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Top 10 Best Watches for Police & Law Enforcement Officers

Every day, police officers are out in the streets fighting crime and keeping us safe.

It probably goes without saying that time is of the essence when you’re on a job like that.

This is why these officers need quality watches that will hold their own on the streets.

The choice may be tough.

But I’ll try to make it easier by showcasing only the best wristwatches for police officers here for you to choose from.

Take a look and let me know which of these cop watches would you pick up.

What Are Some Good Watch Brands for Police Officers?

An ideal watch for police officers has to satisfy their needs.

There are many good watch brands. Some of them are definitely popular in the police department.

We will suggest you some:

  • Casio
  • Armitron Sport
  • Samsung
  • Invicta
  • Smith & Wesson

Among these choices, Casio is the most popular one.

Casio is famous for its durability.

It is waterproof and shock-resistant.

The minimalist design suits many because it is simple yet fashionable.

The color also encourages police to buy.

It matches every piece of clothing.

Every police can afford a watch.

That is why rookies often pick it up.

Because of its popularity, police find it easy to choose the appropriate sample.

There are also two versions designed for male and female police.

Top (11) Best Watches for Police & Law Enforcement Officers


1. Suunto SS014279010

suunto SS014279010 one of the best watches for police

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You know it, being a police officer is NOT to be stationary all the time.

Aside from the regular traces and runs that the police have to go through on a day-to-day basis, there’s also a bunch of other movements that need to be done on the job.

That’s why this Suunto piece would make a great companion.

Even though it’s a sport watch, it can be considered a very good tactical watch here.

And while it lacks the regular heart monitors that other sports pieces have, it makes up for it with its other tactical features.

For starters, it has a Storm Alarm. Don’t worry if the term is unfamiliar as not a lot of pieces have this feature.

A storm alarm can basically alert you if, there’s an upcoming squall, even if the sky seems clear.

Aside from all that it also has an altimeter for you to track altitude, a barometer that measures air pressure to help you track the weather, a compass, and a sunset and sunrise indicator every day to help you better plan the day.

The sunrise/sunset times (which are available for over 400 locations) are especially useful for the police as sunrise usually indicates the start of their day.


  • Altimeter and barometer help out a lot on the field
  • Sunset and sunrise indicator makes planning easier
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy to navigate through the features


  • No heart monitor

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2. Casio GA100-1A2 G-Shock Watch

Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2 one of the best watches for police

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Durability is everything for this job, you know.

The daily grind of police officers usually involves doing a lot of moving around checking things up, and when doing all this work you sometimes drop stuff or bump into things.

And if you use a standard watch on the job, you put the timepiece at a higher risk of breaking.

That’s why the G-Shock is perfect for police & law enforcement officers.

It is known all over for its durability.

It has incredible shock and water resistance, so you can wear it on the field with no problem.

And with this specific Casio G-Shock watch, all of that comes in a very sleek black and blue case.

The colors bring out an air of toughness, which makes it a great watch to pair with the uniform.

On top of all that it’s packed with a bunch of tactical features like a stopwatch, calendar, alarm, and a powerful battery.

A true utilitarian workhorse.


  • Simple yet great looking design
  • Military-grade shock resistance
  • Large 51mm case
  • Water Resistance


  • The watch may look too large on smaller wrists

3. Casio Baby-G BG169R-8 G-Shock Watch

Casio Womens BG169R-8 one of the best watches for police

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This is one of the best watches for female police officers you can find out there.

Instead of a large case, this model comes with a more toned down, translucent resin case, and bracelet.

This neutral look makes it look great with uniforms, especially camo.

Aside from all that, this is a very straight-to-the-point digital display watch.

It displays the time and date, with options for a stopwatch and alarm.

The watch is nicknamed the Baby-G because of how it takes all the strong qualities in a standard G-Shock such as durability and puts in a toned-down, flexible, and stylish case.


  • Durable case
  • Translucent resin gives the watch a very unique look
  • Stopwatch and alarm functions


  • Might be a bit small for male wearers

4. Armitron 40-8335BLU

Armitron 40-8335 one of the best watches for police

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Sport watches are really the ideal piece for those working in the police department and law enforcement agencies.

They usually have an above-average level of durability and are packed with features, and this watch isn’t an exception.

It comes in a simple black case with blue details.

This makes it really easy to wear, whether you’re in uniform or casual wear.

On top of that is has a very durable resin case and can resist water pressure up to 100m, so it might not be the best piece to bring on a dive, but it will definitely hold up in the field.

The watch also runs on Japanese quartz, so you can rest assured that the piece will stay accurate, which is of the utmost importance when your job is a police officer.


  • Flexible design
  • Durable case
  • Accurate movement
  • Day, date, and month display


  • Only 100m of water resistance

5. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch SM-R800NZSAXAR

Samsung Galaxy SM-R800NZSAXAR one of the best watches for police

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If you’re willing to sacrifice some durability for a wide range of functions, then you should check this watch out.

It took a while, but smartwatches are finally being accepted as useful and stylish tools in the horology world, and Samsung is definitely at the forefront.

This watch isn’t as strong as some other dedicated sports watches, but they are still built to last, with top-grade durability.

But by far the highlight of this piece is its functionality.

The watch can connect to both Android and iOS devices, so you can have all your notifications available on your wrist, making receiving information much easier.

The watch also has a special feature to calculate your sleep and stress levels, to make sure you’re always performing at 100 percent.

What more could you need to help you through long deployment periods?


  • Connects to both Android and iOS
  • Durable case
  • A battery that lasts for days
  • Connectivity allows for more function in the watch


  • Only has 50m of Water Resistance

6. Citizen CA0291-59E

Citizen CA0291-59E one of the best watches for police

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Another good tactical watch on the list.

When working on the force, it would be best to keep things simple and functional.

This Citizen watch is not too flashy but is still designed with quality design in mind.

The watch uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement, which uses a solar panel on the face of the watch to charge the battery.

With this watch, you won’t have to worry about losing any time, changing the battery, or rewinding it on a daily.

And with its stainless steel case, rest assured that this watch will survive any bumps and dings while on the job.


  • Eco-drive technology with 210 days power reserve
  • No need for battery change
  • Can resist water pressure up to 200m


  • Might be a bit pricey

7. Invicta 9094OB Pro Diver

Invicta Men's 9094OB "Pro Diver"  one of the best watches for police

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Accuracy is key when you’re a law enforcer.

And that also means keeping your watch accurate, and it can’t get any more accurate than watches with a Swiss quartz movement.

This Invicta watch is another unassuming watch, that won’t budge while keeping its accuracy.

When on the streets, there are so many things that can damage a watch, especially water.

But this Pro Diver timepiece can handle depths of up to 660 feet, making sure that you can keep time, no matter what the situation.

The watch’s face also features large indicators, so reading time will be a breeze and won’t take up too much energy.

  • Stainless steel watch with blue unidirectional bezel and metal dial with luminous hands/indices and magnified date window at 3 o’clock
  • 40 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
  • Japanese automatic movement with analog display
  • Three-link stainless steel bracelet with buckle closure
  • Water-resistant to 200 m (660 ft): In general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving

8. Armitron Sport 40/8309

Armitron 40-8309 one of the best watches for police

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Digital display watches tend to be popular with police officers due to their functionality.

Most digital watches are easy to read, have a calendar, stopwatch, and basically everything you would need from a watch.

The Armitron Sport has a simple, sporty black case with blue details, and a large face with a date and day window, with the time being displayed in the middle.

The watch has both 12-hour and military time and is braced to the wrist by a black resin strap with a buckle.

This is perfect for law enforcement as there would be a smaller chance of the watch falling off during the day.


  • Resin case for extra durability
  • Decent 100 m (330 ft) Water Resistance
  • Great collection of special functions


  • Might be too big for some people

9. Smith & Wesson SWW-455P

Smith & Wesson SWW-455P one of the best watches for police

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If you’re on the lookout for a more “classic” feel in your police watch, then this could be the piece you were looking for.

The nylon strap is comfortable right out of the box, so you can wear this piece for extended periods of time with no problem.

The classic dial has a blue background with stick markers that give off an air of class while still keeping everything down to earth.

If accuracy is what you’re looking for, there’s no need to worry either as this piece uses Japanese quartz.

While it isn’t as high-quality as its Swiss counterpart, Japanese-made movements retain almost the same accuracy while being less expensive.

The Smith & Wesson SWW-455P is a stylish, economical, and functional timepiece. The Smith & Wesson SWW-455P timeless classic among cop watches.


  • Classic dial gives the watch a classy feel
  • Nylon strap is comfortable out of the box
  • The movement only loses a couple of seconds a month


  • Only has a mineral crystal

10. Casio G-Shock GLS-8900-1

Casio G-Shock  GLS-8900-1 one of the best watches for police

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This G-Shock model was made for those who want to keep things simple and straight to the point.

While the dial is pretty large, measuring 55mm in diameter, the elements of the dial are pretty simple.

It’s easy to see the dial, easy to manipulate, and most importantly, it doesn’t distract you from the important work you’re doing.

The best part about this watch is that it still keeps all the durability of a G-Shock.

When working the field, people tend to either worry about their watch getting damaged or actually damaging the watch.

With this really durable workhorse, there’s no need to worry about bumps and dings making it unwearable.


  • Minimalist design
  • Resists shock wonderfully
  • Black aluminum bezel


  • Only has a mineral crystal

11. Invicta Pro Diver 2928

Invicta 8928 one of the best watches for police

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This is another piece for those who prefer a more classic look.

As the name suggests, Invicta designed this piece with a dive watch in mind.

With its white circular markers on a black background, reading the time is no big deal at all, and the full lume allows you to read it in the dark, too.

Since this is a dive watch, it has a fair amount of durability.

The stainless steel case gives it adequate shock resistance, albeit not the best.

However, the watch is also water-resistant up to 200m, which makes it very suitable to bring on dives and long swims.

The watch also has an automatic movement, so manually rewinding this watch is a non-issue.


  • Dive watch inspired design
  • 200m of water resistance
  • Easy to read dial


  • Stainless steel case might not be ideal for everyone

Other tough watches you should know about:

What To Look For When Buying Police Watches

Best Watches for Law Enforcement
Best Watches for Law Enforcement


As an officer, you want an excellent, rugged design, that isn’t too flashy, at a great price.

You certainly don’t want a watch that is expensive enough that you have to worry about damaging it on the job, or that you would go back to a crime scene to look for it if you lost it.

In fact, a perfect price range is where you are comfortable have two of the same watch, with one of them back at the station or precinct as a spare.


Chances are, if you’re working in the police force, you may have a lot of nights where you’re working.

Having a proper backlight (or lume) on your watch will make it much easier to read time in the dark, which may be really important when working as a police officer.


Police work is a very unique job, there’s isn’t a lot of work out there that can be compared to it.

Police officers on the daily have to do an incredible amount of physical work while also doing “normal” office things like filing paperwork and attending meetings.

Because of this, there’s a lot that can damage your watch, whether it will be hitting it on something while fighting crime, or simply banging it against the office refrigerator.

Your watch needs to be able to survive all of this, so make sure that the timepiece you’re looking at is made of quality materials that won’t budge.

Law Enforcement Watches are part of their gear
Law Enforcement Watches are part of their gear

Personal Preference

For a lot of officers, their watch is the only thing they’re wearing that isn’t part of a uniform, so personal preference plays a large role in choosing a watch.

When buying anything, at the end of the day the choice is no one else’s but yours.

There’s no such thing as a “wrong” choice for a police watch.

Some of these timepieces may be less practical than others.

But if you’re comfortable and feel good about the choice you made, then there’s no problem at all, officer.

Official Video from Casio G-Shock: Police Watches

In this official video from Casio, Captain Joseph Garcia, Senior team leader for the US. Corrections Special Operations Group, talks about his choice of a G-Shock watch.

Watches for Law Enforcement video


Do polices wear watches?


There are no rules banning police from wearing watches.

To some of them, watches are important devices for daily use.

Why do cops wear watches?

Cops wear watches for different purposes.

Here are some benefits of cop watches:

  • Watches are time reminders: They keep cops punctual. Policemen must follow the time and watches help them.
  • Watches are convenient: They are portable and small. Thanks to their sizes, police can move, run or even fight without difficulties.
  • Watches are long-term investments: Cops buy watches once and use them for a long time. The battery also has a long lifespan. Besides, the price of materials like gold is rising so watches may cost more in the future.
  • Watches express your style: The police look alike because they must wear uniforms. Watches make them slightly different from each other, expressing individuality.

Watches also represent their classes and personalities.

What is a tactical watch?

A tactical watch is a must for the unique needs of the police force and those who play extreme sports.

A suitable watch for cops satisfies these criteria:

  • The accuracy: What if a watch shows the wrong time? It loses its basic function and becomes useless.
  • The resistance: The working conditions of the police are harsher than in other jobs. Thus, their watches must be durable, tough, and waterproof.
  • Affordable price: It does not make sense to spend a lot of money on a watch when police may break it. They often wrestle and jump, right?
  •  Illumination is a plus: Thanks to the luminescent hands, the police can read the time in the dark.

G-shock, a product from Casio, is the top option in any list of tactical watches.

G-shock meets the demands of the police force because:

It is resistant: It is waterproof, mudproof, and shock-resistant. G-shock is as tough as the police.

It is bright: The LED backlight enables cops to read the time under any conditions.

It is diverse: There are over 100 G-Shock watches on the market to suit you.

It is affordable: In general, the price is acceptable for different models.

It includes different uses: G-shock provides world time, vibration alarm, and backlight.