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Bulova Devil Diver Oceanographer Review: The 98B320 Special Edition Watch

The Devil Driver watch done by Bulova is a testament to the history of dive watches.

This model does this by combining classic elements of dive watches, such as the dial design and tachymeter bezel while celebrating one of Bulova’s most iconic releases.

The original Devil Diver had a water resistance of 666 feet, which was way better than other dive watches at the time, that only had around 300 feet of water resistance.

They combined all that with a very accurate Swiss Automatic movement, making this a great watch for those who want a classic feel and high functionality.

And in this Bulova Devil Diver review, I’ll share with you some of this watch’s cool details.

Bulova Men's 98B166 CATAMOUNT Strap Watch
  • Precisionist quartz movement
  • Flat mineral crystal
  • Black dial


  • The vintage-inspired design fits well with both casual and formal outfits
  • Large dial makes reading the time very easy
  • 666ft of water-resistance allows you to take the watch for any water activity
  • Swiss Automatic movement requires no battery changes


  • The watch could have a better power reserve

Timeless Design

Bulova chose to use the classic design of the original Devil Diver with its classic blue, red, white, and black tones.

The dial has a blue background which serves as a great base for the white markers and hands.

The color makes even more sense when paired with the date window at the 3 o’clock position.

On the bezel are red and black tones.

The red really pops out, making the tachymeter much easier to use.

But having the red tones also shows divers when their time is running out very easily.

When all of those features are paired with the stainless steel case and bracelet, the result is a watch that makes any casual outfit more stylish while also working with formal outfits when done right.

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Premium Automatic Movement

Bulova devil diver 98B320 close up

It’s no secret that Swiss-made watch materials are of very high quality.

This is why I was really happy to learn that this watch has a Swiss Automatic movement.

For those new to the watch world, this is a movement that doesn’t require a battery, as the movement of your arm powers the watch.

If you keep this watch on your wrist regularly, the natural movement of your arm and wrist while doing daily activities charges the watch.

That means it will keep ticking as long as you wear it, and if it does stop, all you have to do is give it a little shake for it to start ticking again.

Functionality At Its Finest

A watch’s ability to keep time matters the most over design and complications.

After all, what good are all those features if the watch can’t keep time.

However, since this piece has a Swiss automatic movement, you can be sure that this watch will tick at a consistent time, as long as you keep it on your wrist.

Those aren’t all the timekeeping abilities of this watch, however.

For one, the hands and markers of this watch have full lume.

This means that reading time in the dark is made much easier.

To add to that is a calendar that is perfectly placed on the dial, which covers all the timekeeping needs you’d have on a daily basis.

Features & Specifications

  • Swiss Automatic movement
  • 44mm case fits both large and small wrists
  • 666 feet of water resistance
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Customer Scores And Reviews

Bulova devil diver 98B320 on hand

Of course, I also had to see what other people thought of the watch.

That’s why I went to the Amazon review section.

While surfing the reviews, I saw positive reviews that took up the majority of the section.

One reviewer loved this reissue, as it is easy to read and looks stunning.

Another reviewer pointed out how the bracelet of the watch feels secure on the wrist and stays on the whole day.

However, there was one person who complained about the power reserve.

He said that it only ticks for about a day when not being worn.

While there are other watches with longer power reserves, this problem can be solved simply by wearing the watch more often.


Anyone who likes dive watches will fall in love with this piece.

From the cool name to the beautiful design, all the way down to the functionality of the watch.

From a dive watch perspective, this model checks all the boxes.

So if you’re like me and you really enjoy classic and functional dive watches, then this Bulova model is one to keep an eye out for.