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Best Burberry Watches Review: Are They Good Quality or Not?

Are you still wondering if you should seriously invest in a Burberry watch? Burberry exited the watch market in 2017 but there are still models available through Amazon.

In this short article, I will reveal some of the most important points about this luxury brand when it comes to wristwatches.

What people like and why they recommend this brand to others.

If you want to have a quick look at what this brand had to offer, then you will love what I’m about to show you.

  1. MY TOP PICK: BU7600 Endurance Mens Fabric Chronograph
  2. BU7600 Stainless Steel Mens Watch
  3. BU1372 Heritage Silver Chronograph Dial
  4. BU9000 Large Check Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
  5. BU9383 Blue Dial Stainless Steel Case Quartz Movement


Who Makes Burberry Watches?

When the company began making timepieces, they manufactured everything in-house.

But as they aren’t a true watch brand, some difficulties and inconsistencies were encountered, which can be the case with a lot of different fashion brands getting into the watch game.

In 2001, the brand signed an agreement with Fossil that gave Fossil all the manufacturing responsibilities.

Many other brands have outsourced their manufacturing with some success. Burberry believed that they would have an edge over their competitors because of their strong design team.

By doing it that way, Burberry got the best of both worlds with a respected watch company manufacturing their watches while Burberry did what they do best, which is design very fashionable pieces.

However, the upscale watch market became challenging in the years after 2001. Not only did more brands enter the market, but older brands began to adopt new technology and became relevant again. Also, the Apple Watch was launched.

This ended with Burberry cancelling their entire watch line in 2017.

However, there are sellers offering Burberry watches through amazon, and we have links to some of those below.

Top 5 Best Burberry Watches Chosen by Customers

Product imagesProduct namesMovementWater resistanceEditor's ratingPrice
Burberry BU9025BURBERRY BU9025Japanese Quartz330 feet4.8 out of 5 starscta
Burberry BU7600BU7600 Stainless Steel Mens WatchJapanese Quartz165 feet4.7 out of 5 starscta
Burberry BU9351Burberry Women's BU9351Japanese Quartz165 feet4.6 out of 5 stars cta
Burberry BU9000Burberry BU9000Japanese Quartz165 feet4.5 out of 5 starscta
Burberry BU9906Burberry Watch Swiss Made Black Leather BU9906Japanese Quartz165 feet4.5 out of 5 starscta

History Of Burberry Watches

Whenever someone mentions the Burberry brand, I automatically think of premium clothes, bags that are undoubtedly Burberry, and classy colognes.

But what a lot of people don’t know, is that the brand actually makes some really great fashion watches that will complement all the different styles out there.

As a clothing brand, Burberry has been alive since the 1850s, making great outdoor attire for the residents of Basingstoke in Hampshire, England.

While their beginnings were somewhat humble, the brand grew over the century to become one of the top designer brands out there.

In the middle of the ’90s, Burberry decided to extend their reach and stick their foot in the watch game.

They made all the watches in-house, but that only lasted until 2001 when the brand signed a deal with Fossil to handle the manufacturing of their watches.

Fossil watches are known for their reliability and precision, with high-quality movements and components making sure the watch ticks accurately and consistently.

Once Burberry began only focusing on the designs of their watches and not the internal components, the brand reached new heights in the watch world.

These new heights were short lived, and Burberry exited the watch market entirely in 2017.


Reviews of the Top 5 Best-Rated Burberry Watches


multi-colored strap wrist watch

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My search for a reliable and decent watch led me to this piece by Burberry.

One thing that I like it for is the sophisticated and bold look. I love how the black bezel creates a nice contrast with the brown dial.

Reading time should not have any challenges since it boasts of large Arabic hour markers.

Another good thing about the watch is the size, which fits nicely on a man’s wrist.

For a woman, it may feel a little large. You will be surprised at how light the watch is despite the large case.

And to further improve wearability, it features a smooth polished finish.

The stainless steel watch does feel pretty solid and strong. It should handle the scratches, bangs, knocks, and vibrations well.

And as you may already know, stainless steel does not rust, corrode or fade.



-High quality and durable

-Superior construction

-Accurate timekeeping



-It is not targeted at women wearers

BU9382 Stainless Steel Mens Watch

Are Burberry Watches Good?

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I have owned several watches from Burberry In my life.

However, this one does rank as among my favorites.

The black dial and case give it a daring look, which most men, including myself, love.

The analog piece features 3 subdials that further boost the bold appeal.

With a case diameter measuring 43mm, it doesn’t look too large or too small on a man’s writs.

I also find the thickness of 11 inches and an overall weight of 2 pounds to be fairly decent.

For accurate timekeeping, you can count on the highly-priced Swiss quartz movement.

You will find it worth buying considering that it is high quality but the price is still affordable.

In fact, I would say it gives great value for money.



-Great value for money

-Durable and elegant

-Easy to operate and maintain



-It is a fairly large watch

BU1372 Heritage Silver Chronograph Dial

Are Burberry Watches Good?

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If you are a man who loves a sophisticated yet functional watch, I believe that this piece should be just what you need.

One thing I like about it is the gallant nature, which is due to the moderately large nature and round shape.

And while both the dial and case are silver-toned, you’ll still be able to read the time with ease.

The timepiece has 3 sub-dials which are also easy to read. I also love the sapphire crystal, which should perform better than the likes of mineral or acrylic.

The material is sturdier; more scratch-resistant, and also isn’t affected by glare or reflection.

Although its main material of construction is stainless steel, the timepiece is relatively lightweight, weighing about 1.9 pounds.

You will find the Japanese quartz moment accurate and reliable.



-Tough and durable construction

-Easy to wear/ remove

-Suitable for formal and casual wear



-Not very flashy

BU9000 Large Check Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

silver wristwatch

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If you are a man who loves simple yet stylish watches, this piece is worth consideration.

It has a simple round shape and a black uncluttered dial.

You will not struggle to view time because of unnecessary frills, large logos, or too much inscription.

I like the stainless steel case and bracelet because they are tough, durable, and also resistant to rust, corrosion, fading and more.

In addition, wiping and cleaning the unit is simple thanks to the smooth highly polished finish.

The stick hour markers are large.

And just like the hands, they come in silver tone, which is very visible against the black background.

Viewing time is therefore quite easy even in the dark where you get decent lume on the hands and hour markers.



-Simple and stylish

-Clear and easy-to-read dial

-Good size and weight



-You may find it a little plain

Burberry Watch Swiss Made Black Leather BU9906

black wrist watch

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Burberry always keeps things simple.

No unnecessary inscriptions or logos that may obstruct time viewing.

I like the blue dial, which complements the shiny silver case and black strap.

The smooth textured bracelet not only feels nice but also does not dig into the skin.

Many consumers agree that the Swiss quartz movement is quite accurate.

The hands move effortlessly and it has a good power reserve.

And true to what the company claims, the watch will continue ticking for as many as 40 hours.

The high precision timepiece can last for a long time. If you want the best, you should seriously consider acquiring it.



-High precision movement

-Good performance and durable

-Easy maintenance



-The water resistance isn’t that great

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Now that you’re familiar with the brand’s history as watchmakers, it’s time to answer some questions a lot of people have with Burberry watches.

Are Burberry Watches Good?

Yes, watches made by Burberry are generally good watches, but it’s important that you know what’s coming when you buy one.

These are fashion watches that were built for style more than function.

While the watches definitely work, don’t expect Atomic Timekeeping, a wide variety of functions, or the shock and water resistance, so if you’re looking for something like that, Burberry may not be the way to go.

But if you’re looking for a stylish piece that will go with all your outfits, this brand definitely delivers.

How Can I Tell If My Burberry Watch Is Real?

The best way to make sure that your Burberry timepiece is legitimate is to make sure only to buy them from licensed distributors, but sometimes, that just isn’t possible, especially if you’re getting the watch second hand.

If you weren’t able to buy from a licensed dealer, you can always check the watch yourself to make sure its real.

Start by looking at the back cover of the watch, you should see some information there, along with the brand name.

You can also bring the watch to a jewelry shop or watch shop to have it checked as these professionals will easily know how to spot a fake.

What Is Burberry Known For?

Burberry, despite making good watches is most well known for its clothes.

More specifically, the brand is famous for its elegant and stylish trenchcoats, outerwear, sunglasses, and classy fragrances.

Do Burberry Watches Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, Burberry watches generally have their serial numbers printed at the back of the case.

Checking this out is actually one of the best ways to check if the watch is real.

It’s important to remember though that the number at the back of the case is the serial number and not the model number, as a lot of people make that mistake.

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Burberry watches had a small but devoted fan base for many years. Hopefully, if you are interested in Burberry watches, you can find one!