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Bulova 98B152 Review: Analog Chronograph Black Watch

If there’s one watch line that always excites me, it’s Bulova’s Precisionist.

Which is why the second I saw the Bulova 98B152 on my brother’s wrist, I bombarded him with questions.

My brother wasn’t pleased by this, as he isn’t as passionate about watches as I am.

To avoid boring and bothering him, I decided to research the piece on my own time, and boy, did I find some interesting features.

In this Bulova 98B152, I’ll share some of the things I found out about this watch.

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Bulova Men's Icon Precisionist 3-Hand Calendar Rose Gold...
  • Featuring the world’s most advanced chronograph with a continuously sweeping second hand, Precisionist movement. Celebrated with...
  • 3 Hand, High Performance Quartz, Calendar
  • Two-Tone Stainless Steel


  • Strong and durable construction and materials
  • Super handy date window
  • Reliable timekeeping with Precisionist technology
  • Overall great design that can match many types of outfits


  • Some people didn’t find the watch band that attractive

Accuracy Like No Other

Bulova claims that their Precisionist movement is the most accurate watch movement on the planet.

This may seem like a huge statement, but the movement’s performance does give it some merit.

The movement on this watch is the lauded Precisionist, which is supposed to only lose a couple of seconds a year.

This is much better than mechanical watches which lose a couple of seconds a day.

The movement even edges out the standard Quartz movement, which loses a couple of seconds a week.

The reason the movement stays that accurate is because of the crystal being used.

See, Bulova uses a three-pronged crystal that vibrates at a much greater frequency than a standard quartz movement.

Without getting into the science too much, lab tests have shown this movement to be three times more accurate than standard quartz movements.

A Killer Design

Bulova 98B152 unboxing

This watch is one that will turn heads.

The rose gold-tone stainless steel that is used throughout the case works really well with the black details and the black polyurethane strap.

To add to that, Bulova used a textured black background for the dial, while the markers, sticks, and inner ring use the same color as the case.

This results in a deep contrast in the dial, which not only looks great but also allows wearers to easily read the time.

The ease in reading the time also comes from the large 46mm dial, the ideal size for a modern large men’s watch.

A Sweeping Seconds Hand

Now, this is a tiny detail, but I really wanted to highlight it as it adds so much character to the watch.

A sweeping motion for the seconds hand used to be a feature reserved for the more luxurious mechanical pieces.

Which is why the motion has been associated with luxury and class for a while.

But Bulova has brought that highly sought after motion to their Precisionist movement.

While this doesn’t add a great deal of function to the watch, it does a great deal for the watch’s aesthetic and is one of the reasons I was taken away by the piece at first glance.

Customer Scores And Reviews

Bulova 98B152 on wrist

I couldn’t rely solely on the features and specifications of the watch to solidify my opinion, though.

So I went to the review section of Amazon to see if customers were really satisfied with the timepiece.

To my delight, almost every customer who purchased the watch was left satisfied.

The most common reviews on the page were customers praising the watch’s beauty.

Other customers were quick to point out how the Precisionist movement is virtually unmatched in its price range.

However, there were a couple of reviews that consisted of customers complaining about the watch’s size.

While this is a valid complaint, it’s important to know that this is a fairly large watch, so if that isn’t your speed this may not be the piece for you.

For those who enjoy the larger pieces though, you can’t really go wrong with this model.


I wasn’t really that surprised by the features or reviews of this watch.

This is because I’ve learned to expect Bulova pieces to be of very high quality.

This specific model has a very accurate movement, a great design, and is made of high-quality materials.

There isn’t much to hate and I would highly recommend this piece to anyone looking for something new.