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The Best Watches For Doctors You Should Know About

Doctors are always on the clock. With the lives and general health of people on the line, time is often of the essence.

Simple seconds can make a huge difference for their patients, which is why they need to have accurate timepieces that also work well with their uniform as to not cause any distractions.

Aside from all that, these watches also need to be comfortable as to not get in the way of their regular work.

Finding a wristwatch that checks all these requirements can be tedious, especially with all the options available from so many brands.

To make things easier, I’ve compiled a list of the best watches for doctors.

And since most watches aren’t unisex the list is comprised of 5 watches for male doctors and 5 for female doctors.

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What to Look for When Choosing a New Watch as a Doctor

When watch shopping for a doctor, there are a couple of things you should consider.

Firstly, you have to think about the watch dial.

Doctors need a simple and easy to read layout, so it isn’t advisable to get a watch with complex dials as they might just get in the way for their regular workflow.

Aside from that, it needs to be readable even in the dark, as doctors also work night shifts where lighting conditions can be less than ideal.

Next, you have to consider comfort.

In the workplace, a doctor needs to be focused as there are literal lives at stake.

The last thing they would need is an uncomfortable watch bugging them the entire day.

That’s why silicon, rubber, and leather straps are recommended over stainless steel ones when shopping for doctors.

Additionally, you need to consider accuracy.

It’s no secret that time is very important in the medical field.

Best Watches for Doctors
Great watches for doctors can be unobtrusive, stylish, and accurate

Having an inaccurate time reading could mean a huge deal with doctors, so make sure the watch you’re buying has a quality movement.

Lastly, battery life is also something very important to consider.

Having a watch battery die in the middle of the day is unavoidable, but you don’t want that happening right away or too often when working in medicine.

So when checking out a watch, make sure they use quality batteries that will keep the watch ticking for years on end.

Top (10) Watches for Medical Doctors Chosen by Customers

Top Watches for Male Doctors

Top Watches for Female Doctors

The Best Watches For Male Doctors

 1. Timex Weekender T2N647

Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

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Kicking things off is a simple, stylish, and functional piece from Timex.

The weekender consists of a simplistic black dial, with large white numerical markers and red details on the seconds hand.

The dial measures 38mm in diameter, which is a great median size that works well with both large and small wrists.

The design paired with the dial’s size not only produces a very good looking dial, but it also allows users to read time very easily, which is great for doctors, who simply don’t have the time to put in extra effort to read their watch.

With their mind always working, and with them having to have a good grasp of their time, having to read a complex dial is not ideal.

On top of the design is a nylon bracelet.

This makes wearing the timepiece really easy.

A lot of times, a stainless steel bracelet can be uncomfortable when worn for extended periods, and with doctors having to work long and unpredictable shifts, having a comfortable timepiece is definitely a plus.

To top all of that off, the watch works with a Japanese quartz movement, which is both incredibly accurate and easy to maintain as the battery can keep the watch ticking for a couple of years without needing a change.

2. Speidel Orignal Scrub Watch

Speidel Original Scrub Watch

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The second entry on the list is a scrub watch from Speidel.

This was a watch designed to work well with a doctor’s uniform.

This is great since a watch that doesn’t match the uniform can be a distraction for both the patient and the doctor wearing the watch.

It has a really easy to read white dial with black markers and red details.

A classic combination that looks great while also making time reading very easy.

Aside from all of that it also has an accurate Japanese quartz movement, making sure your time is always accurate while also having 100ft of water resistance, so accidental workplace splashes are nothing to worry about.

The watch even has an interchangeable silicone strap which is both comfortable and gives you a little bit of room to customize the watch and make it fit your personality and style preferences.

3.  Casio MRW200H-1BV

Casio Mens Sport Analog Dive Watch

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For years, Casio has been releasing high quality, affordable timepiece.

And this watch is no exception.

Taking inspiration from dive watches, this model is stylish, easy to read, and very durable.

It comes in a large,  sturdy, and tough-looking case that hosts a simple, yet very good-looking dial.

The black and white on the dial provides a classic contrast that makes time very easy to read.

The watch is also water-resistant up to 330 ft, which paired with the durable case, makes this model a real workhorse great for the unpredictable world of medical work.

Add to that a resin strap that’s incredibly comfortable and a date window and you have a watch that covers all your horological needs while being a stylish piece that can be worn in and out of the workplace.

4. Stuhrling 3997Z

Stuhrling Original Mens Watch Calfskin Leather Strap

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This is one of the classier looking pieces in the list, so those looking for function and class will definitely appreciate this model.

The minimalist design of the large dial makes time very easy to read while also being able to catch anyone’s eye.

It would be great when paired with a scrub suit, while also being a nice watch to wear out with a casual outfit.

The watch also runs Japanese Quartz, so rest assured that the time being displayed is accurate to the dot.

The biggest attraction of this watch though has to be the ultra-slim case.

This allows the large, 40mm dial to not look imposing, while also being very comfortable to wear throughout the whole day.

Topping all of this off is a quality leather strap that adds both to the watch’s class and comfort.

 5. Speidel Medical Scrub Watch

Speidel Medical Professional

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  • EASY-TO- READ: White Dial and 12 & 24 Hour Markers
  • PERFECT FOR NURSES: 3-Hand Quartz Movement with Highly Visible Red Second-Hand Makes Taking Accurate Pulse Readings a Breeze
  • DURABILITY & COMFORT: Genuine White Leather Band and Water Resistant Up To 30M(99ft)
  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: Available in a Variety of Scrub Matching Colors and Styles – Pink Silicone, Black Silicone, White Silicone, Teal Silicone, Blue Silicone, White Leather and Stainless Steel Silver Expansion Band
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are sure that you are going to love your new Scrub Watch, but if for some reason you are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase, we will send you your choice of a 100% refund or replacement. Additionally, you will also receive our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Please feel free to contact us with any issues that you may have and we will make it right.

Best Watches For Female Doctors

1. Speidel Women’s Scrub Watch

Speidel Womens Scrub Petite Watch for Medical Professionals

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This is a really simple women’s piece that is easy to read, looks great, and is very comfortable to wear.

The stainless steel case measures in at 28mm, the ideal size for women’s watches as it works with most wrist sizes.

The simple dial design also allows for very easy reading, which can be very important when working through a busy day at work.

It also is a pretty durable piece, with quality materials being used for the build.

And to top it all off is a silicone strap that makes it very comfortable, even when worn for long periods of time.

2. VAVC Scrub Watch

VAVC Scrub Medical Watch

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If the smaller dial on the last entry wasn’t exactly your style, then maybe this scrub watch will be the one for you.

It has a simple white dial with white markers and red details, which means reading the time requires almost no effort.

The silicone strap of the watch is not only very comfortable, but it’s also interchangeable with a lot of choices to make sure the watch truly fits your style preferences.

The watch is also made of high-quality materials and is equipped with 50m of water resistance, so any bumps, dings, or splashes you might encounter while working will be a non-issue.

3. Dakota 53936

Dakota Leather Casual Womens Watch

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This is another functional and simple timepiece that’s perfect for the daily grind.

It features a pink silicone strap and pink details on the outer ring of the dial, so if you enjoy the color, then this may be the timepiece for you.

It also features a red symbol on the dial which everyone knows as an icon for anything medical.

The watch is also equipped with a Japanese quartz movement that makes this watch both accurate and affordable.

This a great everyday watch that will add some color and bring life to an everyday doctor’s uniform, so if you’re looking for a minimalist and stylish watch, this may be the one you for you.

4. TLG Nurse’s Clip-On Watch

Paramedic Nurses Doctors Nite Glow Luminous Clip on Fob Watch

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This is an ideal piece for anyone working the night shift.

Instead of having to wear this piece on your wrist, you can clip wherever it’s convenient for you.

The watch is equipped with quality lume, which means you can read the time really quickly, no matter what the lighting conditions.

It also has a spring-loaded carabiner clip, which is really easy to clip on and off making it ideal for belt loops or uniform.

This is a watch made for the dark, but it’s a great piece for any time of the day, and for anyone looking for a simple and quality clip-on watch.

5. Casio MQ-71-4BCF

black wrist watch

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This is a very functional, low-key watch.

It has an incredibly simple black case and dial, with the only details being the white markers.

Having a simple layout such as this makes the watch very easy to read, requiring very little effort.

The simplicity in the design also allows the watch to be a great complement to a doctor’s uniform without being imposing or too loud for the workplace.

Add to that the Japanese quartz movement, and this watch becomes an affordable piece with incredible value.

  • Round watch featuring black dial with luminous hands and orange Arabic 12-hour and 24-hour indices
  • 34 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Ribbed resin band with buckle closure
  • Not water resistant

Have you Considered a FOB Watch?

You also might want to consider a fob watch. While they are often sold for nurses, they are very convenient for any medical professional who can’t have anything on their wrists.


Doctors are of the utmost importance in society.

They are responsible for making sure every day people like you and me are living the healthiest lives that we can, and also are essential in healing those with health issues.

And while they’re at work, they can’t afford to have a late or early watch or discomfort on their wrist.

That’s why careful attention has to be paid when buying a watch for them, but the watches on this list are rarely disliked by doctors.

So all that’s left to do at this point is to choose which watch would be best for you, or for the doctor who’ll be wearing the watch.