Bulova 96B015 Review: Classic Japanese Quartz Men’s Watch

You know what?

This Bulova 96B015 is a classic timepiece.

I first saw this piece on a friend during a formal dinner and was taken away by the way the watch stands out.

The bright and classy silver colorway brings an air of prestige, no matter what the watch is paired with.

Origin of the Watch

Asking my friend where about the timepiece gave me a fair amount of information, but I wanted to know more.

Which is why I went on the internet to do my research. I found a lot of info on the model, and I was simply blown away by it.

Bulova has a reputation for making great timepieces, and this model is proof of that.

I’ll share with you some of the best features of this watch in this review of this Bulova classic watch.

Bulova Classic Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel,...
  • Features include stainless-steel case, sunray-silver dial
  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes of water, but not showering or submersion


  • Elegant design that can go well with a lot of outfits
  • Reliable timekeeping
  • Strong and durable construction and materials


  • The case might be a bit small for some people with big wrists

A Combination Of Simplicity And Prestige

The model has a very simple design.

A simple silver dial that matches the stainless steel case, and standard stick markers.

This isn’t one of those timepieces with multiple complications and a complex set of sub-dials, which is exactly the type of watch I love.

The stripped-down design allows for the tiny details of the watch to truly shine.

For example, the dial has a great sunray pattern that wouldn’t be noticed if there were a set of sub-dials and added design on the dial.

The silver markers also allow for a very easy reading of the time, which is the very essence of any watch.

Straight To The Point Movement

Bulova 96B015 on wrist

Accuracy has never been a problem with Bulova, no matter what movement they use.

With this model, they chose to put a standard Japanese Quartz movement.

Japanese Quartz has been a staple for a while in the world of horology because of its accuracy and practicality.

This movement is known for being very accurate, only losing a couple of seconds a month.

This is great compared to some mechanical movements that lose a couple of seconds per day.

Another great thing about this movement is the fact that it’s inexpensive.

Despite its high quality, the movements don’t really cost much.

I really like that Bulova chose this movement as it makes the watch more accessible without sacrificing much.

Dimensions Designed For The Modern Wearer

Bulova 96B015 unboxing

There has been a spike in the popularity of larger men’s watches in recent years, and if I’m being honest, I support this trend.

Larger watches give off this air of confidence when being worn, however, this tends to be overdone.

I’ve stumbled on a couple of watches in recent years that are just too large.

Instead of looking confident, I end up looking like a show-off when wearing these types of pieces.

With a case measuring 38mm in diameter, this watch finds a balance between today’s larger watches and the smaller pieces from the past.

This in-the-middle size allows the watch to be worn by almost anyone, regardless of their personal style.

Customer Scores And Reviews

Aside from researching the specifications of the watch, I also wanted to know if people were satisfied with the timepiece, so I went to Amazon.

In the reviews section, I was greeted with a lot of positivity.

Most of the customers who bought the watch were satisfied with their purchase.

One reviewer pointed out that the light colorway and quality materials were exactly what he was looking for.

The one negative review I found was of a customer complaining about the lack of a sweeping seconds hand.

This may be a big deal for some people, but not for me.

When buying a quartz watch it’s expected that the seconds hand ticks instead of sweeping, which is important to know before purchasing.


All in all, there isn’t a lot to hate about this watch.

Personally, there isn’t anything I don’t like about this piece.

It’s simple, stylish, and tells accurate time.

There really isn’t much more that you’d need in a watch.

If you’re like me and enjoy the simpler pieces, this Bulova model is definitely worth checking out.