Bulova 96B131 Review: Champlain Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

You know what?

I’ve always been a fan of Bulova and their ability to craft classy and luxurious watches.

They always try to keep the price practical, and after checking out the Bulova 96B131, my sentiments remained the same.

This model first crossed my eye when I was on the hunt for a new everyday watch.

Origin of the Watch
Origin of the Watch

While there were a lot of watches on the market that would’ve been great everyday watches, none of them were really anything special.

But the second I saw this model, I instantly fell in love with it and all its subtle details. P

air that with the high praise I always give Bulova, and I knew I had to learn more about the watch.

After a lot of research, I figured that this watch is something to talk about, which is why I’ll share some of its features in this Bulova 96B131 review.

Bulova Men's 96B131 Precisionist Black Dial Steel Bracelet...
  • Case Size : 46.5 mm
  • Due to a recent redesign by Bulova, recently manufactured Bulova watches, including all watches sold and shipped by Amazon, will...
  • Precisionist, one of the world’s most accurate movements – accurate to within seconds a year


  • Attractive price compared to the qualities it brings you
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Easily readable time and date
  • Accurate Precisionist watch movement


  • The case might be a bit big for some people

Expertly Crafted

To be honest, I was in disbelief when I first saw the price tag of the watch.

This is because Bulova couldn’t have constructed this watch any better, and it would’ve been no surprise if they priced the watch north of a thousand dollars.

The case and bracelet are made of pure stainless steel, which gives the watch a beautiful shine and incredible durability.

The case measures 46.5mm in diameter, making this piece a large men’s watch, which is very appropriate considering today’s trends.

The watch is also water-resistant up 900 feet, which means you can take this watch with you when diving, swimming, or taking a soak in the tub.

To add to that, the watch is also equipped with shock resistance, more proof of Bulova’s expert craftsmanship.

But that’s not all this watch has to offer, as it houses one of the world’s most accurate movements.

Incredibly Accurate Precisionist Movement

Bulova 96B131 close up

For years, companies have been pushing technology forward with their movements.

For example, Seiko’s Spring Drive movement which combines mechanical and electronic movements, or Citizen’s solar-powered quartz movement.

But Bulova decided to push it even further with the Precisionist.

Bulova claims that the Precisionist movement is the most accurate in the world.

While that sounds like something all watchmakers say, Bulova actually has the evidence to back their claim up.

The movement stays accurate up to 10 seconds a year.

I love accuracy because I’m a person who always wants to be on time, and with a movement like this I’m confident I’ll always be on time.

One of the things I hate the most about watch maintenance is having to adjust the time after a couple of months to stay accurate, but with the Precisionist, that won’t be a problem at all.

Customer Scores and Reviews

Bulova 96B131 dial

Reading the reviews on Amazon only solidified my stance that this watch is top class.

The majority of the reviews came from happy and satisfied customers who couldn’t be more satisfied with the watch.

A couple of reviewers were quick to point out the watch’s large case and how great it looks on the wrist.

Other reviewers were simply blown away by the quality of the watch considering its price.

One customer even went as far as saying that this watch is second to none in its price range, which is something I can’t really argue with.

However, the one complaint that I noticed during my research is that some customers didn’t appreciate the watch’s size.

This may be because they didn’t understand the watch’s size.

The model measures in at 46.5mm, which is larger than most men’s watches.

So this may not be the best watch for those who prefer smaller models.


At the end of the day, the best watch is one you honestly love.

This piece has about everything, quality design, premium materials, shock resistance, and a movement that is ridiculously accurate.

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with this watch, and almost nothing to hate.

So if big, classy, and durable watches are your thing, then I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love with it too.