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Best Polar Watch for Crossfit: Top 5 Options to Choose From

You know what?

One name that stands out when talking about watches for Crossfit is Polar.

The company has been in the scene for some time and is considered by many as among the best.

Best Polar Watches for Crossfit – Quick Comparison Table

It has several good pieces on offer.

And here are 5 reasons that make the brand a top contender when it comes to Crossfit watches.

1. Decent Built-in GPS

When jogging, running, biking, climbing or doing any other outdoor workout, you desire to be as free and flexible as possible.

No one wants to worry about where to keep the phone or fear that it may accidentally drop to the ground one shake too much and get damaged.

As a solution to the above situations, Polar watches come with a built-in GPS.

It has proven reliable, will maintain a strong signal, and is relatively accurate.

It is less affected by interference from trees, tall buildings, water or any other when compared to its rivals.

A good option is the Polar Vantage M, which has good accuracy.

2. Transflective Display

When engaging in Crossfit, you want to concentrate on the key activity that is the workout.

And not straining to see the data being displayed on the watch.

You want the heart rate, distance covered, location, and other things are well shown on the screen no matter the lighting or weather.

To ensure this happens, Polar watches come with a transflective display.

The liquid crystal display will reflect back the light for easy viewing on very bright or sunny settings.

This makes the screen dimmer and lowers the contrasts.

On dull and dim situations, it serves as an auxiliary transmissive backlight hence enhancing the contrast or brightness.

3. Good Automatic Tracking

During Crossfit sessions, you want to have data on the activities readily available.

This allows you to see your performance, ascertain whether you are meeting your targets, and helps to set higher goals.

For many watches, you will be required to press a record button.

This means that if you don’t do so, no data will be stored.

Polar has made data recording and storage easier.

It comes with automatic tracking that does not require pressing any button.

The capacity is also pretty decent for most everyday applications.

Other than just tracking, it also sends notifications.

4. Useful Metrics

Crossfit exercises many muscles and zones.

Monitoring a specific action can be a little challenging due to changing situations.

For instance, you may at one point want to know the heart rate, while in another instance you would like to know the distance you have covered.

You also will monitor your speed, the calories you have burned, the elevation and more.

Polar watches come with more features than most other top brands.

This makes monitoring your performance much easier.

It also has a user-friendly interface that delivers the data clearly and in real-time.

5. Accurate and Precise

Accuracy is a key aspect when engaging in Crossfit and other workout regiments.

You don’t want a watch showing your heart rate is 80 yet it is actually 110.

This may tend to make you work harder which may be putting extra stress on your body.

You also don’t want a timepiece that says you have covered 10 miles yet you have only run for 8 miles.

This will make you stop and believe you have hit your target, which in the real sense you have not.

Timepieces from Polar get the nod for being accurate and precise.

They deliver the data fast and in real-time.

For better accuracy, you can use chest straps such as the H10 instead of a wrist strap.

One thing that these Polar Watches aren’t good for is diving. For aquatic activities, check out these Invicta Watches.

Image Credit: Total Shape