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Bewell Wood Watches Review: Best Bewell Wood Watches in 2021


Are you looking to buy the best Bewell wood watches on the market right now?

Not sure which model would fit you the most?

Then you should take a few minutes to scan through the comparison table here.

It will help you pinpoint the most suitable models for your budget and needs.

Also, don’t forget to read through the short reviews.

They will help you even more in making the best decision.

  1. MY TOP PICK: W086B Handmade Wood Wrist Watch
  2. ZS-W086B Mens Wooden Watch
  3. W109A Luminous Wristwatch
  4. W109D Chronograph Wooden Watch
  5. W111A Square Multicolor Wood Watch


Top 5 Best Bewell Wood Watches – Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct namesMovementDisplay typeEditor's ratingPrice
W086B Handmade Wood Wrist WatchW086B Handmade Wood Wrist WatchJapanese QuartzAnalog[usr 4.8]cta
ZS-W086B Mens Wooden WatchZS-W086B Mens Wooden WatchJapanese QuartzAnalog[usr 4.7]cta
W109A Luminous WristwatchW109A Luminous WristwatchJapanese QuartzAnalog[usr 4.7]cta
W109D Chronograph Wooden WatchW109D Chronograph Wooden WatchJapanese QuartzAnalog[usr 4.6]cta
W111A Square Multicolor Wood WatchW111A Square Multicolor Wood WatchJapanese QuartzAnalog[usr 4.5]cta

Bewell Wood Watches Review

Bewell W086B

Bewell W086B

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This watch stands out for its classic and natural look.

It boasts of 100% wood sourced from Africa.

It should handle everyday wearing, abrasion, moisture, oils and much more.

We love the seamless finish, which makes wiping off dust, dirt, oil, sweat, spills and other things easy.

Another thing we like this piece for its lightweight.

It weighs less about 4 ounces and should feel okay on the hand.

The decent weight, size, and thickness seem to suit most men well.

You also get a smooth finish and rounded edge on the bracelet to minimize the possibility of it digging into, scratching, or living marks on the skin.

The timepiece gets the thumbs up for being among the safest and environmentally friendly watches.

It’s all natural and doesn’t contain any toxins or chemicals that may cause side effects or allergies such as reddening, rashes, dry patches or irritation.


  • Smooth finish and comfortable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic

  • The band may feel a little big

Bewell ZS-W086B

Bewell ZS-W086B

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This watch should appeal to people looking for an elegant, reliable, and light watch.

Made from wood, it does feel fairly solid and strong.

It also has a natural look, which blends well with the ebony wood finish.

The smooth finish on the case, case back, and wrist improve its wearability.

It’s unlikely to scratch the skin or leave any color, marks, or scratches.

The timepiece also seems to maintain its nice natural looks well. It does not fade or change color easily.

It’s pretty accurate and reliable thanks to the Japanese quartz movement.

The margin of error is small and does not need regular adjustment.

For peace-of-mind, it features a battery that can last for two or more years without problems.


  • Well built and durable
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Accurate and durable battery

  • It is somewhat light

Bewell W109A


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Combining maple and red sandalwood, many people consider this timepiece as one of the best choices.

One thing we like is the elegant and classic finish, which should appeal to most people.

The unit, which targets men, features an easy-to-read analog display.

The Japanese quartz movement is relatively accurate and easy to maintain.

According to consumers, it will be off by a few seconds in a month.

The unit depends on a lithium battery, which can last for as many as 3 years.

The dark brown dial blends nicely with the beige case and bezel for a fashionable appeal.

And for easy viewing even in the dark or at night, the hands and markers feature decent luminosity.

Being 100% wood, chances of allergic reactions or side effects is low.


  • 100% natural wood construction
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Reliable and accurate

  • It is a bit too basic

Bewell W109D

Bewell W109D

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Weighing just 0.159lbs, this is among the lightweight watches in the market.

It is made from sandalwood wood, which is known for its lightweight and good strength.

It should handle the use, abrasion, moisture, sweats, bangs, knocks and other things fairly well.

The large silver-tone Arabic numerals are easy to read against the brown dial.

Japanese quartz movement, which appears to be precise, powers the unit.

Like most types from the company, it has a small built-in battery, which can last for about 36 months.

The absence of chemicals, paints, and toxic compounds boosts the watch’s hypoallergenic and safety nature.

It is also eco-friendly and should be safe to the wearer and pets too.


  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Comfortable and smooth finish
  • Accurate time and durable battery

  • The instructions are not very detailed

Bewell W111A

Bewell W111A

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Made from high-density natural wood, this watch feels more solid than most other options.

It should handle the needs better.

It comes in an elegant stylish which works okay with the black and redwood color.

The round dial is fairly large and measures 45mm/1.76 inches.

It should fit well on a man’s wrist.

It’s also not heavy since it weighs just 62g/0.137 lbs. wearing it for an extended period should, therefore, be convenient.

It features luminous pointers and markers, which glow nicely in the dark.

They also run smoothly and silently courtesy of the fairly accurate Japanese quartz movement and longlasting lithium battery.


  • Accurate time and smooth movement
  • Fashionable and reliable
  • Good luminosity and easy-to-read dial

  • May get scratches when handled roughly


I hope that after reading through this short Bewell wood watch review of mine, you’ve had enough time and information to pick up the right model for you.

Feel free to tell me which one you like the most in the comment section!