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10 Best Watches for EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters – Which One Would You Choose?

the As an EMT, medical professional, or firefighter, you desire a watch that is easy to read even in dimly-lit situations.

You also want it to be very precise in order to get an accurate pulse, lightweight, and comfortable because you’ll be wearing it for a long time.

And the following ones are the best watches for EMTs you should know about.

Why You Should Buy Specialized Watches for EMTs?

Tracking a patient’s vitals

Tracking the vitals of patients is one of the crucial things you must do first when approaching the situation.

In this term, EMT watches support you the best.

It helps you measure and determine the heart rate of victims in an emergency when you don’t have any specialized medical equipment.

Doing this will also give you a general health status and then, make the right treatment to apply to victims. 

If unfortunately, the patients are dead, EMT watch gives you the exact time to record when you report to your manager. 

Timing for medication 

Some medications require a specific time of use, and you have to track how the drug will affect the patients.

Too late or too early administration of drugs may cause unexpected effects.

You will need to administer the medication for different times and of course, you must check EMT watch, too.

Recording situation

This reason is for documentation purposes.

If you are the first to approach the case, you must record the exact time and date before doing any further steps. 

Then, you will also need to record the time of applying treatment, tests, medications, etc.

EMT watch has never been more helpful.  

The (10) Best Watches for Paramedics & EMTs Chosen by Customers

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Speidel Original Scrub WatchSpeidel Original Scrub Watch[usr 4.8]cta button
VAVC Scrub Watch for Nurses,Doctors,Students and Medical ProfessionalsVAVC Nurse Watch for Medical Students[usr 4.8]
Speidel Medical Scrub Glow WatchSpeidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch[usr 4.8]cta button
Casio Mens Solar Sport Combination WatchCasio Mens Solar Sport Combination Watch[usr 4.7]cta button
Citizen Watches Mens BM8180-03ECitizen Watches Mens BM8180-03E[usr 4.7]cta button
Casio Mens G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport WatchCasio Mens G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch[usr 4.7]cta button
Luminox Mens 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark WatchLuminox Mens 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch[usr 4.6]cta button
Timex Mens Expedition Scout 40 WatchTimex Mens Expedition Scout 40 Watch[usr 4.6]cta button
Seiko Mens SNK809 Seiko 5Seiko Mens SNK809 Seiko 5[usr 4.6]cta button
Seiko SKX007KSeiko Men's Automatic Analogue Watch SKX007K[usr 4.6]cta button

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Speidel Scrub Watch for EMTs and Medical Professionals (Top-rated overall)

Speidel Original Scrub Watch

See Latest Price

This Speidel Scrub is a good watch for someone looking for a reliable and durable watch.

It has a moderately large dial with well-spaced Arabic numerals.

The second hand is also easily noticeable and taking pulse reading should be much easier.

The unit is lightweight and has a slim profile.

It won’t add undue weight on the wrist, which may hinder your comfort or movement, especially during the long shift.

Many consumers say it has good accuracy and can handle everyday use, bangs, abrasion, movements, and shock well.

Cleaning the smooth and sleek finish on the stainless steel case and the gel wrist band is not hard.


  • Good size and weight
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Shock resistant


  • Takes time to get used to the gel wristband

Speidel Scrub Glow Watch (Best Watch for Female EMT)

Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch

See Latest Price

This has to be among the most comfortable paramedic watches out there.

It feels super light and the finish, both on the stainless steel case and rubber band, is very smooth.

It doesn’t add any weight to the wearer and stays firm on the spot.

No movement, no digging into the skin, no abrasion.

Reading it is easier than most out there.

The second hand is very visible just like the Arabic numerals and markers.

The silicone bands are also very flexible and strong at the same time.

They feel nice on then hand and are hygienic.

This combats bacteria, germs, dirt, stains, and oils and also improves cleanup.


  • Can read time easily
  • Well lit dial
  • Flexible and comfortable band


  • Nit very flashy

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Casio Tough Solar AQS810W-1AVCF (Best Watch for Firefighter EMT)

Casio Mens Solar Sport Combination Watch

See Latest Price

You’d be hard-pressed trying to find a watch as flexible and as stylish as this Casio model.

It employs an analog/digital face reminiscent of its ever-popular G-Shock line.

The digital face gives the watch a very sporty look while the analog dial makes this watch a great casual piece as well.

The sleek and simplistic black colorway with light details not only gives you a very easy reading of the time, but it’s a colorway that would go great with any kind of style.

Put all that on top of a decent movement, luminous hands and markers, a calendar, and a very comfortable leather band, and you have a very flexible everyday piece.

And not only does this watch have a very accurate movement, but that movement is all powered by light energy.

This is made possible by the solar panel placed on the dial, eliminating the need to change batteries.

A watch with a great, straight forward design, high functionality, and an accurate movement, perfect for any EMT on the go.


  • Simple, yet stylish design
  • Comfortable right out of the box (needs no breaking in)
  • Solar-powered movement with shock-resistant


  • The watch only has a mineral crystal

VAVC Scrub Watch for Paramedic or EMT

VAVC Scrub Watch for Nurses,Doctors,Students and Medical Professionals

See Latest Price

This timepiece has a simple face for easier reading.

The spacing of the numbers is also decent so is the nice contrast between the hands, numbers and the dial.

It’s felt lightweight and also has a smooth texture that doesn’t scratch the skin.

It also doesn’t fade or lose its appeal over time.

The watch feel strongly built and handling everyday use, accidental bangs or falls, abrasion and the elements should not be hard.

It wipes/ cleans easily and has a smooth movement for accuracy.


  • High quality and affordable
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate and water-resistant


  • Watch case may roll a bit

Citizen BM8180-03E

Citizen Watches Mens BM8180-03E

See Latest Price

When looking for a watch that can keep accurate time while remaining functional and ergonomic, you won’t find a lot of brands better than Citizen.

This is because they’ve been providing simple, yet highly functional watches for a long while now.

This piece is no exception.

This is a military-inspired watch, so expect a rugged and tough look.

But since its influences were more from the old-school, the dark dial with white markers exist to give it an air of class.

This watch uses the Eco-Drive movement.

Which is basically a quartz movement that gets its power from a solar panel on the watch’s dial.

This gives you all the accuracy of a quartz watch while eliminating the hassle of having to get a battery changed.

The green strap, when paired with the dial, makes this watch a very stylish timepiece that would look great with EMT uniform while also being a functional tool.


  • Eco-Drive movement requires no battery changes
  • Canvass strap looks great and is very comfortable
  • 100m of WR allows you to take this watch on a swim


  • Canvas strap might not be for everyone

Casio G-Shock DW9052-1V Digital Sport Watch

Casio Mens G-Shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch

See Latest Price

While an analog/digital face is great, sometimes you just have to stick with pure digital.

And not a lot of brands can do it better than Casio.

This fully digital piece is great for the sporty types, or for anyone who needs a sleek and straightforward timepiece.

The face is very user-friendly, which is a staple with most digital watches.

The watch also has a day date and month calendar, along with a stopwatch.

So if you’re looking for functionality, you’ve found the right piece.

On top of that is a simple black design with red details.

This makes the watch really easy to style, which is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to spend too much time getting dressed.

But just because it’s easy to pair, that doesn’t take away from its style at all.

So whether you’ll wear this only on duty or if you want to wear it casually, rest assured that the watch will look great.


  • Packed with functions
  • Simple, yet stylish
  • Decent shock resistance


  • Numbers displayed might be a bit small

Luminox Men’s 3051 Watch

Luminox Mens 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

See Latest Price

Luminox is a brand that gets largely overlooked when it comes to quality everyday watches.

And all it would take is one look at this piece for you to start paying more attention to the brand.

The watch has a pretty loud design, with large markers on both the dial and the bezel.

This gives the piece a very “young” look, making it an ideal watch for the younger professionals

It has a Swiss Quartz movement, which is a movement that needs no introduction as Swiss-made watch parts are known for their high quality.

Aside from that, the watch has a unidirectional bezel to measure seconds, as well as 200m of water resistance.

This is a piece that would add a touch of uniqueness to anyone’s uniform all the while displaying accurate time that’s clear.



  • The design might not be the best for older professionals

Timex T49961

Timex Mens Expedition Scout 40 Watch

See Latest Price

This watch is also known as the Timex expedition.

And all it takes is one look at the design to understand why.

There’s no doubt that this watch takes its inspiration from military watches from the past with its black dial and green strap.

The dial has large white markers, which provide a lot of contrast to the dial, making the time very easy to read.

Below the 12 ‘hour markers are 24-hour markers.

So if you prefer the 24-hour format, you’ll have no problem with this watch.

There isn’t much to worry about either when it comes to the accuracy of this watch.

This is due to the Japanese quartz movement on the watch.

Pair that with the 100m water-resistant, and you have a durable, stylish, and accurate watch.

And since EMTs never know what awaits them in the field, this is a great piece to bring with you on the everyday grind.


  • Military inspired, rugged design
  • Highly accurate quartz movement
  • The backlit dial makes for reading time in the dark


  • Only has a mineral crystal

Seiko SNK809

Seiko Mens SNK809 Seiko 5

See Latest Price

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish piece to wear while on the job, you might have just found it with this watch.

This Seiko model is very straight to the point with its stainless steel case, black and white dial, and a black nylon strap.

The dial itself is very simple, with both numerical minute markers and hour markers to make reading the time as simple as it should be.

With all of that, the watch also uses an automatic movement, so you don’t have to worry about battery changes or manually rewinding the watch either.

As long as you keep the watch on your wrist regularly it won’t stop ticking.

If you prefer keeping this easy and simple when it comes to style, then I highly recommend that you check this watch out.


  • Simple and straightforward design
  • The automatic movement needs no battery
  • Calendar window shows the date and the day
  • Durable


  • The strap needs some getting used to

Seiko SKX007K

Seiko SKX007K

See Latest Price

This is a timepiece that gets its influence from dive watches.

So if you’re into dive watch designs and great functionality, this is one worth checking out.

The markers are large, making time reading easy, but also giving the watch a bold look.

It also has an automatic movement, so there’s no need to worry about changing batteries and manually rewinding.

On top of that is 300m of WR, meaning you can actually take this watch with you on a dive.

The lumed hands also make time reading very easy no matter what the environment is.

And the calendar window is placed in just the right spot where you can read it just as easy as you read the time.

Since time is of the essence when working in the medical field, the easy to read dial, high durability, and incredible accuracy of the watch make this a great watch for an EMT.


  • The simplistic design makes time reading very easy
  • The automatic movement needs no rewinding
  • The unidirectional bezel is very useful on dives


  • The strap is only comfortable after broken in

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Honorable Mentions

Here is a great watch that didn’t make our list, but is still worthy of consideration

Smith & Wesson EMT Men’s Watch

Smith & Wesson EMT Men's Watch, 3ATM Water Resistant, Date...
  • RUGGED DESIGN: The SWW-455-EMT is a durable and tactical watch designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. It features a...
  • PRECISION MOVEMENT: With a Japanese Quartz movement, this watch ensures accurate timekeeping and reliable performance. It's the...
  • WATER-RESISTANT: The stainless steel case back provides water resistance up to 30 meters (99 feet), making it suitable for...

What to Look for When Buying EMT Watches

how to buy watches for medical professionals


The last thing you want is misreading a patient’s heartbeat or pulse rate.

This may mean giving the wrong diagnosis or subjecting him/her under more tests.

A good product is very precise and will maintain its good performance in the long run.

To improve on this, it will feature large numbers to minimize the possibility of errors.

A good approach is going for well-known and reputable brands.

Going through reviews also helps to get insights on a particular piece.

Easy for the Eyes

A good watch is simple and makes time-reading a breeze.

It has a fairly large face and the numbers are easy to see.

Digital watches with Arabic numerals are preferred over others since they are easier to read.

Dark hands and numbers on a white dial/background also improve visibility.

The second hand should be extra visible since it’s used more often than the other ones.

The top picks will have only the necessary details as this prevents a cluttered face which will require the user to concentrate more.


Medical professionals including EMTs will wear the watch for long durations.

The shifts will at times be very long and the last thing you wish for is your wrists feeling tired because of a heavy watch.

Also, you don’t want a piece that bogs you down or keeps shifting position as you carry on with your work.

The most suitable choices are very lightweight and also fairly slim.

They also have smooth finishes that enhance comfort.

Although lightweight, the watches should be strong to resist scratches, dents, chips, cracking, wiping, and other things.

Comfortable straps

The right product feels comfortable on the wrist.

The case, backplate, straps should all be smooth and won’t scratch or dig into the skin.

Also, they should be lightweight and won’t encourage sweat buildup, have a sticky effect, or leave marks on the skin.

Rubber and resin bands feel more comfortable than steel or leather strap.

They also are more flexible and much lighter.

And you should know that good straps will be hygienic and easy to clean.

They won’t hide dirt, dust, oil, germs, grease, bacteria and other things.

Also, they are easier to clean.

The smooth texture is preferred over a rough or a mesh one.


Who Should Buy an EMT Watch?

EMT watch is a kind of timepieces which are designed especially for those who work for public safety, or EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

Well, their work is to rescue and offer healthcare to sick or injured people, so they need an accurate and compact watch. 

So who will need this gear as a piece of equipment? 

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) of course, paramedics, firefighters, nurses, and people who often work in an emergency outdoor. 

Can Firefighters Wear Watches?

Yes, of course, they can, and well, they must wear their specialized watches as a work requirement. 

However, these watches are not regular, fashion or jewelry watches that you often see at stores.

There are unique features that are designed differently for EMTs or firefighters to fit their working conditions. 

These timepieces must be durable, long-lasting, and can bear most elements outdoors: water, fire, shocking, etc. 

What Kind of Watches Do EMTs Wear?

You will never see these kinds of watches in a regular store or jewelry shop because, you know, they are different from the rest. 

No matter what type of watch for EMTs, this timepiece should feature these:

  • Convenient and helpful for EMT work
  • Resist environmental effects

Well, there is no better choice for the kind of watches that EMTs wear: nurse watch and military watch. 

Nurse watch is designed with the military-style format, while there is a 24-hour standard system on the watch face.

It’s useful when EMTs (or nurses) measure heart rate, pulse rate of the patients, or simply record the time approaching the situation. 

The watch face is bright and clear for easy visibility.

This timepiece is also made of durable material that can resist water or shock, which is really helpful in an outdoor environment.

The time is accurate at every tik-tok, and this is the most crucial thing for EMTs.

When you hear of a military watch, you may imagine what this machine looks like: Robust, durable, sturdy built, and lightweight.

The military clock enhances accuracy so that soldiers can work and do a mission with the exact time. 

It must also withstand the hard conditions of weather and the environment outdoors.

This thing doesn’t need to be luxury or precious.

It just needs to help with specialized jobs in an emergency. 

What is the Toughest Watch for EMTs and Firefighters?

For me, I would go for Casio G-Shock GA-100.


Here is the reason.

The name G-Shock says it all.

This word stands for “Gravitational Shock”, which is a super timepiece to resist mechanical or vibration shock.

Wearing this and going to the battlefield (or fieldwork of EMTs), why not?

The matte full black cover makes the Casio G-Shock GA-100 look strong, tough, but very classy.

You can mix this with any kind of garment you have.

And you know what, it only weighs 70 grams for a robust timepiece.

Yes, 70 grams.


You can tell about the convenience of Casio G-Shock GA-100 all day, but its durability is the most important.

The durability is perfect.

I mean, you will never be afraid that one day it’s broken or crushed.

Unless it gets smashed intentionally, it will be with you forever. 

Casio G-Shock GA-100 is also easy to read out as there are both analog and digital displays.

The 24-hour format makes it easy and comfortable as well. 

What Type of Watches Do Paramedics Wear to Work?

No matter what type of watches paramedics wear, it should ensure things below:

  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Has military-style format  
  • Lightweight, simple design
  • Resist outdoor elements: anti-shocking, anti-water, anti-fire, etc.

Well, paramedics may use the same type of watches that EMTs often wear as they have some similar features in their jobs.

Accurate time, durable material, and convenient use are important things to consider here. 

What Watch Functions are the Most Important for EMTs & Firefighters?

There are two keys in this term: tracking (recording) and outdoor element resistance.

Why are these watch functions the most important for EMTs and firefighters?

EMTs always need to track and record the situation when first approaching.

They need a precise timepiece to offer an accurate time to do their job. 

About tracking, EMTs measure the heart rate or pulse rate of the victims, then give a suitable treatment to them.

Some medications require you to apply at specific times, and so, you will need a precise watch. 

A wrong measurement will lead to regretful results.

Don’t want bad results?

Pick a good watch first. 

EMTs and firefighters always work in particular conditions, which normal things or people can’t stand.

So, the equipment accompanying these men needs to withstand the outdoor conditions: water-resistance, shock-resistance, etc. 

Well, only specialized watches can meet the standards for specialized jobs such as EMT or firefighter.

They are designed with durable material, sturdy construction, and high-quality machines.