Best Hybrid Smartwatches: Top 5 Budget Picks for Everyone

You know what?

When shopping for the best hybrid smartwatches to buy, there are a lot of questions that you are likely to ask for.

These watches come with a ton of features and functionalities that are designed to make life easier and fun to use the watches.

So, what’s the first question you should ask yourself when shopping for a smartwatch?

It is whether you want a hybrid watch with a traditional look or standard touch screen watches like the ones produced by Samsung and Apple.

Most of the latest smartwatches in the market have classy and high-end features with exclusively unique features and functionalities.

And today, I will show you the best budget hybrid smartwatches currently in the market to choose from.

  1. MY TOP PICK: Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) Bluetooth – Silver/Black
  2. Ticwatch Pro Premium Smartwatch with Layered Display
  3. Fossil Men’s Commuter Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch
  4. Casio G-Shock 「G’MIX」 GBA-400-1AJF
  5. Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch – Black


How is a Hybrid Smartwatch Different From a Standard Smartwatch?

A hybrid smartwatch looks like any other watch as it is a fusion of a smartwatch and a basic mechanical watch.

Hybrid smartwatches combine traditional watch mechanics with some connected features.

These watches don’t usually have a touchscreen like smartwatches do and do not require to be charged on a daily routine.

Are All Hybrid Smartwatches Compatible With Smartphones?

The compatibility of a hybrid smartwatch with smartphones depends on the features and capabilities of the specific watch.

There are some hybrid smartwatches that are compatible with both Android and IOS phones while others are only compatible with either one of the systems but not both.

Best Budget Hybrid Smartwatches – Quick Comparison

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) BluetoothSamsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) Bluetooth - Silver/Black4.9 out of 5 starscta
Ticwatch Pro Premium Smartwatch with Layered DisplayTicwatch Pro Premium Smartwatch with Layered Display4.9 out of 5 starscta
Fossil Mens Commuter Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid SmartwatchFossil Men's Commuter Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch4.8 out of 5 starscta
CASIO G-SHOCK G MIX GBA-400-1AJFCasio G-Shock 「G’MIX」 GBA-400-1AJF4.8 out of 5 starscta
Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch - BlackMisfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch - Black4.7 out of 5 starscta

Origin of the Watch x
Origin of the Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) Bluetooth

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For decades now, Samsung has been at the forefront producing sophisticated smart devices including watches and phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a professionally designed and built hybrid smartwatch that is incredibly useful for fitness monitoring and tracking.

The watch is made in two sizes: 42mm for Rose Gold and Midnight Black tones and 46mm for silver-tone version.

This gives buyers freedom of choice in deciding on the type of watch to settle for.

High-end features

Samsung is known to make products that are unmatchable by most standards. The Galaxy Smartwatch has all the fitness tracking features that are sophisticated smart devices.

These features include heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and a GPS with a barometer and altimeter.

The inbuilt health tracker is customizable for use during different workouts. The accessory displays accurate time, day and date with the latter being positioned at the 3 o’clock position.

Easy phone pairing

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a superior timepiece that allows easy pairing with the phone.

In addition to this, the watch’s LTE version allows you to use the timepiece as a standalone mobile phone. This functionality allows you to check messages and receive calls from the watch.

The hand accessory has a Samsung Pay feature that doubles as a wallet for wireless charging and IoT devices connectivity.


  • Extremely useful features
  • Inbuilt health tracker
  • Easy to use and pair with your smartphone
  • Complex fitness tracking features


  • The battery only lasts a few days

TicWatch Pro (Bluetooth) Smartwatch

Ticwatch Pro Premium Smartwatch with Layered Display

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The TicWatch Pro Smartwatch is a new entrant in the smartwatch sector.

However, the watch has stirred the industry with its unique features, unparalleled performance, and superior build. It is now regarded as one of the must-have hybrid smartwatches in 2020.

The simplistic yet stylish design of the watch makes it an ideal choice for shoppers looking for an all-round hybrid smart device.


The most amazing aspect of owning the best hybrid smartwatches is their compatibility with other smart gadgets. The TicWatch Pro Smartwatch is compatible with both Android and IOS operating systems.

This means that you can pair your smartwatch with Apple and Android phones. There are two modes in the watch; the Essential Mode with a power-saving watch display and the Smart Mode.

The power-saving mode displays essential details like time & date, heart rate, and step counter. While on Smart mode, you can access all the features in the watch but the battery lasts for only days.

Design and features

The TicWatch Pro features a traditional design with a black dial and silver hour markers and hands. The interface is easy to read even for new users.

The watch has tons of features that include fitness tracking features, heart rate monitor, GPS tracker, and sports tracker among other features.

For Android users, the watch has additional features like sending messages, making calls and Using Google Assistant.


  • Fitness and activity tracking features
  • Attractive and decorative design
  • Comfortable straps
  • Smartphone compatibility


  • Poor battery life especially on Smart Mode

Fossil Q Commuter

Fossil Mens Commuter Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch

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If you are one of the people who are always on the move and desire to carry a reliable hybrid smartwatch at all times, the Fossil Commuter is the ultimate accessory for you.

The watch is an epitome of functionality and style and will thus make you stand out whether in a formal or casual outing. The timepiece provides you with power in your hands to control music on your phone.

The accessory even allows you to take photos.

Traditional unique looks

The Commuter smartwatch combines traditional design with a modern appeal to produce an eye-catching unique and stylish look.

The simplistic design of the watch is rich in uniqueness while at the same time ensuring that it matches perfectly with a variety of outfits and fashion accessories.

The timepiece comes with an easy-to-read display that features a white dial and silver-tone hour hands. The watch’s comfortable straps allow for its convenience use for people with different hand sizes.

Battery life and features

One of the features of this watch that really stands out is the uniquely amazing battery life. For this hand accessory, the battery lasts up to a year.

The battery can even last longer depending on how you use the watch. This timepiece from Fossil provides its users with a host of notifications including smartphone notifications, activity tracking and sleep monitoring among other features.

The watch also allows users to wireless syncing functionalities in the smartwatch’s app.


  • Long battery life
  • Stylish traditional design
  • Packed with lots of features and functionalities
  • Comes with a vibration feature for notifications


  • Lacks GPS and heart rate monitoring features

Casio G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400-1AJF


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Casio is undoubtedly the most popular sports watch brand across the globe.

The brand is iconic for its high-end watches and true to this, the G-Shock G’Mix watch is an exclusive hybrid smartphone. The timepiece has a rich display with the G’Mix logo on the topmost part of the display screen.

The outer shell is dependably hard and resistant to wear & tear and shocks generated due to falls.

The dial window is scratch-resistant thereby ensuring that the watch remains in a pristine condition throughout its life.

Smart features

If you are looking for a hybrid watch with top-of-the-range features, you should look no further than at the G’Mix timepiece.

For starters, the hand accessory has Bluetooth Smart and Smartphone Linkage features for connecting the watch with other smart devices. With this phone pairing feature, you can use the watch as a remote control for the music player on the phone.

The G’Mix app allows users to use an equalizer for customizing their music.

Limitless functionalities

Since the primary function of the watch is displaying time, the G’Mix has a world time functionality that shows time in 35 time zones (100+ cities), a timer illumination light, and alarm.

The find-your-phone function on the watch allows you to locate the phone by prompting the phone to produce a beeping sound even when in silent mode.

These hand accessory only losses a few seconds every month thereby guaranteeing that the watch only displays accurate time.


  • Music control features
  • Accurate and precise time display
  • Bluetooth enabled watch
  • Ease of personalizing watch functionalities and features
  • Rugged and durable design


  • Lacks a vibration functionality

Misfit Phase Watch

Misfit Phase Hybrid Wearables Smartwatch - Black

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Ranking as one of the most sophisticated hybrid smartwatches as of now, the Misfit Phase watch offers its users with a sleek, classy and stylish design coupled with genuinely useful functionalities and capabilities.

The best thing about the watch is that it can be paired with your smartphone or other smart devices.

The watch stands out as a classy accessory that complements your fashion style while at the same time giving unlimited functions.

Ultimate style

The Misfit Phase timepiece is a stunningly classic accessory with an impressive design that is hard to miss even for people who have never seen the watch before.

While the watch is seemingly simple in its appearance, it goes without saying that the watch is comfy on the hands and attractive to the eye.

The rubber straps in the watch are sweat-resistant and the dial window is scratch-resistant and equally durable.

Impressive battery life

If you are looking for the best cheap hybrid smartwatches with long-lasting batteries, the Misfit Phase is one such watch.

The battery life in this timepiece lasts for up to 6 months without requiring any replacement. However, the battery life may be shorter or longer depending on how you are using the accessory.

This fashionable commute comes in different color choices allowing you the freedom to choose your preferred color.


  • Stunning and classic design
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Pairs easily with any smartphone or device


  • Lacks advanced tracking features like GPS and heart rate tracking

Other great watches:

What to Look for When Buying Hybrid Smartwatches

best hybrid smartwatches

Realizing that you need a hybrid smartwatch is an entirely different thing from identifying the watch that is perfect for you.

This is because there are a host of aspects worth considering when shopping for the right watch. Here are several aspects to consider:

Reliable tracking capabilities

Tracking capabilities such as those for fitness have advanced uniquely in the recent past.

With the best hybrid smartwatches with heart rate monitor, you can now track your heart rates, calories consumed, count the steps you have taken in a day and set alerts for reminding when it is time for a walk or even drinking water.

The watch of choice should have superior fitness tracking features.

A classic design and look

A watch is as good as its design and looks.

The timepiece of preference should have a sophisticated that blends easily with both casual and official wear.

Having a beautiful classic hybrid smartwatch with a timeless look allows you to gain excellent functionality while ensuring that you do not sacrifice the aesthetics of the watch.

Ease of customization for purposes of improving efficiency

The ideal hybrid smartwatch should give you the option of personalizing the watch as per your needs.

For instance, the gadget should allow you to customize audio notifications, set vibration patterns using advanced haptic vibrators, make and receive calls, and send texts among other functions.

Ease of use

There is no point in buying a hybrid smartwatch that is too complex and hard for you to operate.

Instead, you should get a watch that you can operate easily and convenient just like you would for a normal mechanical watch.

You should be in a position to read time, date or other information on the watch with a simple glance at the dial.


Which is the best hybrid smartwatch?

There is no specific hybrid smartwatch that can be termed as the best and ultimate smartwatch.

Instead, there is a collection of several hybrid smartwatches that makes models and brands that are considered as the top timepieces to purchase on the basis of features, functionalities, performance, and reliability.

However, the only way of determining the best hybrid watch is by considering the features you are looking for in the watch of choice.

What does a hybrid smartwatch do?

Hybrid smartwatches do a number of things among them displaying time and date, fitness tracking for aspects like counting steps, monitoring heart rates, receiving notifications such as messages and calls sent to your phone, and GPS location among other functionalities.

Do all hybrid smartwatches come with rechargeable batteries?

No. There are some hybrid smartwatches that have rechargeable batteries while others come with replaceable batteries. The choice of battery depends on the make and model of the hybrid smartwatch of choice.


Presently, there are newer and modern hybrid smartwatches being produced every day. These new releases come with more sophisticated looks, designs, features, and performance.

While you may not afford to buy a new watch every month, it is only crucial that you buy a watch with a timeless appeal and future-proof in terms of performance. Always find the best brand and model that is within your budget and meets your preferences.

Additionally, only consider investing in a brand that is reputable for its durability, ease of use, convenience and reliability.

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