The Best G-Shock Watch for Crossfit: 5 Models to Choose From

Best G-Shock Watches for Crossfit – Quick Comparison Table

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Men's Casio G-Shock Urban Trainer Charcoal Watch GBA800-8A4.8 out of 5 starscta
G-Shock Men's GBD800UC-54.8 out of 5 starscta
Men's Casio G-Shock Urban Trainer White Watch GBA800-7A4.7 out of 5 starscta
G-Shock Men's GBA800-1A4.7 out of 5 starscta
G-SHOCK Analog-Digital Step Tracker Black Dial Men's Watch GBA800DG-1A4.6 out of 5 starscta

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Casio G-Shock for Crossfit

why choose g shock watches for crossfit

When talking about Crossfit, what comes to mind are rugged terrains, extreme workouts, and exposure to the elements.

Such situations require a sturdily built timepiece.

For most Crossfitters, the Casio G-shock watch is the preferred option.

Origin of the Watch

The following are reasons why it is a popular choice.

Tough Built

G-shocks are synonymous with tough construction.

They will be able to handle the ruggedness, intense workouts, long exposure to the elements, abrasions, falls, bangs, moisture, rain, wind and much more.

They are normally made from resin, both case and band.

The material is tough and flexible.

Many consumers have owned the watch for years and it still looks good despite the extreme uses like outdoor biking & cycling, mountain climbing, trail running, etc.

It features a band that supports fine adjustments while the case normally comes with a back protector that enhances comfort.

The GBA800 is among the worthy choices from the series.

However, you can definitely go with Suunto trackers as well since they’re as tough as it can get.

Good Tracking Ability

A Crossfitter wants to know every little detail concerning the workout.

And I’m talking about the average speed, the distance covered, how many calories you’ve burnt, steps taken and much more.

This data is essential to know whether they are sticking to their goals or are lagging behind.

A watch like the G-shock GBA800 -1 features a three-axis accelerometer that is effective in measuring the steps, whether running, jogging, or walking.

The information is displayed via a digital screen and is stored for later reference.

From what many consumers and experts say, it is quite accurate.

Easy Synchronizing with Apps and Smart Devices

A serious cross fitter pays attention to all details.

However, with the limited storage, memory or minimalistic screen/dial, it can be hard to remember everything.

Casio, via their G-shock watches, makes it possible to synchronize the watch with other smart devices.

It will work with many fitness apps and will connect to smartphones, tablets and other devices via Bluetooth.

You get a detailed graph that shows different parameters.

These include steps taken, areas you seem to struggle, calories burned and much more.

It will indicate the worst, best as well as average performance.

Automatic Time-Correction

One unique aspect of most G-shock watches is that they will automatically monitor the time.

In case there is any discrepancy, it will automatically correct it.

This saves you from having to stress yourself thinking it’s accurate or relying on false information.

On average, it will make adjustments about 4 times in a day.

This increases its accuracy, which is critical to your performance.

The G-7500 is one model that employs this technology well.

Effective Phone Finder

Misplacing your phone is a common occurrence.

At times, finding it may mean you wasting time that is more useful out in the trail or gym.

This may also mess your mood due to anger or frustration.

To make searching for the phone easier, the G-shock comes with a Phone Finder function.

By pressing a button, it will trace the phone and activate an alarm.

This will guide you to where the smartphone is.

This has become a standard feature in the watches.

Some good options include the G-2300 and 2310.