List of the Best Vintage Watch Brands You Should Know About

Vintage watches are loved by most people all over the world.

These watches are special not only because of their extravagant prices but also because of their glamour and high-end design, reflecting the wealth and class of whoever wears them.

Based on the extreme special quality and the historical significance of the watches, some brands still keep their high position on the watch market nowadays.

And this list of vintage watch brands will tell you some intriguing things about them.

List of 10 Vintage Watch Brands

The article will show 10 watch brands that you may know or have heard about it. Now, let’s start to find out our list of vintage watch brands!

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch


Everyone from all over the world knows the name Rolex but just a few people know about its origin. Now we will start from its very beginning.

Rolex was first founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905 in London.

By 1919, this headquarters was moved to Geneva. This watch company was very famous in Switzerland in 2012 and had a turnover of more than 7 billion dollars at that time.

Up to this point, the company has been thriving with up to  2800 talented employees who work their best to create quality watches.



Seiko is one of the most famous brands that come from Japan. Everyone might have known that this clockmaker Seiko released its first clock in 1892 and its first watch in 1924.

However, it was established and started studying about watches back in 1882.

What makes Seiko famous is it’s world’s first quartz watch in 1969. From then until now, Seiko has not stopped improving its position on the market. It even takes part in some sports sponsorships to expand its popularity and reputation.



Famous brand Waltham was founded in 1850 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Then, in 1954, the company launched a new branch in Switzerland and thrived even after the Waltham factory was closed. Now, the original factory building has been converted into a fashionable apartment in Boston.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe

Created in 1839, Patek Philippe soon became a high-end watch brand appealing to the upper class.

They are famous for being designed with multi-time-zone “Complication” and the extremely intricate “Caliber 89”. Besides, Patek Philippe is also famous for being the best watch brand on the planet, and it is still popular in this day and age.

This watch brand has done a great job of keeping its brand and maintaining good quality.

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin

One of the best performing businesses in the list of vintage watch brands is Vacheron Constantin.

This brand was founded in 1755 in Geneva by Jean-Marc Vacheron, who at that time was a master watchmaker dreaming of having a company of his own.

About 260 years later, the brand has always affirmed its level of quality, design, and processing worldwide. Therefore, it can be said that Vacheron Constantin is the watch brand with the longest operating history in the world.



This company is named after its founder Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Established in 1775, it soon had its name acknowledged by the entire world with the invention of its first wristwatch in 1810. This alone earned Breguet the title of one of the oldest brands of the world.

After that time, the Breguet was under the control of different owners. But it still kept the best quality and was one of the most trustable brands. In 1999, the Swatch Group took and operated this brand till now.

Favre Leuba

Favre Leuba

Favre Leuba watches were developed over 8 generations of a family.

In the 1969s, brand problems began to emerge when inexpensive quartz watches appeared. So, a lot of people become afraid of Favre Leuba watches. And until 1737, it began to return and be revived.

Now, this vintage watch brand included the Bivouac – a watch with an altimeter, and the Bathy – a diving watch.



The Cortebert was founded in 1790 by Abraham Louis Juillard.

Before the name Cortebert became famous, it was only a small watch store in Switzerland. What brought this brand to the world is its accurate railway watches that were provided to the railway system in Turkish and Italy in 1944.

Besides the railway watches, Cortebert also released one of the world’s first jumping hour watches in the 1890s.

Unfortunately, Cortebert was closed due to the quartz crisis, leaving behind their products that, surprisingly, have never fallen out of popularity even up to this day.


Elgin was the first watch manufacturer to set up a store in the United States in 1860.

In the 100 years since its inception, the brand has created about 60 million watches using mass-production methods and use interchangeable parts to each other. What an amazing number, isn’t it?

Despite its first success, Elgin faced many difficulties in competing with Swiss watch manufacturers. The company had to close, open, close and open many times later.

Nowadays, Even the Elgin brand is no longer related to the history of American watch production. Nobody seems to know the original watchmaker of Elgin anymore.



Enicar began producing watches in 1914 in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. The name of this brand is spelled backward from its founder’s last name Racine. After World War II, this brand mainly produced building tool watches.

The thriving era of Enicar is between the 50s and 60s. Firstly in 1954, Enicar received the chronometer certification from the Neuchatel Observatory by its first movement.

In the same year, it provided its diver for the mountain climbers, some among who reached the top of Mount Lhotse and Everest in 1956.

Still, like many other watchmakers back there, Enicar had to close due to the quartz crisis in the 70s and 80s. By the end of the 1980s, this brand was sold to a watch company in Hong Kong named Wah Ming Hong.

Today, this brand still produces watches, but mostly for the Asian market.

How To Find Out If The Watch Is Fake Or Not?

Everyone loves to have a nice, fancy vintage watch for themselves.

But these watches are often sold at a high price. Therefore, not all people can afford to buy them. Based on the supplementary demand, many fake watches are made, fooling the vintage watch lovers.

To help you to get the right product from the list of vintage watch brands, let’s learn some tips to tell the difference between an authentic watch and a counterfeit

Check the price

The fake watches are sold at a very cheap price. We do not say that all cheap watches are fake, but this is true for most of the cases.

As we have known, real vintage watches are really valuable to be sold at a low cost, right? You can compare the same watchés from 2 or more different providers to avoid losing money on a counterfeit.

Check the weight

An authentic watch is made from high-quality and sturdy materials.

So, it tends to be very heavy. If you feel that the watch you are wearing is not as heavy as other watches, then it is probably a fake.

Examine the dial and the glass

With fake watches, the engraved details are faded, pale, and unclear. The dial is not smooth but very small, frayed, and rugged.

In contrast, watches from the manufacturers are the spitting image of perfection themselves, the details are engraved sharply and clearly. The needle and the spindle run smoothly and balance.

Check the strap

Fake watch straps are loose and look like they can fall off at any time. For metal wires, the joints of the watches are irregular, asymmetrical. On the other hand, the strap of the real watch is firmer.

For authentic watches, the back of the strap will show the code of the watch and the strap code. These details cannot be found on a fake.

Classic Watches Still Be Popular Today

Nowadays, although there are many modern wristlet watches with different great features, they can never replace the classic watches.

Yeah, they might be more advanced and paired with extra cool abilities, but so what?

Some people even do not care about the features. They just want their watches to be as classical and original as possible.

A vintage watch is more than just a normal watch.  It is often designed with a traditional look, with some small special details to enhance its appearance. Therefore, it is one of the easiest-to-use accessories.

A hand watch of vintage design is always the best present that you can give to anyone. It is simple but elegant, old but never out of time. Despite the popularity of electronic watches, lots of people still prefer the mechanical structure style.

Especially, when the watches are manufactured by the best vintage watch brands, tons of people out there are willing to pay a huge amount of money for them.


In conclusion, this article has listed 10 popular watch brands that have existed for centuries.

Hopefully, with its help, you can get an overview of watch manufacturers and watch brands with excellent quality and beautiful designs.

Besides, this is also an article to help you consult about the list of vintage watch brands if you are intending to buy them. We hope that you will now have enough useful knowledge about famous vintage watch brands.

Thank you for reading!