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Best Fitness Watches For Weightlifting: Top Choices That Will Improve Your Game

This is one of the best times to be into fitness. Watches are available that monitor you and give you feedback to help you get better. With so many options, finding the best fitness watch for weightlifting may seem daunting. However, we have done the work for you in this department so that you can focus on doing your work in the gym.

For a watch to be in contention for the best fitness tracker for weightlifting, it ought to have several features. First it should be comfortable to wear, Second, it should unobtrusive and not get in your way at the gym. Third, it should monitor the items that matter to you. Fourth, it should be easy for you to get feedback so you can make adjustments and improve. And finally, it should be a style that you like.

I’ve compiled a list of the best fitness trackers for weightlifting that have been tried, tested, and loved by the community.

So if you’re on the hunt for a good sports watch to be your workout partner, read on for more information.


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Top (7) Best Fitness Trackers for Weightlifting Chosen by Customers

Product imageProduct nameEditor's ratingPrice
Garmin Forerunner 935Garmin Forerunner 935[usr 4.8]best watch for weightlifting
Garmin vívosmartGarmin VivoSmart[usr 4.8]best Garmin watch for weightlifting
Apple Watch Series 4New Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular, 44mm[usr 4.7]
Scosche Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor ArmbandScosche Rythm+[usr 4.6]best smartwatch for weightlifting
Letsfit Fitness TrackerLetsFit Fitness Tracker[usr 4.5]best watch for weightlifting
Fitbit SurgeFitbit Surge[usr 4.3]best fitbit for weight lifting
Atlas Wearables WristbandAtlas Wristband 2[usr 4.3]best watch for weightlifting

The Best Fitness Watch For Weightlifting

1. Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935

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Garmin has been a brand that has enjoyed its place in the fitness tracker world for a while now.

Their consistent functional timepieces have been the reason they have been one of the most popular brands for athletes all over.

And this 935 Forerunner GPS watch might be the best Garmin watch for weightlifing.

It is equipped with a multitude of functions that make it great for weightlifters.

Firstly, the watch weighs less than 50 grams, meaning that it won’t be uncomfortable wearing this during intense workouts.

The watch is also pre-loaded with a bunch of different sports modes, so you can find programs and features tailored for certain sports.

This feature will really come in handy for those who augment their weightlifting workouts with other sports activities.

One of the reasons why I think the Forerunner 935 is the best Garmin watch for lifting is that it can guide your sessions.

The tracker can check your workouts and training load and notify you if you’re under-training or over-training, which can help you improve your skills, while also avoiding injury.

We’ve all been guilty of getting a bit too enthusiastic and excited during a workout which can cause someone to overwork their body, which your muscles will not forgive you for the next day.

Or even worse, this over-training can actually lead to injuries that will hinder your process even more.

Aside from that, the garmin forerunner also comes in a very sleek black case, which makes it a very good partner for any workout outfit while also being a great piece to wear with almost any casual outfit.

2. Garmin VivoSmart

Garmin vívosmart

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While I have my preferences, some others think that because of its sleek design, the Garmin VivoSmart is the best Garmin Watch for weightlifting. Sometimes, a large dial that displays a lot of features can be a bit too much, and VivoSmart is more streamlined and easy to read.

The best workout and lifting partner doesn’t have to be complicated like a large smartwatch constantly displaying various statistics.

There are times that a simple band that only displays the necessities is the only thing you need for your workouts.

If that rings true for you, then the VivoSmart might be a better choice for a weightlifting watch for you than the Forerunner.

It’s very minimalistic, but it still retains a lot of functions.

In fact, it has almost all the functions that most large fitness trackers do except for the ability to connect to the ConnectIQ store and built in GPS.

Aside from that, this model can track steps, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, activity intensity, and it can even connect to your phone for notifications and extra information via the Garmin app.

It definitely packs a punch, considering how simple the entire layout looks.

Despite its size, it’s relatively durable as well.

50m of water resistance means it’s basically sweat and splash-proof. However, it isn’t advisable or recommended to bring it with you while swimming or in the shower.

It also has a great battery life, lasting up to 5 days on a full charge.

So for those of you who want to keep things simple and straight-to-the-point when choosing a watch for weightlifing, you should definitely consider the Garmin VivoSmart.

3. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

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Probably the best smartwatch for weightlifting out there.

Even though smartwatches have been around longer than Apple watches.

But it was the technology Apple brought to the game that put smartwatches on the map.

This series 4 carries on the legacy Apple has of providing really high-quality technology in a sleek and stylish case.

The case of this Apple watch is made of aluminum, which gives it a whole lot of durability. This feature is really important for a watch that’s gonna be used around heavy equipment.

It also comes with a silicone sports band that perfectly matches the black aluminum case while also being very comfortable and almost unnoticeable during a workout.

When it comes to function, this watch also packs a punch.

A wrist-based heart rate tracking that monitors your vitals 24/7, gives you a very clear picture of your fitness and what areas you have to work on.

The watch also has unparalleled connectivity, especially with iOS devices that allow you to fully customize the watch to suit your workout needs.

All of you looking for function, style, and connectivity should really check out the Apple Watch Series 4.

4. Scosche Rythm

Scosche Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor Armband

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Weightlifters inherently look tough.

All the lifting and working out allows them to have an air toughness that not a lot of other people have.

That’s the reason they need a fitness watch to match.

This piece by Scosche looks rugged and durable, which makes it a great partner for a weightlifter.

The watch has a built-in heart rate monitor with incredible accuracy.

This accuracy allows athletes to have a proper visualization of their physical health, which is incredibly important in making sure you don’t overwork the body while on the road to achieving your fitness goals.

The watch is also sweat-proof and splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it during intense workout sessions.

Another great feature is that the watch is compatible with most of the popular fitness apps such as Digifit, Strava, and Mapmyfitness, so you don’t have to adjust to a new interface and layout just because you have a new smartwatch.

It’s also a great smartwatch that connects to both Android and iOS devices, so connectivity isn’t an issue either.

Truly a tough and rugged watch that would be ideal for weightlifting.

5. LetsFit Fitness Tracker

letsfit fitness tracker

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This is another simplistic and minimalist fitness tracker that packs a lot of function.

Don’t be deceived by this watch’s seemingly simple layout, as it is loaded with over 14 different presets for working out.

There are 14 different sports modes on the watch that allow you to augment various different activities through the tracker.

So whether you swim, run, bike, Crossfit, or stick strictly to your weightlifting program, you’ll be able to find a mode for your exercises.

As is the standard with a lot of fitness trackers nowadays, the LetsFit tracker has a 24-hour heart rate monitor that allows you to make adjustments to your lifestyle to make sure you’re as healthy as possible.

It also has a sleep monitor to make sure you’re getting the proper rest, especially since recovery time is very important when lifting weights.

Another cool feature on this tracker has to be the cordless charging feature. This not only looks cool, but it also allows you to charge without the hassle of untangling cables or having to buy new cables after only a couple of uses.

Sometimes I find myself so caught up in my workout that I’m bombarded with missed calls and messages when I check my phone.

But since this tracker can connect to any smartphone, rest assured you won’t be missing any important messages just because you’re in the middle of a workout.

Anyone who enjoys trackers that pack a whole lot of function in a really simple case may find the LetsFit tracker to be the one for them.

6. Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

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FitBit is one of the most popular trackers for fitness junkies everywhere. I think that the Surge is the best fitbit for weight lifting.

This is probably because of how functional it is while being incredibly easy to use.

The watch has been dubbed a super fitness watch, and it actually has the functions to back it up.

It has a well-loved and ever-popular PurePulse heart rate monitor, which keeps track of your optical heart rate throughout the whole day.

But that isn’t the only thing it tracks constantly.

The watch also constantly tracks physical activity, so even when you’re not lifting in the gym you can check out how many calories are being burnt and how active you’re being.

This can be a great tool, especially for those people who are too busy to constantly be working out.

With this tracker, you have a general idea of how active you are outside of the gym, making it much easier to schedule workouts and plan training programs.

Aside from all that, you can see all these statistics on your phone by syncing the watch.

It can even sync to your computer.

It also comes in an assuming and simple case, so those who want to wear their tracker outside the gym will definitely enjoy this model.

7. Atlas Wristband 2

Atlas Wearables Wristband

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Those of you looking for a uniquely designed fitness tracker will surely get a kick out of this model.

The case is something that isn’t seen that often with fitness trackers.

And while it may take some getting used to, it’s surprisingly very comfortable on the wrist.

As far as weightlifting is concerned, this tracker is the cream of the crop.

It has all the basic metrics such as heart rate, distance, and pace covered for standard exercises like running, walking, and cycling.

But it also can automatically detect what workout you’re doing and display the appropriate statistics.

For example, if you’re doing bicep curls, the watch will detect that and display the type of exercise you’re doing along with the number of reps.

This makes workouts much more convenient as almost everyone has forgotten how many reps they’ve done or what set they’re on at some point.

It also connects to your phone relatively easily for even more workout assistance.

And if all that wasn’t enough for you, the watch also has 30m of water resistance, so you can even wear it for light swims (just don’t go diving with it).

A Guide To Buying a Fitness Watch For Weightlifters

best fitness watch for weightlifting

Now that we’ve reviewed the features of the watches in contention for best watch for weightlifting, it’s time to check out some things to keep in mind when looking for a weightlifting partner that works for you.

The first thing you have to check out has to be the comfort of the watch.

You have to make sure that the watch won’t get in the way of any movements while you’re in the middle of a workout.

This is very important, especially since the form is integral to becoming a better and stronger weightlifter.

Some watches might get in the way of your wrist movement which could harm your overall fitness progress, so make sure to get a watch that fits the wrist nicely and comfortably.

The next thing you need to check is the watch’s features.

There are times that a fitness tracker is packed with features that excite people and cause them to buy the watch only to find out they don’t need half the features available.

Make sure that it has everything you need to be tracked during your workout.

This can be different for everyone, so it might help to research what exact features the watch has to make sure you aren’t wasting money on functions you don’t exactly need. You want the watch to work for you and help you meet your goals, whether you are a beginner or looking forward to the next competition.

Lastly, it’s very important that the watch is made of high-quality materials.

Weightlifting is heavy work (no pun intended), and you need a durable fitness partner that won’t break after a simple bump or drop.

To make sure you have a watch suitable for your activities, do a bit of extra research on the materials that were used in constructing.

And once you find a watch that checks all those boxes, the next step is simply choosing the design and colorway you like and hit the gym.

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All in all, the perfect watch for you is one you actually like and appreciate.

After all, choosing a fitness partner is a personal thing, and everyone has different preferences.

Of course, there will always be some watches some people will prefer over others, and there’s no problem with that.

As long as you’re comfortable with the smartwatch and all the features and pluses it comes with, then you’re wearing the best timepiece for you.

And sometimes, that’s all you can ask for.