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The Best Suunto Watch for Crossfit: 5 Top Models to Choose From

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Suunto Trackers for Your Crossfit Sessions

As a Crossfitter, it is important that you depend on a good watch.

Best Suunto Watches for Crossfit – Quick Comparison Table

  • Has an altimeter
  • Intelligent storm alarm
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  • Has a steel bezel
  • Has various sports training modes
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  • Has a GPS with 100m water-resistance
  • Up to 200-hr battery life
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  • Has a comfortable nylon strap
  • Premium scratch-resistant crystal glass
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  • Waterproof up to 100m
  • Up to 120-hour battery life
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It helps you keep track of the activities, set goals, and will also serve you well for a long time.

The Suunto brand of watches is very popular.

The following are some reasons why they are among the top picks:

A Broad Range of Tracking Options

Suunto scores big in regards to tracking options.

It offers you more choices in comparison to other top types.

What’s more impressive is that the watch is categorized as among the affordable types.

You will get step counter, pace monitor, distance counter (when cycling or running, for example), elevation loss, and gain, calories burned, running route, sleep performance, Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and Peak Training Effect (PTE) modes and much more.

Most of the watches including the Suunto 5 & Suunto 9 feature over 80 sports modes including biking & cycling if that’s the sport of yours.

Adaptive Activity Guide

Following a set timetable can be hard for most people.

To solve this, Suunto watches for Crossfit come with an adaptive activity guide.

It comes as a standard feature in most products.

You get a guide that shows you what to do to hit a set goal.

It may be a 7-day plan that focuses on heart rate, distance covered or step taken.

The directions are available in move-by-move directions, which is easier to understand and follow.

The smart feature adapts to your training or exercise routine and will help you to work harder and smarter.

Suunto Crossfit
Suunto Crossfit

Mood / Stress Monitor

Imagine a watch that could tell you the kind of mood you are in?

The Suunto watch will give you details of your mood and make suggestions on how to take advantage of it.

For instance, if you do something strenuous and then stop, it will indicate that you are in the recovery mode.

If you are not working that hard, it will show you are in a relaxed mode.

The training plan keeps changing according to the intensity of the workout.

Such statistics monitor your mood and stress levels, which is helpful in planning your activity.

Suunto fitness 3 employs this technique quite well.

App Friendly

The brand is renowned for employing the latest innovations.

One of the notable things is good app support.

The timepiece will work with a range of apps and comes withal an app-friendly interface.

This makes adding and using it much easier in comparison to its rivals.

For easy navigation, you get a quick snapshot of the data.

The readouts and front Feed sections are more detailed.

And for easy following, it will split the different parameters into a separate diary section.

Stylish and Trendy

The watches score highly when it comes to appearance (just like Garmin and Polar trackers).

This goes a long way to enhance your sense of fashion as well as making you more noticeable.

You get a range of color tones which include single tone, two-tone hues, ocean green, Sakura pink, black, gold mad more.

Finding a watch that matches your individual style or outfit is therefore not a problem.

The Ambit and Spartan series are but some of the good picks.