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Bulova Watches Review: Are Bulova Watches Good Quality?

Bulova, the world famous, 146 year old watch company, has been owned by Citizen Watch since 2008.

Components for many of their watches are still made in Switzerland. Other components are now made in the globally recognized Citizen factories in Japan and Hong Kong.

The high quality of Bulova watches isn’t up for debate. Although they have models in many price ranges, none of them are poor quality.

Rather than asking “Is Bulova a Good Watch brand?” it is better to ask whether one of Bulova’s many men’s and women’s models is right for you.

Below you will find many facts about Bulova watches, as well as information on many current models.

Best Bulova Watches Chosen by Customers

If you’re like me, you’d probably love Bulova for its endless stream of high-quality watches and rich history of excellence.

And the best part about their timepieces is that there is a wide range of watches that almost everyone would be able to find that suit their needs.

But that’s also a setback as well because when there are too many options, we tend to freeze our minds!

And that’s why I compiled the comparison table of the best Bulova watches above for you to make better choices quicker.

And if you really want to find out more about those top-rated Bulova wristwatches, don’t forget to scan through the short reviews below.

They will provide you with a wide range of information on why I love these particular models.


A Brief History Of Bulova Watches

Bulova was founded all the way back in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, an immigrant from Bohemia.

The company was started under a slightly different name, the J. Bulova Company, and was changed in 1923 to the Bulova Watch Company, which is what most people know the brand as.

It started out simple, as a tiny jewelry store in New York, but soon grew to something much bigger.

In 1911, Joseph Bulova began manufacturing table clocks and pocket watches, which grew in popularity in New York, and a year late,r in 1912, he set up a plant specifically for the production of watches in Bien, Switzerland.

After that, the rest was history.

Throughout the years, Bulova has released a bunch of new technologies that pushed the horology world further while also adorning the wrists of people all around the world.

Is Bulova A Good Watch Brand?

are bulova watches good

The answer to this question will all depend on what you consider a good watch.

That being said, Bulova does check most of the criteria people have for a good timepiece.

If accurate reading time is what you’re looking for, Bulova has you covered with their incredibly accurate Precisionist movement, which is a nod to one of their most innovative technologies, the Accutron movement,t which was released in 1960.

When it comes to style and variety, Bulova hits the mark as well.

They have a complete range of sleek and classy timepieces such as those in the Precisionist collection, but if you want something a bit more flashy and luxurious, they also have bejeweled watches from the Rubaiyat collection.

So if we’re talking about classy dress watches, dive watches, and everyday casual watches, then Bulova is definitely a good brand.

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Bulova Watches Review

1) 98B104 Marine Star Silicone Strap

-48% Sale
Bulova Men's Marine Star Series A Rose Gold Stainless Steel...
  • From Bulova's Men's Marine Star Collection, live and play in maritime watches that feature bold accents, iconic patterns and...
  • Chronograph, Calendar
  • Two-Tone Stainless Steel

Anyone looking for a large men’s watch that’s classy, fashionable, and detailed wouldn’t have to look much further than this model.

Bulova chose a rose-gold design for the case on this piece, and it’s by far my favorite part of the watch.

It shows class while also having an incredibly modern look.

The dial is filled with amazing details that will make any horologist drool, and the three sub-dials are perfectly placed, allowing you to easily use and read the chronograph while not distracting from the main dial.

Another great detail that I fell in love with is the date window in between the 4 and 5 o’clock position, which is as unique as it is functional.

All in all, this timepiece would be perfect for men who enjoy looking professional and fashionable at the same time.

Unique and detailed designWeight may be too much for some
Water-resistant up to 100m (330ft), It can be worn with both formal and casual attire.

2) 96B251 Special Edition Lunar Pilot

-44% Sale
Bulova Men's Archive Series Lunar Pilot 6-Hand Chronograph...
  • From the Bulova Archive Series, The Lunar Pilot made space history on August 2, 1971--during the Apollo 15 mission, a moon pilot...
  • 6 Hand, Chronograph, High Performance Quartz
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

I don’t usually like pilot’s watches.

For some reason, I always think they have too much going on, but this watch is one of the rare exceptions to that.

Let’s start with the dial; it uses a simple black background with white details, which is perfect considering all the things going on in the dial.

On the outer ring of the dial is a tachymeter that matches the three sub-dials (for the chronograph) perfectly.

It has a large 45mm stainless steel case, which is exactly the size this model needs considering everything placed on the dial.

It also runs on Quartz, which means that accuracy is no problem at all, and the exquisite black leather strap makes sure the watch is secure and comfortable on your wrist.

Fans of pilot’s watches will instantly fall in love with this piece, and even those who aren’t fans may find themselves surprised.

Premium designOnly water resistance rating up to 50m (150ft)
Accurate timekeeping
Functional complications (chronograph, tachymeter)

3) 96B175 Precisionist Chronograph Watch

-37% Sale
Bulova Men's Precisionist in Stainless Steel with 8-Hand...
  • Featuring Precisionist, the world’s most advanced chronograph with a continuously sweeping second hand. Celebrated for its blend...
  • 1/1000 Second Chronograph, Calendar
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

This one is a lot to take in, but that is far from a bad thing.

It is a dive watch with a plethora of incredible details that took me a while to fully absorb, but once I did, I absolutely fell in love with this piece.

As this is a dive watch, it comes with an insane 300m (984ft) water resistance rating, a chronograph, luminous hands and markers, a stainless steel case, and a curved crystal.

At first glance, the dial seems too packed, but after some getting used to it, it actually gets much easier to read and much more pleasant to look at.

The textured black dial background makes the hands and markers truly pop out, and the continuous yellow seconds hand is a great detail that makes reading the time much easier.

Full of useful complicationsMay take some time to get used to
300m water resistance rating
Large 46.5mm case

4) 96B104 Stainless Steel Dress Watch

-23% Sale
Bulova Men's Classic 3-Hand Calendar Date Quartz Leather...
  • From the Bulova Men's Classic Collection, inspired by vintage design, our classic watches achieve a tailored, understated look...
  • 3 Hand, Calendar, Slim Movement
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

My personal favorite watches are those that keep things simple, sleek, and classy, which is exactly why I fell in love with this model at first sight.

The dial uses an incredibly minimalistic white background with silver-colored stick markers and stick hands.

This not only makes reading the time very easy but also serves as a great compliment to any suit because of its simplicity.

With a dress watch like this, it’s easy to see why a leather strap was chosen as I don’t see any other alternative that would look better.

The band is made out of calfskin which feels very comfortable even when long for a long time and the classic buckle does its job of keeping this timepiece on your wrist perfectly.

Sleek, minimalist designHas a water resistance rating up to 30m (100ft)
Reading time is a breeze
Calendar function

5) 96A120 BVA Series Dual Aperture Dial

-23% Sale
Bulova Men's Classic Sutton 4-Hand Automatic Watch, 24-Hour...
  • Bulova's Men's Classic Automatic Collection features meticulously crafted beautiful timepieces with self-winding movements that...
  • 4 Hand, Automatic, Heartbeat Skeleton, Sub Second Hand, Hack Feature, 24 Hour Time
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel with Brown Croc Embossed Leather Strap

Something new and unique is something all watch enthusiasts and horologists welcome with open arms, and that’s exactly what Bulova brought with this piece.

The brown dial is perfectly matched with the leather strap, but its true beauty lies in the intricate dial design.

The dial uses a beautiful bronze tone for the hands and markers, which is one of my favorite color combinations, while the two sub-dials (for 24-hour time) are put in the perfect position to allow easy reading while not being a distraction.

However, in between the two subdials is a window into the inside of the watch, which does nothing but add an incredible sense of class to this piece.

The watch also has all the complications I look for, 24-hour time and luminosity.

Beautifully designedOnly water-resistant up to 30m
Useful complications
Incredibly convenient and Swiss automatic accurate movement

6) 96B158 Precisionist Leather Strap

Bulova Men's Precisionist 3-Hand Calendar in Stainless Steel...
  • Featuring Precisionist, the world’s most advanced chronograph with a continuously sweeping second hand. Celebrated for its blend...
  • 3 Hand, High Performance Quartz, Calendar
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel with Black Croc Embossed Leather Strap

It’s no secret that accuracy is important because, at the end of the day, a watch with the wrong time on it is pretty useless.

That’s why Bulova’s Precisionist watch got me very excited.

The company claims that this piece is one of the (if not the most) accurate watches on the planet.

Bulova used a variation on the ever-famous Japanese Quartz movement to create a timepiece that is accurate within seconds of a year.

But aside from the incredible accuracy of the watch, it also has an incredibly unique design.

The dial utilizes a black background with textured gray patterns, silver-colored hands, and thick, silver-colored stick markers.

The date window at the 3 o’clock position is placed perfectly to allows convenient reading.

For those who love accurate time-keeping and unique designs, the Precisionist belongs on the top of your choices for your next watch.

Accurate to within seconds in a yearOnly water-resistant up to 30m
A design that stands out
Sweeping second hand

7) 96C105 Men’s Essentials Watch

-22% Sale
Bulova Men's Multi-Function Modern Stainless Steel Watch,...
  • Round watch featuring black metalized rim and black dial with three subdials for day, date, and 24-hour functionality
  • 40 mm stainless steel case with slightly domed mineral dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display

In terms of quality, this watch is as good as all the models on this list.

Multi-function watches are great for those who like having to keep things convenient.

With this one, you can keep accurate time, check the date, check the 24-hour time, and even check the day (which is my favorite feature of the watch).

It has a very simple dial design with a black background and silver-colored stick markers, with two subdials for the date and 24-hour time, and a unique “sub-dial” which you can use to check the date.

With this piece, you’ll never lose track of time again.

Multiple functionsAdjusting the date may take some time
Luminous hands
Domed metalized crystal

8) 98B228 Precisionist Analog Display Two-Tone

-18% Sale
Bulova Men's Icon Precisionist Two-Tone Stainless Steel...
  • Featuring Precisionist movement, the world’s most advanced chronograph with a continuously sweeping second hand. Celebrated for...
  • 1/1000 Second Chronograph, Calendar
  • Two-Tone Stainless Steel

This is yet another piece that uses Bulova’s incredible “Precisionist” technology, a breakthrough in timekeeping, so accuracy is surely no question.

However, this differs from the other “Precisionist” because of its intricate dial design.

On the dial are four sub-dials which are for the chronograph function that records hours, minutes, seconds, 1/100-seconds, and 1/1000-seconds.

This is a dive watch, so it also comes with an incredible 300m of water resistance.

Pair all of that with the accuracy of the watch movement, and this one becomes almost irresistible.

Incredibly accurateSome may not appreciate the dial
Great chronograph
Water-resistant up to 300m

9) 96B015 Men’s Classic Watch

Bulova Men's 3-Hand Calendar Date Quartz Watch, Patterned...
  • Featuring a Silver-tone Band, Silver-tone Case, Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • Mineral crystal
  • Stainless-steel case; sunray-silver dial; date function

For those who love classic watch designs, this wristwatch would definitely catch your eye.

The dial has a classy white textured background with classic silver-colored stick markers and a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

The cohesion in the design is a testament to Bulova’s ability to design great watches.

And as a person who loves watches with classic designs, I can confidently say that this one is a great “classic” watch for modern times.

Classic designOnly water-resistant up to 30m
Accurate Japanese Quartz movement
Domed mineral crystal

10) 96B256 Marine Star Chronograph

-47% Sale
Bulova Men's Marine Star Series B Stainless Steel 6-Hand...
  • From Bulova's Men's Marine Star Collection, live and play in maritime watches that feature bold accents, iconic patterns and...
  • 6 Hand, 1/20 Second Chronograph Measures up to 60 Minutes, Calendar, Small Second Hand
  • Silver-Tone Stainless Steel

If you love going out into the ocean, chances are you’ll fall in love with this watch as well.

The dial uses a beautiful deep blue color, which is accented by the white hands, markers, and details.

The three sub-dials are used by the chronograph function, and the second crown at the 10 o’clock position allows you to adjust the inner ring of the bezel (which gives it the same function as a unidirectional bezel).

This watch also has 100m of water resistance, meaning you can take it with you to the sea (as long as you aren’t going for a deep dive).

Great designAdjusting the watch takes some getting used to
Useful Chronograph function
Date window placed perfectly

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Other great Bulova watches:

More about Bulova Watches

Where Are Bulova Watches Made?

Primarily, Bulova movements are made in Switzerland, a place known for high-quality timepieces.

The Accu-Swiss and Precisionist movements, which are considered to be some of Bulova’s best releases,s have all their parts manufactured in Switzerland, while the majority of watch production is done in New York.

After the company was bought out by Citizen in 2003,  the manufacturing of the components for low-end Bulova models was moved to Citizen’s other facilities in Hong Kong and Japan.

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Who Makes Bulova Watches?

Generally, Bulova watches are constructed by watch-makers from different parts of the world, and due to the incredibly high demand, a lot of Bulova watches are now manufactured in large facilities.

Are Bulova Watches Made In Japan?

When Bulova was bought out by Citizen, the manufacturing for the components for the low-end models of Bulova was moved to Japan and Hong Kong.

However, the higher-quality models such as the Precisionist and Accu-Swiss watches still have their components made in Switzerland.

While the components are constructed from different parts of the world, a lot of the production is still done in their home office in New York.

Where Do Bulova Watches Rank?

Is Bulova a Good Watch Brand?

When it comes to brand reputation, Bulova is in the same tier as Citizen and Seiko.

The brand is known for releasing affordable, high-quality, stylish, and functional timepieces.

Most Bulova watches are considered mid-range, which is accurate.

That being said, Bulova watches are still considered to be of high quality even though the prices fall in the mid-range area.

Who Sells Bulova Watches And Where To Buy Them?

WickedCoolWatches.com is an Amazon affiliate. We think that Amazon has the best selection of Bulova watches, with the best prices, with the best shipping terms, and the best return policy.

In addition to all of the Bulova watches that you will find on this page, you can find even more at the Amazon Bulova Store.

How Much Is My Bulova Watch Worth?

First things first, Bulova isn’t a luxury brand such as Patek Phillipe or Rolex; the brand produces mid-range watches, so they usually retain their value.

While they usually retain their value, there are still a couple of pieces that can be re-sold at higher prices.

These are models from Bulova’s past, such as the original Accutron models that put the company on the horological map.

The exact price that these watches can be resold varies greatly, as some people will be willing to spend more money on specific watches than others.

So it would be best to test the market yourself and check out how much the exact model goes for if you’re trying to resell as prices vary greatly with certain Bulova models.

Do Bulova Watches Hold Their Value?

do bulova watches hold their value

Currently, Bulova watches retain their value.

The brand is well-respected in the community, so watches usually don’t drop in value.

Certain vintage pieces of Bulova actually got more valuable since watches like the Accutron are no longer in production.

But all-in-all a Bulova watch would be considered safe considering the high-quality and affordable price of a lot of their current models.

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Do Bulova Watches Have Real Diamonds?

One of the things that set Bulova apart is its use of real diamonds.

These aren’t on all their watches, as that would make the watches cost way more than they actually do.

However, certain women’s models, such as the Rubaiyat, are adorned with real diamond jewels, which give them a unique and luxurious look.

Are Bulova Watches Real Gold?

This again will all depend on the type of watch you’re talking about.

That being said, there are Bulova models out there with real gold in them.

If the case of the watch is marked as made of karat gold, then it is real gold.

But most watches don’t use solid gold for the entire case, as that can be ridiculously expensive.

Instead, the gold being used is something called RGP, which stands for Rolled Gold Plate.

Rolled gold plates have a thin layer of gold coating a base metal which is usually a common metal like copper or brass.

These plates still contain real gold, but they aren’t solid pieces, which is why they are more affordable than jewelry that’s made of pure solid gold.

Do Bulova Watches Need Batteries?

If the watch you have is a quartz model, then it does need batteries.

Quartz movements are known for their superior accuracy and lower price.

The most popular Bulova movement right now, the Precisionist is a quartz movement that requires a battery.

Instead of being powered by a spring, there’s a battery that powers the watch and keeps it ticking at a consistent pace.

However, not all Bulova watches use quartz movements.

Other models use automatic movements, which wind themselves and are powered by movement.

So make sure to check if the watch is quartz to determine whether or not it needs a battery.

Are Bulova Watches Automatic?

Certain Bulova models use automatic movement.

An automatic movement is one that winds itself, which eliminates the need to change the battery (since it doesn’t have one) or manually rewind the watch yourself.

Bulova has an extensive collection of automatic models that vary in style and design, so if automatic pieces are more your style, Bulova will have you covered.

How Much Does It Cost To Change A Bulova Battery?

While it may be a hassle sometimes, changing a watch battery won’t cost you too much.

A standard replacement cost begins at $10. However, that is only for the most basic quartz watches.

If you are getting a water-resistant battery change, which is what you’ll have to get for most Bulova models, prices range between $45-$60.

Getting this service will also take a bit more time as the watch will have to be resealed to make sure no water will damage it.

And if you’re getting a chronograph watch battery replaced, it will cost slightly more, with prices ranging from $65-$90.

That being said, if you make sure to get high-quality batteries, you won’t have to do this too much as a good watch battery can last up to 5 years before needing to be changed.

What Are Bulova Watches Made Of?

The answer to this question will depend on the specific watch you’re getting.

Bulova prides itself on always using high-quality materials, and most watches will usually have the materials used listed down for you to read.

Usually, Bulova watches are made with a stainless steel case and bracelet and a mineral or sapphire crystal.

Watches with a sapphire crystal will cost you more since the material itself is more expensive, but the crystal is also one of the strongest materials in the world.

Occasionally, Bulova will have a watch made of a different material such as aluminum or gunmetal, which gives the watches a uniquely tough look.

How Much Does A Bulova Watch Cost?

Bulova watches vary in price, but they definitely stay within the middle to the upper-middle tier of prices.

When looking for a Bulova watch, the lower-end models will usually cost somewhere between $200-$350, which usually gives you a great value since the watches are usually high-quality.

The more high-end models of Bulova, such as the Rubaiyat and the Precisionist, however, may demand a price north of $400, which depending on the watch, is definitely worth it.

Most models, though, will stay below the $1000 mark, which is why Bulova pieces are known to be high quality and affordable.

How Much Is A Bulova Watch In A Pawn Shop?

are bulova watches good

If you’re looking at a newer Bulova model in a pawn shop, it will usually be for sale very close to its original price.

However, there are some Bulova models, such as the original Accutron, which are considered vintage and demand a higher price.

Some shops in Europe have some Accutron models priced somewhere between 1000 and 1200 euros, which is definitely a lot.

But owning an Accutron is kind of like owning a piece of horological history because of how iconic the watch is.

So, definitely worth it, if you ask me.

Do Bulova Watches Have Serial Number?

Unlike some other brands, Bulova watches don’t have an exact serial number that shows what model the watch is.

Instead, they have a serial number or data codes that show the time period in which the watch was made.

These numbers or symbols represent the year the watch was made, and each time period has a different system for interpreting the numbers.

Luckily, all Bulova watches made after 1950 follow a uniform numbering system with a one-letter representing an entire decade.

In this system, the letter “L” represented the 1950s, “M” for the 1960s, “N” for the 1970s, “P” for the 1980s, and “T” for the 1990s.

So if the number on the back of your watch’s case has “M6” written on it, that simply means the watch was made in 1966.

Are Bulova Watches Waterproof?

Most Bulova models have some degree of water resistance to them. However, the level of water resistance varies depending on the line and model.

The low-end models are usually only water-resistant up to 100ft or 33m.

But if you go higher up in the tiers, you’ll find watches with much more water resistance.

For example, their dive watches usually have up to 300ft of water resistance.

Since all models have a little water resistance, you can usually bring them into the shower and wear them in the rain, but unless you have a model with at least 50m of water resistance, it isn’t advisable to go swimming with a watch on your wrist.

How Long Do Bulova Watches Usually Last?

Longevity is one of the reasons this brand is well-respected in the watch community.

These aren’t exactly heirloom watches, so it might be unfair to expect this watch to last for multiple generations.

However, Bulova watches are definitely tough enough to last a lifetime, especially if you maintain the watch well.

That means getting the battery changed as needed, only getting the watch serviced by qualified professionals, and of course, taking care of the watch.

Are Bulova Watches Swiss Made?

are bulova swiss made

Bulova is an American brand, but their first-ever production plant was built in Switzerland.

Most of the components of their watches are made in Switzerland, especially the components for the Precisionist and AccuSwiss line.

However, the lower-end models’ components are constructed in Asia, usually in Citizen’s facilities in Japan and Hong Kong.

While the components come from different areas in the world, the watches themselves are produced in Bulova facilities in New York.

How To Spot A Fake Bulova Watch

The easiest way to tell if a Bulova watch is fake is to check out the watch’s face.

Most watches will usually have “Bulova” written somewhere, and older models may even have the Bulova tuning fork logo on them.

Aside from that, the name of the line, such as “Marine Star” or “Precisionist” should be visible on the face as well.

A lot of the new models of Bulova also have a serial number at the back, which you can cross-reference on their website to check if the watch is legitimate.

For even more assurance, you can check the weight of your watch.

A real Bulova watch should have some weight on it because of the high-quality materials that they use in manufacturing the watch.

If you still aren’t sure if the watch is legitimate, you can also bring it to a respected jeweler or watchmaker for them to examine the watch and let you know if it’s fake or not.

Official Bulova Video

Official Bulova Video Bulova Maquina Collection

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I hope that this comprehensive Bulova watches review of mine has provided you with enough information to help you make better decisions.


What is an Analog watch?

An analog watch is a timekeeping device that displays the time using a dial with rotating hands, typically one each for the hour, minute, and sometimes second. Instead of presenting the time in a digital format with numerals, it visually represents the time by the positions of the hands on the dial, which are aligned with numbers or markers around its perimeter. The mechanism driving these hands can be powered either mechanically, often by winding a mainspring, or electronically through a quartz movement powered by a battery.

How do you keep a mechanical watch running?

To keep a mechanical watch running, one must regularly wind it by turning the crown, which is the small knob usually located on the side of the watch case. For manual watches, this winding tightens the mainspring, storing energy that is gradually released to power the watch hands and keep accurate time. The frequency of winding varies depending on the watch’s power reserve, but daily winding is common for many models. Automatic or self-winding watches, on the other hand, are designed to be wound by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. However, if not worn regularly, they may require manual winding or the use of a watch winder to ensure continuous operation. Regular maintenance by a professional, including cleaning and lubrication, is also essential to prolong the watch’s lifespan and ensure its precision.

How do I keep my watch in good condition?

Routine watch maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and accuracy of both mechanical and quartz timepieces. To keep a watch in good condition, it’s recommended to clean its exterior with a soft cloth to remove dirt and sweat, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and strong magnetic fields, and ensure its water-resistance by checking gaskets and seals during periodic services. For mechanical watches, servicing by a professional watchmaker every 3-5 years is advisable; this involves dismantling, cleaning, oiling, and reassembling the movement to ensure its optimal performance. Moreover, always store the watch away from direct sunlight and in a dry environment when not in use, and promptly address any noticeable irregularities in its function.

How often do you need to service a watch?

The frequency with which a watch needs servicing depends largely on its type, usage, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a general rule, mechanical watches should be serviced every 3-5 years to ensure their precision and longevity. This involves a thorough cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment by a professional watchmaker. Quartz watches, on the other hand, require less frequent servicing, typically every 5-10 years, unless there’s a noticeable decline in performance or a battery replacement is needed. Regardless of the type, regular servicing helps in early detection of wear and potential issues, ensuring the watch remains in optimal condition and extends its lifespan. It’s always a good practice to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult a trusted watchmaker for specific advice on servicing intervals.

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