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Bulova Crystal Watch Review: The Only Ones That Are Money Worthy Right Now

The Bulova crystal collection was made for those who like flash.

The timepieces in this line are bejeweled, bedazzled, and shiny.

They will definitely turn heads at any event, especially if paired with your best suit or best dress.

There are a bunch of models in this line.

And we’ll get into the most famous 7 of them in this Bulova Crystal watch review.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a timepiece from this series, then pay attention to my reviews below.

Let’s get started.

1. Bulova 98C126

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Bulova Men's Crystals Octava Gold Tone Stainless Steel...
  • From the Bulova Men's Crystal Collection, make a brilliant statement with a watch detailed with authentic crystals.
  • 6 Hand, Day / Date, 24 Hour Time
  • Gold-Tone Stainless Steel

If you’ve never heard of the Crystal collection of Bulova, one look at this watch will tell you what it’s all about.

This model has a gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet, but that isn’t where the flash ends.

There are 308 Swarovski crystals scattered around the watch that are distributed beautifully on the bezel, dial, and bracelet.

This gives the watch an incredibly grandiose look that may be an intimidating piece to wear, but with the right suit and attitude wearing this watch should be no problem.

Powering the watch is a quartz movement, so you can rest assured that the watch will be displaying accurate time.

On top of that are a couple of very useful functions that are laid out very well on the dial.

These are a 24-hour display and a calendar that displays both the day and the date.

This may be a tricky watch to wear, but if done right you will surely have the best looking wrist at any party.


-The watch has a very grand and luxurious look

-The quartz movement will keep the watch ticking at a consistent rate

-The Date and day display is placed perfectly on the dial

-Anti-reflective sapphire crystal will keep the dial safe from scratches


-Only has 30m of water resistance

2. Bulova 98C109

Anyone who appreciates loud and luxurious dress watches will really like this model.

Its rectangular dial is reminiscent of the dress watches of the past, while the Swarovski crystals that adorn the watch give it a unique look.

The case measures 35mm, making a bit smaller than a lot of modern watches.

The smaller size of this watch does a lot in balancing the watch, as a larger case may make the watch look tacky and superfluous.

Like most watches in the collection, this model has a 24-hour display and a calendar that shows both the date and the day.

All of these functions are powered by a quartz crystal, giving this watch great accuracy.

For those who like a balance of classy and loud designs, then this watch is definitely worth checking out.


-The design is a great pair to a suit

-The quartz movement keeps the watch on time

-Anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial

-Luminous hands allow you to easily read the time in the dark


-The watch is only water-resistant up to 30m

3. Bulova 96B235

-40% Sale
Bulova Men's Crystals Stainless Steel 3-Hand Quartz Watch...
  • From the Bulova Men's Crystal Collection, make a brilliant statement with a watch detailed with authentic crystals.
  • 3 Hand, Date
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

If you weren’t the biggest fan of the gold tones on the previous watches, this model might be more your speed.

The watch shares the crystals that are almost synonymous with the collection, however, it uses silver-tones instead of gold ones.

This gives the watch a more toned-down look, while the crystals still give it the grand feel.

The dial on this watch is bright, and that’s mostly because of the crystals on it, and the silver markers and hands.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t make reading the time any difficult, and it serves as a great background to the Bulova lettering on the 12 o’clock position.

This watch doesn’t have as many features, however.

Actually, the only additional feature on this watch is a tiny date window at the 6 o’clock position.

While some people would want at least a 24-hour display, only having a date window helps in grounding this watch, making it less flashy than its counterparts, but just as beautiful.


-Classy design

-The watch has 447 crystals on it

-The dial design is very flashy but also easy to read

-The bracelet is comfortable out of the box


-Only has a mineral crystal

4. Bulova 96C002

Bulova Men's Crystals Stainless Steel Multi-Function Quartz...
  • From the Bulova Men's Crystal Collection, make a brilliant statement with a watch detailed with authentic crystals.
  • 6 Hand, Multi-Function, Day / Date, 24 Hour Time
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

This is another watch in the collection that has a more laid back, silver-tone.

While it has the crystals that give it an air of luxury, the highlight of the dial is the hands.

Instead of having hands that simply match the markers, Bulova put a set of white and blue hands on the dial.

This gives it a much-needed contrast, and the blue details scattered throughout the dial really help that.

This quartz model is equipped with three sub-dials.

These are the day, date, and 24-hour display.

So not only do you have a great looking dress watch with a classic square case, but you also have a model with accurate time and proper functions.


-The blue details contrast the crystals in a way that highlight them

-The dial is very easy to read

-The brass bezel looks great with the crystals

-The quartz movement keeps the watch accurate


-The watch has just a mineral crystal

5. Bulova 96L243

-38% Sale
Bulova Ladies' Crystal Phantom Stainless Steel 2-Hand Quartz...
  • From the Bulova Ladies Crystal Collection, beautifully detailed with authentic crystals, the watches in this striking collection...
  • 3 Hand
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

It isn’t just the men’s watches that look great in this collection, as the women’s models have just as much style, if not a bit more.

This is evident in this Bulova piece, with its classic round 32mm dial, this watch will definitely turn heads at any party.

The dial is filled with crystals, but Bulova has found a way to make the markers and hands pop out even with all the crystals on the dial.

While reading the time could be a bit easier, the watch is still more convenient to read than you’d think.

There aren’t any sub-dials to take attention away from the main dial, meaning this watch doesn’t have any extra functions.

However, the Japanese made quartz movement is highly accurate as Bulova uses this movement in a lot of their watches.

For the ladies out there who want a strong, classy, and bejeweled timepiece, then Bulova may have the one for you.


-The large case makes the crystals really shine

-The quartz movement is very accurate

-The bracelet has 72 crystals on it

-Sapphire crystal helps keep the watch safe


-The watch doesn’t have extra functions

6. Bulova 96L116

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The last piece on this list is one of my personal favorites in the collection.

The 200 crystals are spread out evenly as details on the dial, bezel, and bracelet.

It has a fairly large case for a women’s watch, measuring in at 30mm.

This allows the crystals to be spread out even more as not to overwhelm the timepiece.

The watch has no sub-dials, meaning no extra functions.

However, the mother-of-pearl colored dial is a great background for the crystal and silver stick markers.

The contrast is subtle, yet strong enough to make reading the time very easily.

To add to that is 30m of water resistance, meaning the watch can withstand light water pressure, just don’t bring it out for a swim.


-Simple design that is made better with the crystals

-The large case gives the watch a strong look

-Bracelet is very comfortable

-The Japanese quartz movement is very accurate


-The watch only has a mineral crystal

7. Bulova 96L199

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This is one of the least flashy and loud watches in the collection.

While it lacks the air of grandiosity shared by the other in the collection, the simplicity is actually a nice breath of fresh air.

Instead of bombarding the dial with the Swarovski crystals, Bulova decided to spread them out on the bezel and bracelet.

With a 17mm oval dial, you can see why.

The small size makes this a great minimalist dress watch that will match any cocktail dress or gown very nicely.

There aren’t any extra functions on this piece, however, it is powered by Japanese quartz.

This basically means that it’s powered by a quartz crystal and a battery, making this piece very accurate.

So you’ll know that wearing this watch you have both function and style.


-Simple and classic dress watch design

-Highly accurate Japanese quartz movement

-Mother of pearl dial is very easy to read

-The crystals are spread out beautifully


-Only has a mineral crystal

The watches in this collection range from loud and grand with gold tones and a lot of crystals to toned-down silver and fewer crystals.

However, they all share an air of class and luxury that is usually overdone by a lot of other companies.

So for those of you who like the louder designs for your dress watches, this collection definitely deserves some attention.

Top 7 Reasons Customers Love Bulova Crystal Watches

review of the best bulova crystal watches

It’s easy to see where the Bulova crystal collection gets its name from.

All the watches in this collection are adorned with Swarovski crystals, giving it a very luxurious look that’s hard to find with other watches, especially in its price range.

This is a collection loved by casual watch wearers and connoisseurs alike, and it’ easy to see why.

These watches have a great sense of balance in their designs, and they all perform very well.

And now, I’ll share with you the top 7 reasons customers love Bulova crystal watches.

1. Incredible Class

A lot of watches with crystals tend to look tacky instead of classy.

That isn’t the case at all with these.

This is because of the way Bulova balances the loud and shiny crystals with more toned-down elements such as simple hands and markers.

While some of these watches have around 400 crystals in them, it never overpowers the watch, even when they take up a lot of the dial.

Customers all over have talked about how classy the watches look despite a large number of crystals on them, and it only takes a quick look to see why.

2. Quality Timekeeping

All of the watches use Japanese quartz technology.

This is much more wallet-friendly, user-friendly, and consistent than other movements.

The battery that powers the watch allows it to only lose a couple of seconds a month, compared to a couple of seconds a day, which is faced by other movements.

On top of that, they are much more inexpensive than movements, allowing this watch to be more accessible.

3. Great Value

The first assumption a lot of people make with this watch is that it’s expensive.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

While they aren’t the cheapest watches on the planet, they are much more economic than other watches with similar features.

Customers have praised the way Bulova delivers such quality timepieces at very friendly prices, to the point where some people are surprised at how high the quality of the watch is.

4. They Are Conversation Starters

Countless people who’ve worn these watches have said at least one person would ask about the watch.

This is because a timepiece with crystals placed like that isn’t something you’d encounter every day.

This not only attracts compliments but also nice conversation, and everyone knows how a watch is a social tool as it is a timekeeping tool.

5. Variety

While all these watches have their own collection of Swarovski crystals on them, they aren’t all the same.

Some watches have the dial completely covered in crystals, while some only have them as details on the bezel and bracelet.

Others have large cases with gold tones, while some have small ones with silver tones.

So as long as you like bejeweled watches, then there will be one in the collection for you.

6. Dress Watches That Fuse The Old And The New

It’s no secret that some of these watches were inspired by the classics.

This can be seen in the mother of pearl dials, oval and rectangle cases, and the stick markers and simple hands.

While putting jewels and crystals is by no means a new thing, it does give the watches a uniquely modern twist.

7. Great Men’s And Women’s Watches

A lot of collections only get one of these right.

However, Bulova put in an effort to make sure the watches for men and women are equally appealing.

So for couples who want to get similar, but not matching watches, this may be the collection for you.

But this also means that whatever gender you’re shopping for, you’ll find great looking, quality timepieces.

This collection doesn’t do much wrong, and that’s why it’s beloved by customers all around the world.

For all of you that have an eye for crystals, the Bulova Crystal collection might just have the right watch for you.