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Best Watches for Women Under $200 – Top 10 Choices for the Ladies

You know what?

Getting a new watch is always a fun and exciting experience.

However, there are times when all the options available to you can actually make the choice a bit harder.

In this list, we hope to help you narrow your choices down with the best women’s watches under $200.

As we all know, you don’t have to bust the bank for a stylish and functional timepiece.

This list has some of the top budget choices for women looking for a watch that keeps good time, looks great, and is budget-friendly.

So if you’re on the hunt for such a watch, read on to find out more.

  1. MY TOP PICK: Michael Kors Women’s Parker Gold-Tone Watch
  2. Michael Kors Women’s Runway Silver
  3. Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader Watch
  4. Citizen Eco-Drive Silver- and Gold-Toned Watch EW1544-53A
  5. Bulova Womens Swarovski Crystal Watch (Model 96L253)


Are Watches Below $200 Good?

You obviously don’t need to bust the bank just to buy a watch.

As this list has shown, there are many watches out there designed for those who don’t want to make a huge investment in a watch.

With a little bit of research, you’ll surely be able to find a great and cheap watch from brands such as Timex, Casio, Fossil, Seiko, Citizen, and more.

What Is The Best Brand For a Budget Watch?

There’s no definitive answer to this.

But a lot of people in the watch community will easily say the Japanese brands are some of the best at making cheap, affordable, and high-quality watches.

Japanese brands famous for this are Fossil, Seiko, and Citizen.

But there are also other brands around the world that deliver just as well.

Brands such as Bulova and Michael Kors have adorned the wrists of people all over the world because their watches don’t require tapping into your savings to buy while still being a top-quality timepiece.

The Best Women’s Watches Under $200 – Quick Comparison

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Michael Kors Womens Parker Gold-Tone WatchMichael Kors Women's Parker Gold-Tone Watch[usr 4.9]cta
Michael Kors Womens Runway SilverMichael Kors Women's Runway Silver[usr 4.9]cta
Timex Womens Indiglo Easy Reader Quartz Analog Leather Strap WatchTimex Women's Indiglo Easy Reader Quartz Analog Leather Strap Watch[usr 4.8]cta
Citizen Eco-Drive Silver- and Gold-Toned Watch for Women, EW1544-53ACitizen Eco-Drive Silver- and Gold-Toned Watch for Women, EW1544-53A[usr 4.8]cta
Citizen Watches Womens FE6140-03A Eco-DriveCitizen Watches Women's FE6140-03A Eco-Drive[usr 4.7]cta
Bulova Womens Swarovski Crystal Quartz Watch (Model 96L253)Bulova Women's 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Watch[usr 4.7]
Nine West Womens NW-1994RGGY Strap WatchNine West Womens NW-1994RGGY Strap Watch[usr 4.7]cta
Fossil Womens Georgia Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual WatchFossil Women's Georgia Quartz Leather Casual Watch[usr 4.6]cta
Fossil Womens Riley Stainless Steel Multifunction Glitz Quartz WatchFossil Womens Riley Multifunction Glitz Quartz Watch[usr 4.6]cta
Skagen Womens Ancher Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz WatchSkagen Womens Ancher Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz Watch[usr 4.6]cta

1. Michael Kors Parker Gold-Tone Watch

Michael Kors Womens Parker Gold-Tone Watch

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While Michael Kors is a brand known for expensive luxury items, they also have a couple of less-expensive pieces in their catalog, and this watch is one of them.

This piece is a rose-gold toned watch that has a classy modern look.

With the rise of rose-gold tones in products, this timepiece fits right into the trend.

Aside from that, the watch is also adorned with Swarovski crystals both on the bezel and dial.

On the dial which shares the rose-gold tone of the case, there is a large numerical marker at the 12 o’clock position with Swarovski crystals taking the place of the other markers.

The watch has three sub-dials that display the chronograph function of the watch with a date window in between the four and five o’clock markers.

The case measures in at 39 mm which may be on the larger side, but since there are a fair amount of things on the dial, the size actually gives the watch a more organized look.

The timepiece runs on a quartz movement, which is accurate and affordable, making it the perfect pair for a stylish budget-watch such as this.


-Classy design

-Chronograph and date window

-Easy to read

-Adorned with Swarovski crystals


-The watch may be too large for some

2. Michael Kors Women’s Runway Silver

Michael Kors Womens Runway Silver

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If you’re a fan of rose-gold tones but don’t want it on the entire watch, this timepiece might be worth checking out.

It features a gold-toned case with rose gold accents on the bracelet and dial.

This gives the watch a very classy look, which is further accented by the simple stick markers and hands on the watch.

There aren’t any sub-dials on this model, but that can actually work to its advantage.

The simplicity of the dial makes the watch a much better partner for formal outfits, especially with the very large 42mm case which will really catch anyone’s eye.

The watch has 50m of water resistance, which isn’t the best, but as long as you don’t wear the watch in the pool or when going for a dive, you’ll be fine.

All in all, this a simple yet incredibly classy timepiece that runs on a trusty Japanese quartz movement.

Perfect for anyone looking for a watch that can add a touch of class to any outfit.


-Simple and classy design

-Reliable Japanese quartz movement

-Two-toned design

-Easy to read


-Only has 50m of water resistance

3. Timex Women’s Indiglo

Timex Womens Indiglo Easy Reader Quartz Analog Leather Strap Watch

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Moving on from Michael Kors, we have another classic timepiece from another classic brand, Timex.

The Indiglo is one of the brand’s more iconic pieces, as it has adorned the wrist of many people from all walks of life since its release.

This specific model is about as classic as it gets.

A simple black leather strap paired with a small, gold-toned case that measures in at 25mm, which is the quintessential size for a lady’s dress watch.

The dial itself is reminiscent of old-school timepieces with large black markers to perfectly contrast the white dial.

One of the highlights of the watch is the lume, which allows you to read the time regardless of the lighting condition, which is a great pair to the 30m of water resistance which results in a watch that will easily take care of your horological needs throughout the day.


-Old-school dress-watch design

-Goes great with both casual and formal outfits

-Easy to read

-The lume allows you to read the time in any condition


-The watch can tick quite loudly

4. Citizen Eco-Drive EW1544-53A

Citizen Eco-Drive Silver- and Gold-Toned Watch for Women, EW1544-53A

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Moving on, we have a gorgeous model from Citizen that utilizes its premiere technology.

For starters, the watch has a two-toned case and bracelet that utilizes two classic watch colors: gold and silver.

This results in a nice contrast on the watch that is driven home by the simple black and white dial with a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

While the watch’s design is great on its own, the main reason this watch is attractive is actually the movement underneath it all.

The watch uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, which is basically a quartz movement that doesn’t need a battery change.

That may sound surprising since having to change the battery occasionally is one of the only caveats to having a quartz watch.

The way this is done is by putting a solar panel on the watch’s dial that charges the watch and keeps it ticking.

It has been the main feature of a lot of Citizen’s watches, and the Eco Drive line is by far one of the favorites from the brand.


-Eco-Drive movement

-Classy two-toned design

-The simple dial is easy to read

-100m of water resistance


-The design might be too “old-school” for some

5. Citizen Eco-Drive FE6140-03A

Citizen Watches Womens FE6140-03A Eco-Drive

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If you’re a fan of the Eco-Drive movement but want a more modern-looking watch, then this might be the Citizen piece for you.

It features a beige band, which blends very well with the stainless steel case and white dial.

The beige band is further accented by the markers and hands on the dial as they share the same color.

The result is a very light and modern look, perfect for any modern woman.

The case measures in at 34mm, which is a bit larger than most women’s watches, but the size works great for an everyday timepiece.

This watch can easily go with formal and office outfits as easily as it does with more dressed-down, casual Friday looks.

On top of all that, it runs on Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement, which is known all around for its convenience, accuracy, and functionality.


-Easy to wear

-Easy to read

-Uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement

-Stylish and modern design


-Only has 30m of water resistance

6.Bulova Women’s 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Watch

silver wrist watch with stones

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Next up on the list, we have a model from a famously innovative brand, Bulova.

For years, the company has been known for coming up with wild and creative designs.

These designs have resulted in a lot of praise and a lot of criticism for Bulova, and that’s because some designs and ideas work really well while others don’t.

This watch is a clear example of it working.

This is a loud, bright, and extravagant watch perfect for those who want their timepiece to be noticed.

The first thing that one might notice is how the watch is loaded with Swarovski crystals.

There are a total of 126 crystals distributed throughout the bezel, mother-of-pearl dial, and bracelet.

Paired with a silver-toned case and bracelet, this results in a classy watch that truly shines.

On top of that the watch also has a great quartz movement and water resistance up to 30m, which leaves some to be desired, but it still just fine for a dress watch of its price.


-Loud design

-Quartz movement

-Mother-of-pearl dial is very classy

-23.5mm dial is a great size for a dress watch


-The design might be too loud for some

7. Nine West Women’s Strap Watch (NW/1994RGGY)

Nine West Womens NW-1994RGGY Strap Watch

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Following things up is a watch from another brand that’s more well known for clothes than watches, Nine West.

Nine West is a great brand that works well for all age groups, and it’s obvious that this watch was designed for the younger watch enthusiast.

It features a rose-gold toned case and a thin bezel, which adds a very feminine touch to the watch which pairs very well with the color of the case and dial.

The dial features a white background with rose-gold toned stick markers that are large and easy to read.

It’s obvious that this a very fashionable watch, especially with the gray strap with a rose-gold toned buckle and the domed crystal.

Underneath the whole thing is a Japanese quartz movement, which keeps accurate time while also making the watch more affordable.

Aside from that, the watch doesn’t have a lot of features as a lot of the effort put into making the timepiece went into the design.

So if all you need is a fashionable timepiece that can keep time accurately while not doing much else, then this might be one of the top budget options for you.


-Premium design

-Accurate movement

-Easy to read

-Domed crystal


-The watch isn’t water-resistant

8. Fossil Women’s Georgia Watch

Fossil Womens Georgia Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch

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One brand that has yet to be mentioned on this list is Fossil.

The brand is another world-famous watchmaker known for releasing high-quality watches that can be bought by anyone.

This women’s watch has a very retro look perfect for anyone looking for a great pair for their casual outfits.

It has a large and classy dial with a white background and silver markers, resulting in a very easy to read yet sleek design.

To add to that is the brown leather strap with metal buckles and details that result in a rugged look.

And considering the looks everyone’s sporting these days, this might be one of the most fashionable pieces you can get on a budget.

Aside from looking exceptional, this watch is also a workhorse.

It runs on a quartz movement, which is part of the reason this watch is in the price range it’s in, while also being the reason that the watch can stay accurate for longer periods of time.

On top of that, it has a mineral crystal and 50m of water resistance, which gives this watch as much durability as it has style.

If you aren’t looking for a formal watch and instead are looking for a piece to go with your favorite casual jackets, then this might be the piece for you.


-Rugged design

-Large dial

-Genuine leather strap



-The leather band is hard to replace

9. Fossil Women’s Riley Watch

Fossil Womens Riley Stainless Steel Multifunction Glitz Quartz Watch

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Next up is another piece from Fossil, this time in the form of a more classy and formal watch.

The case and bracelet on this timepiece sport a silver-tone, while the bezel and dial are adorned with crystals that make the watch shine.

Despite all the shine on the watch, it’s surprisingly easy to read.

This is a testament to Fossil’s attention to detail, as they were able to make a watch with a design this loud yet not distracting from the main purpose of having a watch: to read the time.

The watch also has a chronograph, displayed on three subdials that are placed perfectly on the dial to allow you to use the function very easily while adding a bit of flavor to the main dial.

To keep time, the watch uses an Analog quartz movement, which is about standard for watches in this price range.

On top of that, the watch also is water-resistant up to 100m.

So that means you can wear it in the shower, while washing your hands, or even in the pool for a quick dip.

Just keep in mind not to keep it submerged for too long as it wasn’t designed to handle heavy and prolonged exposure to water.

Those of you out there looking for a nice dress watch made by a classic brand should definitely put this Fossil piece under consideration.


-Classy dress watch design

-Reliable movement

-100m of water resistance

-The silver tones help the watch pop


-Might be too loud to be used as an everyday watch

10. Skagen Women’s Ancher Watch

Skagen Womens Ancher Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz Watch

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Just because a watch has crystals, doesn’t mean it has to be loud, and this Skagen piece proves just that.

This watch has a plain silver-toned dial that uses crystals as the markers.

This is all fits into a small, 23mm case perfect for formal occasions where you want your watch to accent your look, not steal the show.

The minimalist themes of the watch are further driven home by the black leather strap that the watch comes with.

Underneath the hood is a classic three-hand quartz movement that keeps time as accurately as any other movement out there if not better.

Another cool addition to the watch is the fact that the straps are interchangeable, which means that you can instantly change the look and feel of the timepiece whenever you feel like it.

So if you’re on the hunt for a minimalistic and classy dress watch, make sure to give this Skagen piece a good look.


-Minimalist design

-Interchangeable straps

-Reliable quartz movement

-Great size for a dress watch


-Only has 30m of water-resistance

How to Choose a Good Women’s Watch Under $200

best watches for women under 200

In this section, we take a look at some important things to consider and look at when shopping for a watch on a budget.

1. Brand

One of the first things to consider when you’re on the hunt for a watch on a budget is the brand.

Obviously, you aren’t going to find any legitimate Rolex or Patek Philipe models for under $200, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a good watch.

As you probably learned from the article, there are a lot of brands that you can choose from when looking for an inexpensive timepiece.

Brands such as Michael Kors and Bulova will always deliver when it comes to design.

While other cheaper brands like Seiko, Citizen, and Fossil will always give you well-designed and highly functional timepieces.

All for a relatively affordable price.

2. Movement

This is one of the most important aspects of a watch.

After all, it is what keeps the device ticking and working.

If you’re looking at budget watches, it might be best to focus on quartz movements

This is because they are the most inexpensive movements to make and usually keep time even better than automatic and mechanical movements.

Automatic and mechanical movements are generally more expensive, and cheaper watches with these movements usually mean that there were some steps taken to reduce the cost of manufacturing which could, in turn, affect the watch.

3. Size

When checking out designs, it will be easier if you already know what size you want.

Larger dials work great on casual watches, that’s why some pieces on this list had dials as big as 39mm.

Having a watch of that size on your wrist will result in a strong look that’s perfect for days when you’re dressed down, but might not really work with formal outfits.

If you’re looking for something closer to a dress watch that you can wear at formal events to match your favorite gown, it might be best to go with smaller watches.

These watches generally have a classier look than larger ones and also do a better job at complementing outfits rather than stealing the show.

4. Complications

When talking about watches, a complication simply means an extra feature of the watch.

This could be a chronograph, a calendar, a date window, multiple timezones, and even luminosity.

Now, you don’t necessarily need a lot of complications (especially on a budget watch), but it would always be nice to have a couple of them as they add character and functionality to a watch.

5. Strap Or Bracelet

This is another factor you have to take into account.

Would you rather have a leather or silicone strap, or would you prefer a metal bracelet?

Having a strap would give the watch a more rustic look, and with the right watch could also give a classic vibe.

Bracelets are generally more formal and flashier than straps, so if that’s the look you’re going for then a bracelet might be the best choice for you.


How Often Do I Get My Watch Serviced?

It’s recommended to get your watch serviced every 3 to 5 years.

Where Can I Get My Watch Serviced?

You can usually get your watch serviced at any local watch or jewelry shop, but make sure to check if the people servicing your watch are licensed professionals.

Otherwise, you risk damaging your watch or voiding the warranty.

How Long Is The Warranty On My Watch?

That will all depend on the brand, but most brands have a warranty policy that covers factory defects and damages no caused by abuse of the watch for two years.

However, each brand and model may have a different policy so make sure to do the proper research.


There you have it, the best watches for women that you can buy for less than $200.

All the watches on this list perform very well, especially considering the price.

Aside from that, all the watches also have their own unique looks and styles that will cater to a lot of different tastes.

There’s no definitive best budget to watch out there because everyone has different tastes.

But if you know in your heart that the watch you chose will make you happy, then there’s no doubt at all that you’re wearing the best watch for you.

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