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A Gem On The Wrist – Best Wrist Wear For A Gentleman

How Men Started Wearing Wristwatch

How Men Started Wearing Wristwatch

Let’s get this right. Wearing wristwatches was not gentlemen’s cup of tea, at least not from the beginning.

They were primarily worn by women.

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When wristwatch was introduced to the world for the first time in the 19th century, it was a dedication to the Queen of Naples, Maria Carolina of Austria, sister of Emperor Napoleon I.

Nonetheless, wristwatches became popular among officers and soldiers for their convenience during warfare a few decades later.

For people from that particular time of era, wristwatch was a symbol of royalty, duty, and courage.

After World War I, people began shifting their perception of the men’s wristwatch.

Not only did the practical function of precise time synchronization matter, but the wristwatch itself was being turned into a fashion necessity, a gem on the wrist, for all men with or without uniform.

Automatic watches were presented, followed by electric watches, quartz watches, and now, smartwatches.

Watch bezel also evolved over time.

All kinds of gems, gold, steel, ceramic, and even emerald, are being added to present the style of a gentleman.

Don’t Forget About Bracelet

Don’t Forget About Bracelet for Men

While men are gradually accepting the flair by wearing a wristwatch, bracelet, another major source of wristwear fashion, has never disappeared.

As a matter of fact, bracelets and wristwatches were even considered the same product once.

Most watchmakers produced wristwatches in the mid-nineteenth century, often marketed wristwatches as bracelets.

The origin of the bracelet could be dated back to as long as 7,000 years ago.

However, unlike watches, bracelets do not have the hour hand and the minute hand.

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It has preserved what people describe as the purest and the most original form of wristwear fashion.

Among all kinds of men’s bracelet, men’s bead bracelet is unanimously crowned as the best style of bracelet for men.

The evolution of men’s bead bracelet relies heavily on the use of different gemstone.

For example, Azuro Republic, a luxurious wristwear fashion brand that believes in continuous innovation and dedicates to the development of men’s bead bracelet, seeks to redefine men’s bracelet.

Starting from tiger eye, black obsidian, to brown agate, Azuro Republic is always in its quest for refining the most suitable, exotic, oriental stones, and makes them into an indispensable part of a gentleman.

Yet, the meaning of each stone has never changed even after 7 millennials.

Tiger eye stands for courage, black obsidian for braveness, and brown agate for spirituality.

That is the beauty of men’s bead bracelet, always the purest wristwear for a gentleman.