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The Best Luxury Watches For Women – Which One Would You Choose?

A luxury watch is an investment that is well worth the price tag.

These are timepieces designed to never go out of style and work for generations to come.

But considering the value of these watches, a lot of consideration will have to go into choosing which one to buy.

And with all the options available at the click of a button, the choice is made even harder.

If you’ve been having a tough time figuring out which luxury watch is best for you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we take a look at the best luxury watches for women available in the market today.

Read on to find out more.

  1. UNDER $50,000: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Womens Watch
  2. UNDER $20,000: Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Silver Dial Diamond Ladies Watch
  3. UNDER $10,000: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Mother of Pearl Watch
  4. UNDER $5,000: Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 Blue Dial Watch
  5. UNDER $1,000: TAG Heuer Women’s WBD1312.BA0740 Aquaracer Watch


The Best Women’s Luxury Watches With Reviews

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch Seamaster Aqua Terra Mother of Pearl[usr 4.9]cta
TAG Heuer Womens WBD1312.BA0740 Aquaracer Stainless Steel WatchTAG Heuer Womens WBD1312.BA0740 Aquaracer[usr 4.9]cta
Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 Blue DialRolex Oyster Perpetual 34 Blue Dial Watch[usr 4.9]cta
Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Diamond Ladies Watch - 4910-10A-011Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Diamond Ladies Watch - 4910/10A-011[usr 4.8]cta
Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Black Opaline Dial Quartz Ladies Watch 102098Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Black Opaline Dial Quartz Ladies Watch 102098[usr 4.8]cta
Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Silver Dial Diamond Ladies Watch Q3448420Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Silver Dial Diamond Ladies Watch Q3448420[usr 4.8]cta
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Womens 26231OR.ZZ.D003CA.01Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Womens 26231OR.ZZ.D003CA.01[usr 4.8]cta
Hublot Classic Fusion Blue Dial Ladies Blue Leather Watch 581.NX.7170.LRHublot Classic Fusion Blue Dial Ladies Blue Leather Watch 581.NX.7170.LR[usr 4.7]cta
Cartier Womens W5200004 Tank Solo 18kt Yellow Gold Case WatchCartier Womens W5200004 Tank Solo 18kt Yellow Gold Case Watch[usr 4.7]cta
Breitling Galactic Mechanical (Automatic) Black Dial Womens Watch A37330121B1A1Breitling Galactic Mechanical (Automatic) Black Dial Womens Watch A37330121B1A1[usr 4.7]cta


1. Omega Seamaster Mother Of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch

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No conversation about luxury watches will be complete without mentioning Omega.

They are comfortably in the top tier of the watch world, and this model is a perfect example of why.

The Seamaster series is one of Omega’s most famous lines, being one of the first dive watches of its caliber.

This specific model takes inspiration from the classic dive watches but with a modern and classy twist.

The bezel is 18k gold and serves as a great complement to the white leather band and mother of pearl dial.

The result is a watch that exudes class and taste.

On the dial are diamond hour markers and gold-toned hands that perfectly match the theme of the watch.

This watch is of the highest quality inside and out as it’s powered by an automatic, self-winding movement that will stay on time as long as the watch is being worn.

On top of all that, the watch is water-resistant up to 150m which it takes from its Seamaster predecessors that adorned the wrists of divers all around the world.


-Classy and timeless design

-Automatic Self-Winding movement

-Water Resistant Up To 150m

-Date Window


-The leather strap takes some breaking-in

2. TAG Heuer Aquaracer (WBD1312.BA0740)

TAG Heuer Womens WBD1312.BA0740 Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch

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Next up on the list is a simpler model from TAG Heuer.

It comes from the Swiss brand’s more popular models, the Aquaracer.

This series is one of the most timeless and iconic sports watches in history, and this model is a tribute to the original Aquaracers.

It features a classic silver stainless steel case, bracelet, and bezel paired with a deep blue dial.

The case measures 20mm in diameter, which is just about right for a ladies’ watch.

The balanced size of the watch perfectly complements the blue dial with white stick markers.

This makes for a watch that’s really easy to read while also sporting a timeless and classic look.

The watch has a unidirectional rotating bezel and 300m of water resistance, so it can be a great diving partner while also being able to survive conditions that most other timepieces won’t.



-Classic Design

-300m water resistance

-Date Window


-Might not be the best for formal occasions

3. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 (114200 BLAO)

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 Blue Dial

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For the longest time, Rolex stood on top of the luxury watch world.

Constantly being referenced in pop culture and in distinguished horology discussions as well.

And it’s classic pieces like this model that have kept them there for that long.

This model is fairly large, so it may not be a perfect dress watch, but it will definitely serve you well as an everyday piece.

At 30mm in diameter, the stainless steel case makes a large impression, especially when contrasted by the blue dial.

While the design of the watch is as classic as it gets, one of the main highlights of this model is by far the movement.

The watch uses a Swiss-made, automatic, self-winding movement that will not stop ticking as long as the watch is being worn.

Aside from all of that, this watch comes with all the papers and certificates and booklets that come with a Rolex, which is just a testament to their class.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a luxury timepiece, then this watch is worth checking out since it’s close to impossible to go wrong with a Rolex.


-100m water resistance

-High-quality automatic movement

-Classic design

-Easy to read


-May be too large for some

4. Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Diamond Ladies Watch (4910/10A-011)

Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Diamond Ladies Watch - 4910-10A-011

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If there’s one brand that’s been able to consistently compete and be at the very top for the past couple of decades, it’s Patek Philippe.

The brand’s search for new and innovative ideas while also comfortably staying within the realm of classic timepieces is just one of the reasons they are where they are.

The Twenty-4 model came out in 1999 and was a great way to end the century.

This timepiece was designed to emulate feminine elegance and was made for the modern woman.

The watch is a perfect combination of youth, class, and prestige.

The 25mm square dial is a great size and shape to pair with formal wear and casual wear.

The diamonds on the bezel and the dial add to the class of the watch but don’t steal too much attention, which makes this a very flexible timepiece, despite how extravagant it may seem at first glance.

The watch runs on a quartz movement that is known for its virtually unrivaled accuracy, the only downside being you have to change the battery from time to time.

But since most watch batteries run for years, especially the high-quality ones, that won’t turn into too much of a problem.

So if you’re looking for a luxury watch for the modern woman, this might be the one for you.


-Modern and luxurious design

-Great size for a dress watch

-Easy to read

-Sapphire Crystal


-Only has 25m of water resistance

5. Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas (102098)

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Black Opaline Dial Quartz Ladies Watch 102098

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This will be one of the more unique watches featured on the list.

Describing the exact shape of this watch is pretty difficult, but the Serpentine tag in the watch’s name is probably the best way to describe the piece.

The band of the watch wraps around the arm like a serpent and ends in an egg-shaped dial with rose-gold toned, large Roman Numeral markers that contrast the black opaline textured dial in a unique way.

If you want a piece that stands out amongst the rest, then this might be one worth looking at.

The bezel is adorned with diamonds to add a bit more flash and luxury to the watch that is hard to find anywhere else.

The other features of the watch are exactly what you’d expect from the price range: a sapphire crystal, a Swiss-made quartz movement, and 30 meters of water resistance.

Anyone looking to stand out at the next gala or formal event should definitely consider this Bvlgari model.


-Unique design

-Quartz movement

-Sapphire crystal

-Easy to read


-The design might not be for everyone

6. Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous (Q3448420)

Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Silver Dial Diamond Ladies Watch Q3448420

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This beautiful piece from Jaeger LeCoultre is one that has an incredible amount of detail.

The brand has gone as far as to say that the beauty in this watch lies in all the mysteries that you discover when owning the watch.

This watch is a great blend of the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of the watch.

With large markers, a night and day sub-dial, incredibly small and detailed calibers, and an alligator leather strap, this watch is as detailed as it gets.

It runs on an automatic movement with 203 individual parts and a 38-hour power reserve.

So you can rest assured that as long as this watch is on your wrist, it will keep ticking.


-Incredibly detailed design

-Automatic movement

-Made with high-quality materials

-Water-resistant up to 50m


-The 34mm case may be too large for some

7. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Women’s Watch

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Womens 26231OR.ZZ.D003CA.01

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The Royal Oak series was one of Audemars Piguet’s most popular watch lines.

It’s considered by most to be the first luxury sports watch the world had ever seen and decades later, in 1993 it was reinvented.

This new take on the Royal Oak was called the Royal Oak Offshore and featured a tougher and more masculine-looking watch.

The stronger features on this model would probably turn away those looking for a small dress watch, but for those looking for a larger presence on their wrist, this may be that you’re looking for.

It has a large, 37mm dial which will look large on those with smaller wrists, but with some effort, it can definitely be styled well.

It features large buttons and a large crown to control the chronograph and navigate through modes and features a textured dial for a very classic feel.

The original Royal Oak model was inspired by old-school diving helmets, and that influence is clearly seen on this model with a bit of added luxury since it has a gold case and a diamond-set bezel.

It has a sapphire crystal protecting the watch and a Swiss-made automatic movement, so there’s no doubt this watch will hold up while also displaying accurate time (just make sure to wear it).


-Sporty design


-High-quality movement

-50m of water resistance


-May be too large for those with smaller wrists

8. Hublot Classic Fusion (581.NX.7170.LR)

Hublot Classic Fusion Blue Dial Ladies Blue Leather Watch 581.NX.7170.LR

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While most of the watches on this list are of the extravagant and flashy variety, there are still high-quality luxury watches that have a more subtle and laid-back feel.

This Hublot piece is a prime example of that.

The whole watch shares a deep blue tone except for the case and bezel, which are made of Titanium and have a nice silver-tone to them.

The silver stick markers serve as a great compliment to the Hublot logo and also contrast the blue dial to allow for easy reading of the time.

The watch runs on quartz and is water-resistant up to 50m, so that means it can handle water from the shower or even a light swim, but it’s probably not the best idea to bring it with you on your next diving trip.

This is a simple, yet really well designed and highly-functional timepiece that is probably one of the best women’s luxury watches under $10000.


-Simple design

-Can go with a lot of styles and looks

-Accurate movement

-Made with high-quality materials


-Only has 50m of water resistance

9. Cartier Tank Solo W5200004

Cartier Womens W5200004 Tank Solo 18kt Yellow Gold Case Watch

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In 1917, Louis Cartier released the Tank watch and it became an instant classic not just of the brand, but of the watch world in general.

Years later, the Tank Solo was added to the collection, which is a smaller version of the Tank.

This specific model is designed with a classic feminine touch.

The rectangle case and dial give off that classic dress watch look which is further driven home by the large Roman Numeral markers and tiny Cartier details that can be found throughout the watch.

The case itself is 18k gold which looks great on its own but is further accented by the blue cabochon crown on the watch.

On top of all that is a Swiss-quartz movement and 30m of water resistance.

A classic dress watch from a classic brand.


-Easy to read

-Accurate movement

-Sophisticated design

-Sapphire Crystal protects the watch from scratches


-Only has 30m of water resistance

10. Breitling Galactic (A37330121B1A1)

Breitling Galactic Mechanical (Automatic) Black Dial Womens Watch A37330121B1A1

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Capping off our list is a piece from Breitling, a brand usually associated with very masculine men’s watches.

But one look at this watch and you can see that the brand does women’s watches just as well.

It features a classic stainless steel case and bracelet that has a classic shine to it, which is well-balanced by the deep black dial on the watch.

There’s one sub-dial for the chronograph and a date window, which covers most of your everyday horological needs, while the luminous hands allow you to read the time in any lighting condition.

It has a 36mm case, which is definitely a large women’s watch, but it brings with it a strong and tough look.

It also has 100m of water resistance and a self-winding movement, so if you want a watch that can do everything you’d need on a daily basis is a simple, yet thought-out design, then this Breitling piece is worth your time.


-Easy to use

-Simple design

-Luminous hands

-Chronograph and date window


-May be too large for some wrists

How to Choose a Great Luxury Watch for Women

Here are a couple of things to look out for and take into account when checking out women’s luxury watches.

1. Brand

Obviously, the brand is essential in choosing a luxury watch.

While there are multiple ranking systems out there for the best timepieces, the only way to determine the brand for you is to do your own research.

Just make sure that the brand you choose is up to your standards.

2. Design

There are various watches out there.

There are sports watches, dress watches, smartwatches, and casual watches.

Choosing any of these to be your luxury watch is fine and a good investment, just make sure that it covers everything you need from a watch.

3. Movement

This is the driving force of the watch, so make sure you choose wisely.

If you want a very classic watch that you have to wind every now and then, a mechanical movement might be for you.

If you still want that classic feel but don’t want to manually rewind, then you should definitely go for an automatic movement.

But if accuracy is your top priority and you don’t mind changing batteries every couple of years, then quartz is the way to go.


In this section, we answer a couple of the most common questions when it comes to buying a women’s watch.

1. How Do I Know If My Watch Is Real?

Usually, luxury watches come with Certificates of Authenticity.

But if you don’t find one with your watch, there are multiple things you can look at to check its legitimacy, but it will always be best to go to a professional.

2. Are All Watches Water Resistant?

Usually, a watch will be equipped with some water resistance, but it’s always best to double-check yourself.

3. How Do I Clean A Watch?

If you aren’t cleaning the inside, a simple wipe down of the watch will do the trick.

4. Can I Remove The Band Links Myself?

No, this may damage the watch so it’s best to get a professional to do it.

5. What Is The Best Watch Brand?

For luxury watches, Rolex and Patek Philippe are currently on top with the rankings, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the best.

The best watch brand is a very subjective thing, so the answer is different for everyone.


Luxury watches are an exciting investment.

Whether it’s your first one or your fifth, determining the watch you want and going on the hunt for it is always a fun experience.

But with all the options out there available on your phone and computer all at the click of a button, finding the right watch may be harder than you think.

To help you with that and narrow the field, we compiled a list of some of the best women’s luxury watches in the market today.

Regardless of which watch you choose, as long as you know in your heart and mind that you love the watch and are comfortable with it, then you definitely have the best watch for you.

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