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Bulova 98B172 Review: Analog Japanese Quartz Watch

There aren’t many companies out there that can design watches the way Bulova does.

And they proved just that with the 9B172 watch from their Precisionist line.

This complex timepiece is a testament to Bulova’s history and the brand’s design prowess.

I found this watch while surfing the internet for a new watch. My old watch was starting to bore me. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great watch, but I’ve had it for a while and decided it was time for a change.

And I figured that my next piece was going to be a bit more complex, which is why I instantly fell in love with the Bulova model.

I decided to dive deeper and research the watch, and I’ll share what I found in this Bulova 9B172 review.

Bulova Men's 98B172 Precisionist Chronograph Watch
  • Style:Chronograph
  • Band Width (mm.):22
  • Band Length (in.):8.5

Great Accuracy

Bulova claims their Precisionist movement, which is used by this watch, is the most accurate on the planet.

While that may be a big statement, it isn’t too far off.

The Precisionist takes quartz to an entirely new level.

This is because the three-pronged crystal in the watch vibrates at a much greater frequency, resulting in timekeeping that’s accurate to a couple of seconds a year.

That becomes even more impressive when you discover most quartz movements lose a couple of seconds a month.

Being on time is very important to me.

So it would come as no surprise that I dislike late or early watches, which is why I was entranced by this model so much,

All the Essential Functions

Bulova 98B172 dial

The watch isn’t just accurate.

It’s also incredibly functional. For starters, the watch has a chronograph that measures up to 1/1000th of a second.

Most chronographs stop timing at a second, but not this one.

On top of that, the chronograph measures up to 12 hours.

I’ve never found myself in a position where I need a stopwatch on that long, but if ever the need arises, I’ll be extra glad this watch exists.

The outer bezel of the watch also has a tachymeter, the dial is full lume, and the seconds hand sweeps.

With all those features, you’d think the dial would be a mess, but that leads me to my favorite part of this watch.

A Complex Dial, Not A Cluttered One

Fitting the chronograph on the dial alone sounds like a headache, what more if you try to fit a tachymeter, a calendar, and a logo.

But by some twist of fate, Bulova pulled it off.

All the sub-dials have just enough space that they can be easily read, while not being too big that reading the time is a hassle.

The simple black and white colorway does wonders for the design.

The stark contrast allows the markers and hands to truly stand out.

The dial is huge, measuring 46.5mm in diameter.

While that may seem extra large, it’s perfect for those who love larger watches.

Customer Scores and Reviews

Bulova 98B172 on wrist

The Amazon review section for this watch is full of positivity.

Most customers were incredibly satisfied when the watch arrived.

Some customers were quick to praise the flexibility of the watch’s style.

One review that stood out was from one customer who was in love with how easy it was to learn how to manipulate and read the watch.

However, one negative review was a complaint about the watch’s weight.

This is to be expected, as the watch weighs in at 5.28 ounces, which is pretty heavy.

The weight is something that’s easy to get used to, but it would help to know beforehand that the watch is heavy.


This watch checks all the right boxes for me.

From the design to the movement, to the functions.

I will wholeheartedly recommend this model to all those looking for a large and classy watch.

It can easily match a suit while complimenting casual outfits perfectly.

Nothing but class from Bulova.

But shouldn’t it be expected at this point?