering if this watch is good or not?

Then in this short Bulova 96B251 review, I share my favorite features of the watch with you.


  • The iconic watch model that turned history around!
  • A balanced design that emphasizes practicality and fashionability
  • Super accurate timekeeping with Precisionist technology


  • The price might not be for everyone
Bulova 96B251 review

Bulova Men’s Moonwatch – 96B251

This watch is a tribute to one of the most important events in human history. So that means it has to be beautiful. And believe me, Bulova truly delivered.”

Product highlights:

  • UHF Quartz movement
  • Case diameter 45mm
  • Water resistant to 50m
  • Textured black leather band

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A Detailed Design That’s Easy On The Eyes

When designing this special edition Moon watch, Bulova understood that beauty lies in the details and its history.

All of that is incredibly evident in the way the sub-dials and outer dials compliment the face of the watch in such a subtle manner while the black leather strap blends in perfectly.

One of my favorite tidbits about this watch is where the designers got their inspiration from.

This model was released as an homage to the original moon landing of the Apollo 15.

This is why designers chose a simple yet striking white on black colorway.

The watch looks great on the wrist.

I really appreciate how the watch can easily go with simple, everyday casual wear while also being a great compliment to my best suit.

The contrast in colors also allows for very easy reading of the time, even with the numbers of the tachymeter on the outer dial.

To add to all that, the watch is also a collector’s item.

Yup, you read that right.

Bulova has chosen to release this model as a special edition, combining classic design with modern technologies.

Accurate To The Second

Bulova 96B251 close up

This brand is known for its accuracy.

A couple of years ago, the company took the horology world by storm by releasing the Precisionist movement which has been praised for its accuracy.

For this model, Bulova used a simpler but equally accurate quartz movement.

Having the Precisionist movement would have been great, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice for the watch’s price.

The movement on this watch is an upgraded quartz movement developed by the company.

The movement uses a three-pronged quartz crystal.

Without going into the wordy science behind it, this simply means that the crystal vibrates at a greater frequency than a standard one, giving unmatched quartz accuracy.

Being on time is very important to me, so this movement is greatly appreciated.

Customer Scores and Reviews

Bulova 96B251 dial

There weren’t a lot of dissatisfied buyers of this watch.

This should come as no surprise because this is truly a premium piece.

Some customers were so in love with how the watch looked in person that they said that the pictures don’t do the watch any justice.

Don’t get them wrong, the pictures of the watch truly exhibit a beautiful timepiece, but it just looks so much better in person.

Another satisfied customer was keen on complimenting the sweep of the seconds hand.

One would think that only mechanical watches have a smooth sweep, but this watch will easily prove them wrong.

The only negative review I could find in the sea of positivity was that the strap isn’t comfortable.

For new watch owners, this is a standard complaint with leather straps.

However, after using it for a while the leather will soften on its own and before you know it, your watch will feel very comfortable on your wrist.


This watch is a tribute to one of the most important events in human history.

So that means it has to be beautiful.

And believe me, Bulova truly delivered.

Incredibly accuracy, timeless design.

What more could a person want?

For those in the market for a flexible, stylish, and accurate watch, I highly recommend the Bulova 96B251.